Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.936 - : Carnal Pleasure


Chapter 936: Carnal Pleasure

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Meng Yu spoke in a nonchalant tone, “I’ve never needed anyone’s approval for my decisions. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

Seeing Meng Yu’s unyielding attitude, Guan Yi shifted his gaze to Li Zhe and said, “Li Zhe, Grandpa Guan has been supporting the Li family for years, showing great care for you. Can’t you let Ah Yu have a complete life? He deserves a loving wife, adorable children, and a happy life, rather than constantly being the subject of public criticism. What do you think?”

Meng Yu’s eyes fell on Li Zhe, who lowered his head in silence, prompting Meng Yu to exclaim, ‘Enough! The completeness of my life is for me to judge, not you. Old Master Guan, I’m now going to indulge in carnal pleasure with my beloved. Are you sure you want to stay here?

Meng Yu!s words left both men in the room wide-eyed.

Li Zhe had never imagined that Meng Yu would utter such shameless words in front of others. Normally, coaxing unrestrained moans from Meng Yu in the bedroom required considerable effort, just to draw out those alluring sounds of desire.

The reserved Meng Yu, unexpectedly, uttered such provocative words in front of his father.

Guan Yi’s face turned red with fury. He pointed at Meng Yu with trembling hands but couldn’t find words for a long time.

The standoff ended with Guan Yi angrily slamming the door, while Meng Yu sat calmly in the chair, unperturbed.

Li Zhe’s hand covered Meng Yu’s, and he said with some guilt, “I’m sorry for causing a rift between you and Grandpa Guan.”

Meng Yu gripped Li Zhe’s hand in return and said, “It’s not your concern. There were already rifts between us.”

Li Zhe suppressed his guilt. He was indeed the one who initiated their relationship.

He led Meng Yu into the whirlpool of homosexuality.

If not for him, Meng Yu might have followed the conventional path of marrying a woman and having children to enjoy familial bliss.

Yet, he was selfish. He selfishly expressed his feelings, selfishly dragged Meng Yu into the abyss with him, and selfishly desired a lifetime together.

The thought of Meng Yu being with someone else, making love, and having children drove Li Zhe into a jealous rage.

Despite his guilt, Li Zhe would not separate from Meng Yu. He was determined to be buried with Meng Yu, bound together for eternity.

With these thoughts, Li Zhe tightly embraced Meng Yu. He murmured, “I’m sorry for putting you in such a difficult situation. But even so, I don’t want to let you go.”

Li Zhe’s firm grip felt so strong that Meng Yu thought his bones were on the verge of breaking.

However, this force also conveyed Li Zhe’s panic.

Nieng Yu gently embraced Li Zhe in return and chuckled, “What are you thinking? Who said you have to give up? Since I chose to be with you, I never thought of parting. If you dare to easily give up on me, I’ll snipe you and make you regret leaving me.”

Li Zhe was amused by Meng Yu l s words. Feeling reassured, his grip relaxed a bit, allowing Meng Yu to breathe freely.

Li Zhe planted a kiss on Meng Yu’s lips, saying with satisfaction, “1 didn’t expect my Ah Yu to be so rough. But, what should I do? I just love it, love it so much!”

Li Zhe then pressed against Meng Yu, wanting more. Meng Yu pushed Li Zhe away, “The door is still open. Are you planning to perform a live erotic show in public?”

Li Zhe grinned lasciviously, “Ah Yu just said he wants to indulge in carnal pleasure together… Ah… Ah Yu, my ear hurts!”

Twisting Li Zhe’s ear, Meng Yu blushed, “Could you be any more perverse?”

Protecting his ear, Li Zhe said, “If that’s what Ah Yu wants, I can certainly achieve a higher level of perversion to satisfy him.”

Nieng Yu was left speechless. Just as he was about to exert more force, Li Zhe abruptly pulled him up, covering his lips with a hot and wet kiss. Li Zhe fervently kissed Meng Yu, guiding him slowly toward the door..

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