Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.57: Damn... Left Home


When the panicked employees came to the third floor, they saw that the study was like the ruins after the end of the world, with a miserable scene even more severe than the dining room at first, and there was not a single intact place as far as the eye could see!

Fang Yue also rushed over with everyone the first time. Looking at the almost fainting Zuo Zhiyu, and then at the dumbfounded expressions of Xu Zhiyi and Zuo Zichen...

When looking at Quan Zhisui again, Fang Yue's expression was cracked.

Overturning the table was one thing, she had demolished the study!

Would she bring in a bulldozer next time to raze the house flat?

The study was a vital place for the Zuo family. Zuo Zhiyu often worked and made phone calls to curry favor with important figures there, and there were also large amounts of company information in that computer.

Speaking of which, where was the computer?

Everyone looked and saw some unidentified crushed debris under the dismantled desk that used to be the work table.

The look in the employees' eyes when they looked at Quan Zhisui now was indescribable in words.

The young miss has shown her might again!

What was the reason this time?

"Get out!" Finally, Zuo Zhiyu erupted, and even wanted to get physical.

"Really?" Quan Zhisui's eyes lit up instead, extremely excited: "Can I go back to Yunyang?"

Zuo Zhiyu's raised palm froze in midair.

Quan Zhisui's eyes flickered with light: "Dad! Keep your word, buy me air tickets and send me back now."

Zuo Zhiyu's eyes were fierce, but the nerves on his face kept twitching uncontrollably.

That night.

Zuo Zhiyu left the Zuo house and went to stay outside.

The employees carefully cleaned the study, not daring to make a sound.

Xu Zhiyi's emotions collapsed, hugging Zuo Zichen crying in a corner of the living room.

Quan Zhisui then went back to her room to continue doing homework.

Just before falling asleep, a message popped up on her phone.

[Fang Yue: Facial nerve damage, went to the hospital.]

Quan Zhisui blinked, then burst out laughing!

She had angered Zuo Zhiyu to this extent, no wonder his face kept twitching just now, like being electrocuted, twitching again and again. So it was a convulsion!

So Zuo Zhiyu would become a crooked-faced, cockeyed man in the future?


The next day, as usual, Quan Zhisui got up early, practiced boxing, then had breakfast.

The small kitchen was also gathered at the old time again, talking unscrupulously about the shocking gossip from yesterday.

Anyway, they were convinced by this young miss. Since she came, the Zuo family had been different every day!

Xu Zhiyi didn't sleep all night until daybreak before lying down.

Zuo Zichen got up, his mental state was still fine, and went to school together with Quan Zhisui.

For a high school student, he could not understand how big the contradictions between his parents were. Anyway, Dad was not home every day, Mom was a lady of luxury, as long as he got his monthly allowance on time, everything was fine.

No matter how they quarreled, they were still his parents, and he was the only son of the Zuo family, this was an unchangeable fact.

Moreover, Quan Zhisui demolishing the study room was much more serious than his parents fighting and smashing mobile phones!

Wasn't it no big deal at all?

With this contrast, Zuo Zichen was not worried at all. His values and outlook were limited to this. At this time, he only wanted to be the leader of Liang Secondary School.

Because of Wei Shixu's words, Zuo Zichen didn't dare to go to the second floor. He sent Quan Zhisui to the stairs and left.

Quan Zhisui was in great spirits. When she got to her position, she took the initiative to greet Wei Shixu in front of her: "Morning!" She was radiant.

Wei Shixu's heart thumped.

At this time, Quan Zhisui took out the notes she had long prepared: "How do you solve this problem?"

Wei Shixu: "..."

Quan Zhisui poked the paper in the notebook: "Speak up! What are you staring for?"

Wei Shixu narrowed his eyes instantly.

Yesterday she didn't even dare to look him in the eye, nor take the initiative to ask questions, avoiding his sight all the time, walking with her head down.

When he leaned over to say something to her, even her earlobes turned red!

How did she become emotionally stable overnight today, and restore her original state overnight? 𝒻𝘳𝓮ℯ𝑤𝘦𝒷𝓷𝑜𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝓂

What happened after she went back yesterday?

Seeing Quan Zhisui looking straight at him like this, with no hint of ambiguity in her gaze, even urging him impatiently.

Wei Shixu's lips were pursed tightly as he snatched over the notebook to take a look, then started explaining the question, looking very unhappy.

Quan Zhisui was completely unaware and studied diligently.

Wei Shixu pondered for a moment and asked, "What did you do yesterday?"

Quan Zhisui was delighted to share: "I wrecked my dad's study room! Destructive kind!"

"Oh..." Wei Shixu responded lightly.

It seemed she had vented out all her pent-up emotions by throwing a fit, and also dissipated the stirrings he had painstakingly created.

Damn the Zuo family...


Quan Zhisui was in a good mood all morning.

She definitely wouldn't get pocket money for demolishing the study yesterday. Zuo Zhiyu might not give her a cent anymore, but she didn't have to have it either. Her current clothes were enough to wear, though a bit small.

Moreover, she was learning better and better!

Quan Zhisui's happy appearance formed a sharp contrast with the bitter Kong Mingze beside her.

Ever since Zhuge Ying changed his seat, Kong Mingze could no longer sleep through classes and was forced to listen and study hard!

At lunch time.

Kong Mingze instantly came back to life from drowsiness: "Eat!"

Zhuge Ying looked back: "Zhisui, together?"

Quan Zhisui: "Yeah! Sure!"

Wei Shixu got up: "I'll go to the dorm."

Kong Mingze: "Ah? You're not eating? No way! You have to eat!"

Wei Shixu said in a suppressed tone: "I'll eat, you guys go first."

Kong Mingze: "Oh, ok then."


Wei Shixu went to the back hill alone.

Just then, a problem student holding instant noodles came up, and stood at attention when seeing him: "Brother Wei!"

Brother Zuo said that Wei Shixu and Quan Zhisui were absolute bosses that must not be provoked. He must greet them when seeing their faces.

"Three?" Wei Shixu looked at him and said.

The other was stunned for a moment before reacting. He quickly shook his head: "Report Brother Wei, I'm Five!"

One, two, three, four, five were the serial numbers Quan Zhisui had given them, and they had each remembered and acknowledged it after calling them a few times.

Wei Shixu didn't care if it was Three or Five. He lowered his head to tidy his cuffs, his expression impatient: "Go call Zuo Zichen here."

Soon, Zuo Zichen came with his other followers, running over in a hurry.

"Brother Wei, did you call me?!"

Zuo Zichen was very excited. His sister must have said good things about him in front of Wei Shixu!

Wei Shixu looked up at him, then reached out his hand...


And grabbed Zuo Zichen's head and knocked it against the wall beside!

Zuo Zichen's forehead instantly bled!

The five followers were shocked, shouting loudly wanting to step forward.

"Stop!" Although his head was still being pressed against the wall by Wei Shixu, Zuo Zichen stopped his followers from coming forward first.

"You guys... fall back!" he said through gritted teeth.

The followers could only retreat to the side, but the way they looked at Wei Shixu had become glaring.

Zuo Zichen panted and asked, "Brother Wei, may I ask why you hit me?"

Wei Shixu lowered his eyes and gave him two words: "Hutong."

Zuo Zichen's pupils contracted violently!

Did Wei Shixu find out about the fight he had arranged at the hutong? Or did the Wei family find out?!

Quan Zhisui had beaten him violently that night, but Wei Shixu had not shown any reaction. Zuo Zichen had thought it was over.