Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.935 - : Disapproval


Chapter 935: Disapproval

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Meng Yu chuckled, lowering his head to eat the spot Li Zhe had bitten. He mused, “Indeed, it tastes sweeter.’

Originally, the two of them planned to have a good time at the amusement park, but now that it was closed, they had no choice but to follow the crowd and leave.

Li Zhe found a tranquil little shop and decided to bask in the music with Meng Yu, weaving an atmosphere of romance.

However, their seats hadn’t even warmed up when a waiter approached with an apologetic expression, saying, “Sorry, the server who led you in forgot to mention that the place has been reserved by a customer for the rest of the day, so we are not accepting any more guests for now.”

Meng Yu and Li Zhe both furrowed their brows, feeling that something was not quite right.

So, the two of them gracefully stood up and went to another shop. However, after a short while inside, they were politely asked to leave again.

This time, the reason given was that the person delivering the ingredients had some issues, and as a result, they didn’t have enough supplies, so the business was closed for the day.

Even the most oblivious could sense that someone was intentionally causing trouble for them.

“Who do you think it could be?” Meng Yu asked.

Li Zhe coldly snorted in response, “Who else could it be? Someone using such childish methods to provoke us is either my grandfather or your father!”

Meng Yu shook his head in disbelief. One might have expected more maturity at their age, but their behavior was remarkably juvenile.

A mischievous thought crossed Li Zhe’s mind. He looked at Meng Yu and said, “Come on, let’s get a room! I know a themed love hotel, and I want to try it with you!’

Meng Yu pushed Li Zhe away and said irritably, “Is that all you think about?”

Pouting, Li Zhe said pitifully, “I can’t help it. I’ve waited for you for over a decade. Now, you’re finally in my hands, how can I not think about it? Those were my youthful years, and I had to rely on my imagination to satisfy my physical needs. It was so frustrating, and l… mhmph, mhmph, mhmph!’

Meng Yu tightly covered Li Zhe’s mouth, gritting his teeth, “Behave yourself!

Otherwise… I’ll ban you from sleeping in the room for a month!”

Li Zhe immediately closed his mouth, looking at Meng Yu with doleful eyes.

In the end, Meng Yu still went with Li Zhe to the hotel he mentioned. However, before they could do anything, there was a relentless knocking on the door.

They exchanged glances but didn’t open the door; they just sat there.

When the person outside lost patience and forcibly opened the door, Guan Yi’s hurried figure appeared in front of Li Zhe and Meng Yu.

Guan Yi initially thought he might witness some inappropriate scenes, so his hands were already covering his eyes, leaving only a small gap to peek through.

However, what he saw through the small gaps between his fingers was contrary to his expectations. Li Zhe and Meng Yu were neatly dressed with their arms crossed, calmly looking at him.

Guan Yi instantly felt awkward, dropped his hands, and put on a serious face, saying, “The two of you in a place like this is inappropriate. Meng Yu, come with me right now!”

Meng Yu gazed calmly at Guan Yi and said, “Old Master Guan, being in a hotel like this with my lover is quite normal, isn’t it? Barging in like this seems even more inappropriate. An elder should not be so interested in a junior’s private life; it’s a bit twisted!”

Li Zhe burst into laughter. Though typically reserved, Meng Yu turned out to be sharp when confronting his own father, not holding back at all.

Guan Yi glared fiercely at Li Zhe, who sobered up immediately. Not only because the Li family was supported by the Guan family, but also because Guan Yi was, after all, Meng Yu’s father, so he couldn’t go too far.

Guan Yi withdrew his gaze and, with a displeased expression, said to Meng Yu, “You, how can you speak like that? I’m just worried about you being violated, so I rushed in to save you. Stop with the nonsense, come with me. The decor of this room screams indecency.”

Guan Yi’s gaze correspondingly swept around the room, and when he saw the sex toys, he furrowed his brows slightly.

The room left an unmistakable impression of impropriety.

Meng Yu said, “Li Zhe and I are a couple; it’s normal for us to enjoy something different. This kind of decoration is only appropriate.”

Guan Yi was nearly choked by Meng Yu’s words and sternly lectured him, “Throughout history, it has always been the union of yin and yang, male and female. What you are doing goes against the natural order, against the principles of family and society. I absolutely won’t approve..”

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