Fortunate to Have You This Lifetime - C.148 - :1 Love Her


Chapter 148: Chapter 148:1 Love Her

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—You shouldn’t have lied to me.

Henry Jameson’s face turned slightly pale, “…I just didn’t want to involve her.”

“Indeed, she shouldn’t be involved.” Purple Summers sighed, “Otherwise, even if you win the lawsuit, your reputation will be tarnished. Mr. Jameson, you really shouldn’t be with your student…”

Henry felt as if his throat was being strangled and was somewhat suffocated, “She’s different…”

“Yeah, different.” Purple Summers nodded, “Discovered by talent scouts since she was young, she became a model, then filmed commercials and music videos. Recently, she formed a girl group with another singer. Not only does she have a mature figure, but her behavior and speech don’t have the naivety of a schoolgirl. What’s her name? Is it Anna or Hannah?”

Henry was shocked; he never expected Purple Summers to have found out so much.

“How did you two get together?” Purple Summers asked him doubtfully, “As far as I know, she’s often filming and rarely attends school. You didn’t have much of a chance to interact.”

Henry was silent for a while.

He never told even his close friend Nathaniel Summers about this.

However, since Purple Summers had already guessed most of it, there was no need to continue hiding…

“One time… she was going overseas to compete for a movie role, but her English was very poor. She was worried that it would cost her the part, so she came to me for English tutoring.”

Henry smirked, chuckling with a bitter taste.

“She bothered me every day. It was so annoying. I told her that if she wanted to practice pronunciation, she could watch more original English movies. Then one night, she showed up at my apartment doorstep with a box full of Blu-ray movies.”

Henry’s breathing grew heavy as he continued slowly, “I couldn’t refuse her… that night, I accompanied her to watch movies all night. When I woke up, I found her lying in my arms, eyes closed, like a pure and beautiful angel… I, I…”

His words stopped abruptly; he couldn’t go on.

All his sins began that morning.

He took a deep breath with a pained voice, “I love her.”

Falling in love with his student was absurd and sinful, but he couldn’t control himself. Every time she finished her work away from home, she would return to his apartment and they would sweetly entwine. That feeling made Henry deeply indulgent…

If he could control himself, maybe it wouldn’t be love.

Henry was in great pain.

This was a pain Purple Summers could not understand.

“You used your position to give an excellent grade to your girlfriend’s English homework…”; Purple Summers said quietly, “Chloe Bennett found out about this, and she needed excellent grades in all her courses to get a scholarship for the new semester. As a result, she sent you flirtatious messages in an attempt to seduce you… Although she failed, another male student found out about this.”

Upon hearing this, Henry’s eyes widened slightly,”… Another person found out?”

Purple Summers nodded, “That student happens to be a die-hard fan of your girlfriend who buys all her posters and photos. He has been following both of you and knows about your illicit relationship. Thus, he manipulated Chloe Bennett to frame you. So this case was never meant to be settled from the start —their aim is simple: to ruin your reputation and have you expelled by the school board.”

Henry was shocked, “How is this possible…?”

When had he been followed? He had been extremely cautious, yet he was still discovered.

“You can’t keep a fire wrapped in paper; people have already found out in school, and more will know in the future.” Purple Summers sighed softly and advised, “Leave Grey. Not just for you, but for her, too.”

Henry’s gaze fell upon the richly blooming flowers in front of him, his expression somber and pained.

“I understand…”

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