Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.926 - : Where Is Zhao Yuan


Chapter 926: Where Is Zhao Yuan

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Shen Xi didn’t want to spoil Li Jin. She kicked Li Jin hard, causing her to fall to the ground and wail in pain.

“Where’s Zhao Yuan?” Shen Xi looked at Li Jin who was on the ground and asked sternly.

Li Jin sat on the ground and laughed wildly. “You’re asking me? Why should 1 tell you? Shen Xi, you make me uncomfortable, so I can’t make you comfortable! Let me tell you, Zhao Yuan and Guan Bo haven’t had anything to eat for a few days. They’re probably going to die soon, right?”

Shen Xi’s eyes became more and more fierce. Li Jin didn’t say anything about this. Zhao Yuan had been missing for almost three days. If Li Jin had been under Li Nan’s control for the past three days, it meant that no one cared about Zhao Yuan and Guan Bo.

Shen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. This time, she was furious. She wanted nothing more than to tear Li Jin apart on the spot.

However, she couldn’t because only Li Jin knew where Zhao Yuan was.

At this moment, Zhao Yuan, who was almost forgotten by Li Jin, was lying in Guan Bo l s arms. Her face was pale and her lips were dry.

The two of them had not drunk water for three days, so they were breathing more than they were breathing.

Guan Bo held Zhao Yuan in his arms and shook her weakly. “Ah Yuan, hold on a little longer. Someone will come and save us.”

Guan Bo could only place his hopes on Zhao Yuan’s parents. After all, if he disappeared for a month or two, his family would think that he had gone abroad for fun.

Zhao Yuan nodded weakly, but her head soon drooped down. Guan Bo was shocked, he shook Zhao Yuan, trying to wake her up, but he couldn’t.

Panic and fear overwhelmed Guan Bo, making it hard for him to breathe. He touched Zhao Yuan’s face with trembling hands and looked at her dry lips.

Finally, he put his finger into his mouth and took a big bite. Then, he quickly put it into Zhao Yuan’s mouth.

People could starve for a few days, but it was hard to say if they lacked water. Therefore, Guan Bo was afraid that Zhao Yuan would die because of the lack of water.

Thinking about Zhao Yuan disappearing from his life, Guan Bo couldn’t bear it.

He bit his finger over and over again, sending it into Zhao Yuan’s mouth over and over again.

On the other side, Shen Xi couldn’t do anything to Li Jin, who was courting death, so he could only contact Li Zhe.

City B was Li Zhe’s territory, and only by finding Li Zhe would he be able to find Zhao Yuan as quickly as possible.

When Li Zhe heard that Li Jin had imprisoned Zhao Yuan and Guan Bo, he almost exploded.

Li Dan, who knew about this, scolded Li Jin, “You bastard, hurry up and tell me where Guan Bo and the others are!”

Li Feng and Hai Xi were also carefully persuading her. “Xiao Jin, don’t be like this. Hurry up and tell us where Guan Bo and the others are. Just treat it as our parents begging you.”

Li Jin was already in this state, and she was also accused of embezzling public funds. If she were to take two more lives, there was no way to save her.

Li Jin looked at Shen Xi with a carefree expression and said, “Shen Xi, beg me.

As long as you kneel and beg me, I’ll tell you!’

When Guan Lei rushed over, he heard Li Jin looking at Shen Xi with arrogance.

He grabbed Shen Xi and said angrily to Li Jin, “Li Jin, you better tell me where

Guan Bo and Zhao Yuan are. Otherwise, you know what I can do.”

Guan Lei’s evil voice instantly reminded Li Jin of the time when Guan Lei almost strangled her to death. She covered her neck in horror and looked at Guan Lei vigilantly. She stepped back, afraid that Guan Lei would pounce on her and strangle her again.

“Xi, don’t worry. I’ve already sent someone to investigate. We’ll get the results soon.” Guan Lei pulled Shen Xi’s arm and said.

Shen Xi glared fiercely at Li Jin, her eyes bloodshot, but she didn’t have the slightest intention of moving away.

Li Jin looked at Shen Xi fearlessly. Her eyes were full of provocation, and her tone was even more arrogant. “Let’s see if your speed can catch up to the speed at which the two of them are losing their lives!”

Li Dan angrily slapped Li Jin. After the slap, he was so angry that he was trembling.

At this moment, even Li Feng and Hai Xi did not have the slightest intention of protecting Li Jin.

They did not expect that their daughter, who had been carefully raised since she was young, would be so crazy and disregard the lives of others. This made the literati in their family unable to accept the consequences of such education..

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