Fortunate to Have You This Lifetime - C.150 - : Worries


Chapter 150: Chapter 150: Worries

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The weather had already passed its hottest point, and summer nights carried a touch of coolness. The temperature inside the car was just right. The silent work of the climate control system and the closed windows insulated them from mosquitoes and noise outside.

Purple Summers slept deeply, still not awake.

With her peaceful sleeping face, Alexander Summers couldn’t bear to wake her up. He had the driver park the car outside the Summers Residence and sent him away.

Alexander tilted the seat back, slowly lied down holding Purple and closed his eyes too.

By the time Purple woke up from her sleep, it was already the dawn of the next day.

Sunshine filtered through the lush trees and lit up the inside of the car; Purple’s cheeks, basked in the warm light, appeared pinkish, soft, and delicate.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself sleeping in Alexander’s arms in a cuddly and intimate position.

Purple immediately adjusted her posture and moved away from the man’s embrace—

Alexander also woke up at the same time.

“Awake?” He asked with a smile.

Purple glanced at the sky, guessing it should be around four or five o’clock in the morning, and complained in a low voice, “Why did we sleep in the car all night? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Couldn’t wake you up,” Alexander rubbed her head, “You were like a little pig, snuggling into my arms and snoring.”

Purple clenched her fists in embarrassment, “No way, I don’t snore!”

“Alright, you don’t snore.” he appeased her softly. His eyes held a teasing smile, not serious at all.

Purple irritably got out of the car.

Returning home, she went straight to her room, put the little crow back in its lunchbox, fed it water and food, and then collapsed on her bed.

After sleeping in the car, she had no sleepiness left.

After lying motionless for a while, she decided to get up, changed into comfortable loungewear, and grabbed a pillow to lean against the bay window and admire the view.

The garden in the early morning appeared as if shrouded in a thin mist, making the glorious view hazy and implicit. When a breeze blew by, she could scent the air with the fragrance of flowers and the moistness of dewdrops.

Purple slightly narrowed her eyes, silently contemplating the recent events.

She had recently accomplished two big things: enrolling at Grey school and befriending the Jameson Family.

Another unexpected delight came from Alexander Summers. Although she despised him deeply, the Windscribe Corporation he gifted her couldn’t be more satisfying.

Mrs. Jameson had now agreed to be her assessment guarantor; she supposed it was time to use her remaining time to plan properly.

Purple decided to spend two days a week visiting the company, and spend the rest of the time reviewing her schoolwork.

Sitting by the window for a long time, she gradually felt drowsy again.

Purple yawned and shuffled back to bed in her slippers. As soon as her head touched the pillow, she remembered another thing —

At the banquet, Third Grandma Summers wanted to give her a Buddha amulet; for some reason, when she saw the amulet, her heart skipped a beat.

Afterward, when Third Grandma Summers took back the amulet, the weird feeling disappeared.

Purple wondered if she had violated some taboo; must she avoid these things in the future? However… there was also a Maitreya Buddha statue in the central hall of the Jameson’s residence, but she didn’t feel anything unusual back then.

It is said that some jade artifacts have spiritual power once worn by people for many years, which can ward off evil and bring good fortune.

… Having been brought back from death, she probably couldn’t be considered an ordinary person, but then… would she be considered evil?

Upon thinking about this, Purple Summers inexplicably felt embarrassed…

The next day, Purple became immersed in her studies.

As a graduate of a prestigious school, she had a strong academic foundation, so first-grade coursework at Grey school was a breeze for her.

On the other hand, Atra Blanc treated it like a major challenge, starting to cook various types of nutritious soups to improve vision, strengthen the mind and body to ensure her daughter wouldn’t succumb to fatigue while studying.

A few days passed quickly, Purple devoted herself to learning. Occasionally, she heard servants mentioning: Nathaniel Summers hadn’t come back and Jade Carlson was looking for him everywhere.

Purple smiled lightly, not concerned about it.

School was about to start, and she unexpectedly found herself a little excited about returning to campus life..

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