Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.56: She Finally tore down the Study

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

C.56: She Finally tore down the Study

On her way home from school, Quan Zhisui was still in an explosive emotional state. Wei Shixu was crazy enough, and Zhuge Ying was following along in madness as well.

She felt so bitter, and of course Kong Mingze was even more in pain.

She didn't expect that Zuo Zichen was also suffering. He cried all the way in the car!

"Why didn't Brother Wei let me go upstairs? I haven't dared go up the stairs these past two days. And why does Sister Zhuge ignore me every time? I call out to her and she acts like she can't hear me!"

"Sis! Speak to them for me! I'm your little brother!"

Zuo Zichen was crafty and used to rely on the Zuo family's wealth to cause trouble everywhere in school. And now he was also relying on his connection to Quan Zhisui to be even more brazen in his bullying.

Quan Zhisui was so annoyed. Was there anyone normal in the Liang family?

Her fists clenched!

When they arrived at the Zuo house, Zuo Zichen still fawned over Quan Zhisui and helped carry her schoolbag. Quan Zhisui went straight to the dining room to eat.

Zuo Zhiyu was probably avoiding her and didn't even come down for dinner. Xu Zhiyi didn't come down either.

Zuo Zichen pestered her again at the dinner table, "Sis! I'm begging you, put in a good word for me! I'll pursue Sister Zhuge myself, but for Brother Wei, you go — you're classmates..."

At this time, Zuo Zichen was even more nagging than Kong Mingze, chattering nonstop.

He was desperately trying to get on good terms with Wei Shixu, so he could be even more unscrupulous in his bullying. And he was also desperately trying to pursue Zhuge Ying. He felt that as the boss at school, he should be dating the student council executive — and it had to be a top academically performing girl.

Quan Zhisui was in an extremely foul mood. She ignored Zuo Zichen, finished her meal, and went back to her room stone-faced to do homework.

Halfway through...


Upstairs someone was throwing things around.

The master bedroom upstairs was right above Zuo Zhiyu's study.

Quan Zhisui had no intention of getting involved. She had a ton of homework, and besides what the teachers assigned, she had to squeeze out time to study sophomore content as well.

Although she was smart too, she was far from a prodigy like Wei Shixu. Quan Zhisui's study method was to do practice questions like crazy, mass produce seas of questions.

She really wanted to get into a good university!

Bang bang bang! Crash! Crash crash!

The noise upstairs grew louder, like furniture being tossed around — tables, phones, etc.

Knock knock knock—

Then came the sound of knocking, and Zuo Zichen's panicked voice: "Sis! Mom and Dad are fighting, what should we do?"


Quan Zhisui put down her pen.


Third floor.

Zuo Zhiyu emerged from his study fuming, holding a phone with a cracked screen.

Behind him, Xu Zhiyi followed close with smudged makeup, crying, "Zuo Zhiyu, stop right there!" She wanted to snatch his phone.

"Are you done with your tantrum?" Zuo Zhiyu flung her aside, then fiercely smashed the phone on the floor.

The phone's screen was already cracked. With this second forceful smash, the phone shattered completely, totaled beyond repair.

Xu Zhiyi fell to the floor, sobbing loudly, "Why won't you let me see your phone? You have another woman outside, don't you! Explain yourself!"

Zuo Zhiyu looked at her in disgust. "Look at yourself. You're like a shrew."

Xu Zhiyi broke down, "Zuo Zhiyu, I'm your lawful wife! Yet you curse at me like this? Are you still human?"

Zuo Zhiyu snorted coldly, "Lawful wife? You know very well how you got the position of Mrs. Zuo."

Having said that, he wanted to leave. He couldn't stand this household.

Xu Zhiyi hurriedly grabbed his leg, "You're not going anywhere! You still haven't answered me, do you have a woman outside?!"

Zuo Zhiyu cursed, "How many times have I told you, no! All you do is obsess over this, suspicious and paranoid like a neurotic!"

Xu Zhiyi wept and screamed, "I don't believe you! How long has it been since you touched me? I asked your company, you weren't on any business trip at all... "


Before she could finish, Zuo Zhiyu slapped her.

This scene happened to be witnessed by Quan Zhisui and Zuo Zichen coming up the stairs.

Zuo Zichen was stunned speechless, and quickly stepped in front of Xu Zhiyi, yelling at Zuo Zhiyu, "Dad, what are you doing? How could you hit Mom?!"

Seeing his own son, Zuo Zhiyu was furious beyond words. "Zuo Zichen, do you even understand who calls the shots in the Zuo family?!"

Xu Zhiyi hugged her son sobbing, "Son, there's no place for us mother and child in the Zuo family anymore. One daughter from the original marriage is already torment enough. And now your dad isn't on our side either, keeping a woman outside, spending millions overseas buying houses and cars for that woman!"

Zuo Zhiyu glared at her, "You investigated me? You've got some nerve!" 𝒻𝓇ℯ𝘦𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝓿𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓶

Xu Zhiyi yelled at him, "You call that investigating you? As your lawful wife, looking into our family's finances is perfectly reasonable! This is our marital joint property!"

Zuo Zhiyu stood akimbo cursing her, "Joint property? You, who rely entirely on me, have the nerve to say that?"

Xu Zhiyi emphasized, "We're husband and wife!"

Zuo Zhiyu retorted, "Fine, let's settle accounts. Just your monthly spending on bags and jewelry exceeds 500,000, doesn't it? Over all these years, how much of my money have you spent? And what can you do? You don't understand business, I told you to get close with those wealthy wives but you messed that up too! You're like a bloodsucking vampire, useless, only able to spend money!"

Hearing his dad curse at his mom so harshly, Zuo Zichen's eyes reddened instantly.

But before he could erupt, the onlooking Quan Zhisui interjected, "Oh my! Hundreds of thousands to support a young mistress, buying houses and cars for the big mistress. Hundreds of thousands a month to buy bags and jewelry for the big mistress. The original legitimate daughter has to make do with a 10,000 monthly allowance. Is that it?"

Zuo Zhiyu reflexively yelled at her, "What's it got to do with you? This is between me and your mom!"

"Firstly, she's not my mom," Quan Zhisui said as she cracked her knuckles and approached. "Secondly, your fight is interrupting my studies."

She had entered the study and was now standing in front of that expensive nanmu desk.

"What are you doing!" Zuo Zhiyu was furious, feeling his blood pressure spike, on the verge of fainting.


Quan Zhisui flung the computer on the desk.



She completely flipped the desk over!

Right after, she heaved up the executive chair and smashed it forcefully on the ground!

Crash! Smash! Bam bam bam!

Smashing it to pieces!

The custom desk and chair Zuo Zhiyu spent a fortune on were wrecked and destroyed by her. Not to mention the computer, crushed to bits from the impact of the desk and chair.

Xu Zhiyi's crying stopped abruptly.

The red-eyed furious Zuo Zichen was stunned speechless.

"Quan Zhisui!!!" Zuo Zhiyu was enraged, feeling like he might pass out from the spike in blood pressure.

But she wasn't done!

After wrecking the desk, Quan Zhisui walked to the wall-to-wall glass wine cabinet, baring her teeth in a smile.

Crash! Boom!

She wasn't going to painstakingly smash them one bottle at a time. She pushed the entire cabinet over!

Clink clank!

Whoosh, whoosh!

The sounds of shattering glass rose one after another. Hundreds of bottles of red wine lay smashed on the ground, wine staining the walls and ceiling!

This moment of utter destruction released all the pent-up emotions in Quan Zhisui that day!