Fortunate to Have You This Lifetime - C.149 - : Connection (Add more if there are over a thousand recommendation votes)

Fortunate to Have You This Lifetime

C.149 - : Connection (Add more if there are over a thousand recommendation votes)

Chapter 149: Chapter 149: Connection (Add more if there are over a thousand recommendation votes)

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It was already late at night when Henry Jameson drove Purple Summers away.

Just outside the door, they saw a black Rolls Royce parked in front, with Alexander Summers leaning diagonally against the car, holding a cigarette in one hand. The smoke swirled around him as if he had been waiting for a while.

His deep and narrow eyes were fixed on Purple Summers through the car glass.

“…It seems to be your brother.” Henry Jameson recognized Alexander Summers, a well-known young master in Clearwater City and a regular in casinos and bars.

Purple Summers lowered her eyes and remained silent, unhappy.

He was nowhere to be found during the family banquet, but now he was quite active late at night…

Very annoying.

Alexander Summers took a few strides, stepping up close and tapping on the car glass, saying, “Purple, let’s go home.”


“p>He came to pick her up.

Even though Purple Summers had thousands of reasons not to agree, she still opened the car door and obediently got into Alexander Summers’ car.

Alexander Summers then sat in the car with her. He grabbed Purple Summers and put her on his lap, affectionately pinching her face.

“Are you happy that your brother came to pick you up personally?”

“Not happy.” Purple Summers replied woodenly, “Someone is always trying to kill you, so sitting in your car is too dangerous. I’d rather take a taxi.”

Her sarcasm was taken as coquetry by Alexander Summers, who didn’t take it to heart.

While holding her, Alexander Summers asked, “I heard that the Jameson Family gave you a big gift today?”

“Didn’t you install a surveillance camera? Why are you asking me if they sent me a gift? Just go watch the surveillance footage.” Purple Summers said coldly.

Alexander Summers was silent for a moment and then said, “But the range of the surveillance footage is too small, and it doesn’t cover everything, what should I do? Perhaps I should install cameras in the bathroom and restroom too.”

Purple Summers bit her lip. Why did she argue with Alexander Summers? How childish.

And she couldn’t even win!

“What, frustrated again?” Alexander Summers chuckled, “Why do you always say things that frustrate you, my spoiled little girl, hmm?”

Purple Summers angrily turned her face away, ignoring him.

But Alexander Summers always had a way to deal with her. He grabbed her jaw, bent down to capture her lips, and thoroughly tasted her, ignoring her struggle.

Purple Summers pushed him away, panting and glaring at Alexander Summers, her eyes full of anger.

Alexander Summers laughed, “It tastes like adzuki beans… Is the Jameson family so poor that they can only entertain you with red beans?” He had taken advantage and still wanted to ridicule Purple Summers.

Purple Summers retorted sarcastically, “Everyday home-cooked meals, of course you, who eat delicacies every day, wouldn’t be used to it. If you eat too much, you might not even be able to digest it!”

The last three words were spoken through gritted teeth.

“No matter how many delicacies are available, they are not as delicious as Purple.” Alexander Summers leaned in to kiss her again.

Crying could be heard from inside the car, “Alexander Summers, all you do is bully me!”

“Nonsense, how could I bear…”

This time, Purple Summers didn’t cry for too long. She had already become accustomed, even numb to Alexander Summers’ kisses…

Although she was still angry, what she felt more was a sense of helpless frustration.

Alexander Summers had her held tightly.

Unable to outsmart him, break free, or escape, the only thing Purple Summers could do was to give him the cold shoulder and ignore him! Ignore! Ignore!

Night fell, and the dark and monotonous view outside the car window deepened.

Purple Summers gradually became drowsy, feeling sleepy.

She dozed off in the car and eventually fell asleep…

Alexander Summers let her lay on his arm, adjusting his position and gently holding her.

He liked it when Purple Summers was asleep, innocent, bewildered, and defenseless, never rejecting his affection.

Her fair, delicate skin was soft and tender. Her thick, black eyelashes trembled gently, and she frowned slightly in her sleep, looking both naive and wronged, which was endearing.

Alexander Summers reached out a finger, gently scraping her soft cheek, which elicited a muffled protest from the girl, “Alexander Summers, stop it.”

He chuckled softly, feeling warmth in his heart.

The driver, seemingly understanding the master’s thoughts, slowed the car down, leisurely driving on the deserted road—

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