Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.925 - : Alerting the Enemy


Chapter 925: Alerting the Enemy

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Li Nan gritted his teeth and nodded reluctantly.

After Li Zhe and the other two went out, Zheng Huai couldn’t help but laugh.

“Li Zhe, you’re a real dog. Don’t you have a conscience for lying like this?”

“How can a conscience hurt?” Li Zhe smiled matter-of-factly. I’m taking back the things that my grandfather once raised.”

“Then, should we go and find the hypnotist now?” Meng Yu laughed.

“Go, hurry up. Otherwise, what if he runs away later?” Zheng Huai immediately added.

The three of them went to the clinic that Li Nan mentioned, but the door was tightly shut.

Li Zhe quickly asked the shop owner next to him, but the shop owner said that he hadn’t seen anyone for a while. It was probably closed down.

Li Zhe frowned. He picked up the number Li Nan had given him and dialed the number of the shop next door. However, the moment the call connected, it was hung up.

When Li Zhe called again, his phone was already switched off.

“Looks like we’ve alerted the enemy.” Li Zhe sighed.

Zheng Huai was so angry that he bought a large box of herbal tea from the convenience store next door. After drinking a stomach full of herbal tea to cool down, the three of them left.

Li Zhe gave the person’s phone number to Guan Lei. Guan Lei was the best at locating information.

When Guan Lei found out that the method used to hypnotize Li Jin and Shen Xi was somewhat similar, he put a lot of thought into it.

Li Jin woke up the next day. Seeing Li Jin open her eyes, Li Feng and Hai Xi were very surprised.

After Li Jin got used to the light, she stood up and looked down at her old and withered hands. She was so scared that she screamed sharply.

Hai Xi hugged her daughter, who was unable to take it anymore. She comforted her loudly. “Xiao Jin, it’s okay. father and Mommy will be able to cure you. You’ll be fine.”

At this moment, Li Jin could not listen to anything. She just lost control and shouted, as if her voice could scatter reality.

Li Dan, who was also in the hospital, had already woken up. After learning what his granddaughter had done, he was furious.

“Stop!” Li Dan shouted angrily when he saw Li Jin going crazy. “Li Jin, stop!’

Li Jin was silent for a while after being yelled at by Li Dan. When she saw her grandfather, who was always able to protect her, Li Jin quickly ran forward and grabbed Li Dan’s hand. She begged with a sad face, “Grandfather, you know so many powerful people. Go and beg them. Ask those reputable old doctors to save me, okay?”

Li Dan was furious. “This is your retribution for colluding with outsiders and plotting against your own family. I won’t help you. You can live with your scars for the rest of your life.”

Li Dan was also very heartbroken, but he was quite angry at this moment, so he deliberately said these words to anger Li Jin.

She had always thought that his granddaughter was very obedient, but she had done such a thing. This made him, as a grandfather, very disappointed.

Li Jin did not expect her grandfather, who had always loved her so much, to say such heartless words. She squatted on the ground and cried in pain.

Li Feng and Hai Xi wanted to go up and comfort Li Jin, but they were called away by Li Dan, leaving Li Jin alone to reflect on herself.

At this moment, Li Jin had the illusion that she had been abandoned by the whole world. Desolation and fear engulfed her old woman’s body.

Li Jin stood up angrily and started smashing things in the ward. Shen Xi rushed into Li Jin’s ward angrily and questioned loudly, “Li Jin, where is Zhao Yuan?!”

Shen Xi received a call from Zhao Yuan’s parents early in the morning. She heard that Zhao Yuan had been missing for two days in City B. Shen Xi then drove the helicopter to the mall where Zhao Yuan was last seen in City B.

After communicating with Li Zhe and the mall manager, Shen Xi got the surveillance footage of the mall. The moment she found out that Zhao Yuan and Guan Bo were in Li Jin’s hands, Shen Xi rushed over.

Li Jin didn’t seem to be able to react to what Shen Xi was asking. She stared blankly at Shen Xi for a while, then stood up emotionally and pointed at Shen Xi’s nose, scolding, “Shen Xi!” It was you! It was because of you that I became like this. If you hadn’t snatched Guan Lei from me, if you hadn’t suppressed me in every way, I wouldn’t have been so obsessed and wanted to be the head of the Li family just to compete with you. It’s all your fault. You murderer, I’m going to kill you!’

As she said that, Li Jin was like a crazy woman as she charged towards Shen Xi, raising her hand to tear Shen Xi apart..

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