Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.54: Want to try it with me

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

C.54: Want to try it with me

Although Zuo Zhiyu had given her his phone number, Quan Zhisui didn’t have much hope for Teacher Qian’s proposal. Zuo Zhiyu didn’t care at all about her future. The fact that he had readily agreed to let her become a special talent student was proof enough. Forcibly transferring her from the martial arts school to Liangzhong Middle School said it all.

She could only go on as usual and try her best.

It was just past 4pm now. The school sports meet still hadn’t ended, so students with nothing to do were in the classroom doing homework or chatting.

Kong Mingze and Zhuge Ying were sitting in the front row drinking milk tea, leaning their heads together as they laughed and chatted about who knows what fun thing.

Meanwhile, Wei Shixu was sitting in the last row in Kong Mingze’s seat.

When Quan Zhisui returned to her seat, she pulled and twisted at her shoulders.

This little action was keenly noticed by Wei Shixu.

“Too tight?” he asked.

Quan Zhisui: “...”

Awkward. But it really was too tight.

Wei Shixu tilted his head slightly, dropping his gaze for a quick glance.

Did she buy a size too small?

What size was that...

A flash of indiscernible meaning shone in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth also curved up as he said, “Let’s go out this weekend. I’ll get you new ones.”

Nice ones, expensive ones, pretty ones.

Quan Zhisui was even more embarrassed. Lowering her head, she said, “No need, thanks. I’ll buy them myself.”

Today Wei Shixu had helped out tremendously. Now Quan Zhisui agreed with Kong Mingze’s words—sometimes he really was the best person in the whole world.

Wei Shixu turned to face her directly. “You buying them yourself, or are you still going with that idiot brother of yours?”

His gaze carried some oppressive force, as well as dissatisfaction.

Quan Zhisui: “He has more pocket money. I’ll use his money to buy them.”

Her meaning was that she would indeed be going with Zuo Zichen.

Wei Shixu leaned back against his chair somewhat unhappily. “How much pocket money does he have?”

Quan Zhisui: “50,000.”

Wei Shixu seemed to scoff. “I have 5 million. Come with me.”

Quan Zhisui looked at him instantly. “How much?!”

Just then, Kong Mingze raised his hand from the front row. “I can confirm what he said is true. And it’s probably even more than that.”

Quan Zhisui was shocked!

5 million, not 500!

Kong Mingze raised his hand again to add, “When he was 13 he already had 5 million. I saw it with my own eyes!”

Yeah, given to him.

Felt awesome, going straight from a poverty-stricken household to opening a hot pot restaurant!

Quan Zhisui was so shocked her eyeballs bulged out!

Wei Shixu's eyes held laughter. It was as if he had found a breakthrough. He asked, "You like money, don't you?"

Quan Zhisui thought for a moment, then after two seconds of silence said, "There's no one in this world who doesn't like money."

Wei Shixu raised a brow. "What a coincidence. You like something that I just happen to have a lot of."

Quan Zhisui: "..."

Wei Shixu stared at her. "Want to try it out? Come with me."

You know what he was implying.

Quan Zhisui: "..."

Kong Mingze wedged himself between the two of them. "Hey, take me too!"

Hearing they were going shopping over the weekend, he also wanted to go out and have fun.

Wei Shixu shot him a strange look. "Can you really not tell what I'm doing?"

He was pursuing Quan Zhisui, idiot! What are you trying to butt in for!

Kong Mingze had a foolish look on his face. "I know! You're making friends. I'm also Zhisui's friend, and your good buddy at the same time. Let's all go together!"

Seeing that Wei Shixu was willing to make new friends, Kong Mingze was incredibly happy!

Wei Shixu gave up on him and left.

Quan Zhisui almost laughed at the interruption. The previously somewhat tense atmosphere instantly relaxed.

Just now she had been rendered speechless by Wei Shixu's questions, link by link, without even realizing what was happening.


After school, Quan Zhisui carried her bags and bags of clothes onto the car.

Zuo Zichen was at her side complaining again. "Sis! Those clothes aren't worth what you paid! Why'd you buy so many?"

