Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.934 - : Sweeter


[So, these two are the protagonists of the sensational tale where the domineering boss falls for his assistant? It’s simply too perfect! ]

[These two guys are truly fearless, openly displaying their affection. Real men, we admire you!]

[Am I the only one who felt the intense sexual tension when they kissed? It was so alluring and exciting, making my nose bleed. It’s so tempting!]

[Hey upstairs, I couldn’t agree more! I haven’t had my period for months, and just now, it started. For a heterosexual like me, it’s a huge embarrassment. So, those two villains better stay together forever. Otherwise, I won’t approve! ]

[Seriously, the jawlines and side profiles of these two are so handsome!]

[I mean, why are they holding back? They already kissed publicly; why bother covering up? What’s the point? Be bold, let it out. If I get too excited and start bleeding from my nose, I’ll go to the hospital myself, no need for them to pay!]

[Folks, I really believe that the kiss blocked by their hands definitely involved some tongue action. It must have been so stimulating. Oh God, I really want to see it. Can you understand my itching curiosity? It’s torturous!]

[Enough said, I’m stimulated, and now I’m off to have a passionate battle with my boyfriend.]

[Hahaha! This is hilarious! The expression of the salesperson behind is just too funny! ]

[What are the onlookers doing? Go forward and pull apart the hands blocking the beautiful scene!]

The photos of the two kissing in public quickly became a hot topic. Even the two sulking elderly people in the VIP room saw it when they checked their phones.

Guan Yi even saw Li Zhe’s mother commenting below: “Well done, son!

Courageous! When you come home, Mom will add a chicken thigh for you!’

Guan Yi was infuriated, “Julie is simply outrageous, how can a mother behave like this? And these two unruly guys, have they not humiliated themselves enough? How dare they do such…”

Guan Yi was so angry that he couldn’t find words to describe the behavior of Li

Zhe and Meng Yu.

On the other side, Li Yuan spoke calmly, “Shameless things!’

Guan Yi turned to Li Yuan and said with a look of disappointment, “Is that your attitude? Li family only has Li Zhe. Are you sure you want to let him run wild? Your daughter-in-law is fooling around outside, and you don’t care?”

Li Yuan helplessly said, “I’ve been urging Li Peng and Julie to have another child. If the big one isn’t working out, switch to the smaller one.”

Guan Yi was dumbfounded on the spot, looking at Li Yuan, who seemed to have accepted the situation. He sneered, “Why don’t you give birth yourself?”

Li Yuan sized up Guan Yi and, with a tone that was both slightly respectful and tinged with mockery, said, “l can’t do it, I’m old. But you seem to be still capable. ”

Guan Yi glared at Li Yuan, then gritted his teeth and said, “l won’t let them have their way! I don’t believe this nonsense! How can a man possibly fall for another man?”

Li Yuan looked at Guan Yi and said, “I didn’t believe it before, but Julie watches those same-sex romance films at home every day, and I’ve gotten used to it. If you’re not used to it, why don’t I recommend those movies and TV shows to you? Watch more, and you’ll get used to it. At your age, if you get too worked up and pass out, you might not wake up, and that would be troublesome.” “Li Yuan! You…” Guan Yi gave Li Yuan scathing a look.

Li Yuan immediately apologized, ” Sorry, I spoke too much! You deal with it as you see fit!”

Li Yuan was determined not to get involved in this annoying matter. Otherwise, he felt that with Julie’s personality, she might make him watch gay porn one day.

Thinking about it, Julie was indeed capable of reaching such an extreme.

Forget it, he was old; if he couldn’t afford to provoke her, then he avoided her. It would bring him peace, sparing himself from watching those unpleasant things.

Guan Yi picked up the phone and gave orders.

Soon after, the amusement park where Li Zhe and Meng Yu were having their date suddenly announced closure, citing facility issues that needed immediate maintenance.

Holding the ice cream that he had just taken a bite of, Meng Yu said, “It seems luck isn’t on our side.’

Li Zhe, quite naturally, took a bite of the ice cream Meng Yu had bitten, not responding to his words. He simply said, “Your ice cream is sweeter than mine, just like the sweet taste of your lips.

Meng Yu rolled his eyes at Li Zhe and said, “Your sweet-talking game has definitely stepped up.”

Li Zhe grinned, “l have to tell them all the time to let you know my feelings for you. Even if you get tired of it, I’ll still say it for a lifetime..”

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