Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.55: Do You Like Me


“What are you doing?” Wei Shixu asked.

Was he a ghost or tiger that could frighten you like this?

You don't seem to be a timid person, do you?

Quan Zhisui took another step back again, her whole body seemed startled, then circled around far away, sticking to the railing as far as possible to pass Wei Shixu from the farthest range.

It's this corner!

In her dream last night!

Wei Shixu was even more puzzled, watching her back, and looking at the soy milk in his hand again.

Damn it?

Quan Zhisui walked quickly into the classroom and sat down. Since she came very early, Class 1 was still empty. She took out her textbooks and homework and started doing problems frantically.

Trying to get the picture out of her head.

Unexpectedly, five minutes later, Wei Shixu, who had finished breakfast, walked past from the front row.


Quan Zhisui jumped up again, jumping very high, to a place two meters away.

But Wei Shixu just came over to throw trash...

Even Wei Shixu couldn't help laughing. She really looked like a frightened, hair-raised cat.

Just as he was about to speak...

"Don't talk to me!" Quan Zhisui suddenly took the lead, then made a please gesture: "You, go back, go back to your seat."

He looked at her once before leaving, and his eyes were a little more playful now.

Quan Zhisui watched him sit back in the front row before returning to her seat again. She still looked back at the corner behind her in fear.

Now when she sees that corner, she gets scared!

Wei Shixu sat diagonally from her in the front row position, sitting sideways and looking over.

Quan Zhisui was keenly aware. Her writing paused for a moment, then she lowered her head to continue writing.

Don't look up! Don't look!

"Quan Zhisui." Wei Shixu spoke.

At this time there were only two people in the classroom, and his voice was clear and audible.

Quan Zhisui still did not look up, but she almost crushed the pen in her hand!

"What did you dream about yesterday?" he asked.

Quan Zhisui: "!!!"

At this moment she was completely collapsed and crazy as well.

How did he guess that she had a dream?

He could even guess this?!

Suddenly a voice sounded at the door: "Oh! Quan Zhisui from Wudang came so early today?"

Quan Zhisui heaved a sigh of relief and shouted loudly: "Yeah! Got up early!"

Then a few more classmates came in one after another, and finally there were people in the classroom.

Quan Zhisui completely relaxed and continued to do the problems.

The phone vibrated, and she subconsciously took it out to take a look, she couldn't miss it if it was from Fang Yue.

Unexpectedly, the line of big words on the screen shocked her pupils!

[Wei Shixu: Do you like me? Quan Zhisui.]

The tone was very Wei Shixu, paused as if asking right next to her ear.

"Ah!!! Ah!!!"

Quan Zhisui exploded! She screamed and almost threw the phone away!

Several chatting classmates in the class were surprised and looked back.

"What's wrong?"

"Is there a bug?"

"You scared me, but your lung capacity is great, you shouted so loudly!"


"Nothing nothing." Quan Zhisui quickly calmed down.

She was afraid someone would see her phone, so she turned it off and threw it back in her backpack.

Wei Shixu is crazy!!! 𝚏𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝚋n𝐨𝘃𝗲l.𝐜𝐨m

She doesn't like him! Don't like! Don't like!

In the front row seat by the window, Wei Shixu sat sideways with his back against the wall, his gaze unabashedly shooting over, observing her.

His eyes were even more playful, smiling and secretly delighted!

Such a big reaction?

Wei Shixu was certain she had a dream, and the content was related to him, otherwise with Quan Zhisui's previous attitude and responsiveness, it would have been impossible for her to jump up in shock just because he gave her some clothes and asked her directly.


What exactly did she dream about?


Quan Zhisui was in a trance all morning, and she almost didn't hear the lesson. Fortunately, her strong will to resist Zuo Zhiyu allowed her to take complete class notes without missing anything.

"You don't actually have to get everything down," Wei Shixu said as he walked over and pulled Kong Mingze's chair next to hers.

Quan Zhisui instantly tensed up!

Wei Shixu took away her notebook, picked up the pen and circled several parts: "Keep these, don't need these, rearrange it."

Quan Zhisui: "......"

Wei Shixu leaned over and asked, "Why haven't you asked me for tutoring recently?"

Quan Zhisui: "I asked the class monitor."

Wei Shixu: "Her grades aren't as good as mine."

Quan Zhisui let out an awkward laugh.

Zhuge Ying, who had just walked over, happened to hear this. She turned around and yelled out to the hallway: "Kong Mingze! Come in!"

It scared Kong Mingze into jogging over: "What's up? What's up? Huh?"

Zhuge Ying: "I'm going to tutor you!"

Kong Mingze: "......"

Heavens! Who did he provoke?

Just then, the student sitting in front of Quan Zhisui came back from the bathroom and sat down...

"Switch seats with me," Wei Shixu suddenly said.

The front row classmate rubbed his ears in disbelief and asked, "What?"

Wei Shixu pointed to his own desk: "You take the front row, the position with the best lighting, most convenient for watching your phone without the teacher catching you."

The front row classmate was shocked!

Quan Zhisui just watched the two of them switch desks and swap seats, watching Wei Shixu sit in front of her after just one class break.

Quan Zhisui: "......"

No, how did things develop like this?

Next was math class.

The homeroom teacher Qian Ya walked in and saw that Wei Shixu had changed seats. She just froze for a moment but didn't stop him.

This made Quan Zhisui's mood gradually numb. She realized one thing - Wei Shixu was truly unbridled at Liang Secondary School.

Kong Mingze was the happiest. He was closer to Wei Shixu now, and could chat endlessly and throw paper airplanes during class.

But you two play on your phones during class, so why do you still need to throw paper airplanes?

Every cell in Quan Zhisui's body was resisting!

Fortunately, Wei Shixu didn't do anything weird, and he seemed to be in a good mood. When he was in a good mood, he would speak and act normally, chatting and laughing with Kong Mingze more often. Every break he would turn around and tell Quan Zhisui the key points of the class just now.

Quan Zhisui felt like her brain was enlightened, and her comprehension skills had skyrocketed!

This seemed to provoke Zhuge Ying. She burst into the office during lunch break.

"Teacher Qian!" Zhuge Ying yelled loudly and immediately spoke as she entered: "I want to change seats."

At this moment, Qian Ya's mood was even more explosive than Quan Zhisui's. She stared and asked: "Why?! The seats in the class are arranged according to test scores. As class monitor, you should lead by example. How can you just say you want to change seats? Let's talk about it next semester!"

Zhuge Ying said seriously: "Wei Shixu is tutoring Quan Zhisui so he changed seats to help her take notes of key points every class break. I'm tutoring Kong Mingze but I have to walk the length of the classroom each time, it's very inconvenient. It would be easier if I moved in front of him."

Qian Ya: "......"

Are you serious? As someone who's been through this, she could obviously tell.

But Zhuge Ying's expression was extremely determined, as if she really cared about helping underperforming classmates improve.


That afternoon, to the shock of the entire class, Zhuge Ying moved her desk in front of Kong Mingze's.

The small corner in the back right of the classroom now had four people gathered!