Quan Zhisui: "Shut up."

Just thinking about it made her angry. She had nearly frozen to death.

What was wrong with these clothes? They were the fastest clothes Wei Shixu could buy! Aside from being a bit tight, they were perfect!

When she got home...

Xu Zhiyi smiled as she came up to greet her. "You're back?"

She still had that demure appearance, except there were obvious dark circles under her eyes.

Quan Zhisui found it strange. In the past few days she hadn't even said "good morning" to Xu Zhiyi, so how could she have dark circles?

Xu Zhiyi didn't dare make eye contact with Quan Zhisui, afraid she would notice something. After the greeting she rushed straight for Zuo Zichen, caring for her precious son.

Quan Zhisui was too lazy to have much interaction with this stepmother either. She went back to her room and put away the clothes one by one in the closet. These big closets finally had a few scattered pieces of clothing in them.

In the bag she saw that black tactical jacket.

Quan Zhisui's hands paused. Did he still want it?

She put away the clothes, went downstairs to eat, then did her homework.

That night...

Quan Zhisui had a nightmare.

She dreamed that Wei Shixu was staring at her, staring and staring until his eyes were scorching hot. Not only did they burn her, but he even pushed her into a corner and bit her!

Quan Zhisui woke up with a fright!

Looking at her phone, it was 3:30 AM.

Right then, a message came in.

[Fang Yue: Back in the country, on my way home]

Quan Zhisui was still startled, and it wasn't until the message was retracted two minutes later that she reacted.

Zuo Zhiyu was on his way back, and these past few days he had even gone abroad for work!

Quan Zhisui couldn't fall back asleep now, so she simply got up, got dressed, and went out to the yard to practice her fundamentals.

She kept at it until sunrise, then Quan Zhisui went to take a shower covered in sweat before preparing to eat breakfast.

Ma Xinwei had also gotten up at dawn, grumbling as he prepared a feast for Zuo Zhiyu. He felt like the man of the house really had a problem, exploiting the chef, making him get up to cook no matter the time.

And so when Quan Zhisui came downstairs, Zuo Zhiyu was sitting there eating.

The instant Zuo Zhiyu saw her, his face even twisted bitterly, but very quickly he put on a smiling expression. "Zhisui my dear, daddy's precious daughter is up so early?"

Quan Zhisui: "You're back, give me money."

After saying that, she pulled out a chair and sat down to eat.

Anger flashed through Zuo Zhiyu's eyes. "Zhisui dear, the family's money doesn't blow in with the wind. It's earned through daddy's hard work. And didn't daddy give you money last month?"

Quan Zhisui: "That was for food expenses. This time I want to buy clothes."

Zuo Zhiyu picked up a napkin and wiped the corners of his mouth. "How much do you need?"

Quan Zhisui: "100,000."

Zuo Zhiyu frowned. "Your brother only gets 50,000 a month. You can't ask for that much."

Quan Zhisui: "Then I want the same as my brother."

Zuo Zhiyu took a deep breath. "Zhisui dear..."

"20,000, annoying." Quan Zhisui didn't have time to haggle with him.

Zuo Zhiyu: "How about this, daddy will buy whatever clothes you need, but it's not good for a girl to have too much money on her."

Quan Zhisui looked up at him, and suddenly laughed.

He was afraid of what she would do with money in hand. His guard was raised this much.

In the end, she didn't manage to get any money from Zuo Zhiyu. It seemed she really could only exploit Zuo Zichen.

Quan Zhisui went to school early, arriving at 6:30 AM.

As she walked from the gates to the classroom building, stepping up the stairs one by one, she kept thinking about what had happened that morning. Zuo Zhiyu's secrets ran deep, but luckily Fang Yue was gravitating more and more towards her side.

After going up to the second floor, Quan Zhisui lowered her head to round the corner and walk forward, but her peripheral vision caught something.

She suddenly sprang up like a startled cat, jumping far away!

In the corner...

Wei Shixu held a cup of soy milk in his hand, looking completely baffled.