Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father - C.134Feb 21, 2023


I looked sadly at my husband, who was already prepared to widen the distance to me.

In the worst case, it will not be a kiss of a reunion, but a kiss that heralds parting.

I raised my hand with a hint of nervousness.

“I don’t know, but if you come closer, I think you’ll find out.”

“I am serious.”

“Me too.”

Since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, was he keeping his distance again?

Besides, Aedis was constantly in the rain. It was raining on everyone but particularly on me.

It would be better if he didn’t just take care of me but take care of himself too.

I clung to Aedis.

I looked over my shoulder to check if the effect of avoiding the rain had been transferred to Aedis. After realizing the meaning of my actions, Aedis stopped the rain altogether.

I then returned to the main point with satisfaction.

“Did the beast say that?”

Aedis nodded his head reflexively, his face blushing slightly.

“I didn’t mean to tell you.”

Cu, cute…….

I reassured my husband with lips that couldn’t completely suppress my laughter.

“There is no way you will have a bad influence. I am still smiling thanks to you.”

Even though I spoke brightly, I thought that there must be some special reason for the beast to suddenly awaken, as he had been in a corpse state for several years.

Was it because of what Eleonora had talked about? Then why did he disappear after meeting Aedis instead of me? Why did he say that?

It was an absolutely unpredictable act. He didn’t actually stop me, so I guessed he tacitly agreed that it was okay for me to become Eleonora’s next master…….

So, shouldn’t he be nice to my husband, too?

Either as Eleonora’s former master, or as a senior who gave me the right to succeed him.

I kept tilting my head. The chill wind didn’t divert my attention because my physical abilities had improved, but my husband’s destructive power as he followed me and tilted his head to the side was significant.

Oh, it had been a while since I had seen him look so cute.

“Anyway, don’t worry. Just because he had lived a long time doesn’t mean he’s always right.”


“Aedis, answer.”



I cleared my throat.

“Aedis, I have something to tell you. It may or may not have something to do with the beast’s awakening.”

At first, I was going to convey the story I heard from Eleonora in as much detail as possible.

But the plan was hampered from the start.

It was because Aedis’ face had changed violently even though only a few words had come out of my mouth.

“So, what and how much should you bear?”

“Oh, that’s…”

If I said that the only way to get rid of the taboo and deal with Kadan perfectly was to die and come back to life, he would blow up not only the quarry but the whole area.

If I added that the more terrible the death, the more likely it will be effective, the place will truly become a landscape rivaling the extinction of mankind.

Well…… The risk was too great.

There is no 100% success guarantee, no insurance. Even Aedis could have objected.

Aedis sighed softly and grabbed my shoulder. The blue eyes stared straight into my own.

“Eve, I’m not happy with whatever you earned with your sacrifice.”


It was a resolute statement that left no leeway. He emphasized again.

“Anything, I don’t need it.”

He looked like he was about to cry.

He looked like he was crying because of the raindrops running down his cheeks.

I became so precious to him.

“I see.”

It seemed that answering alone was not enough, so I nodded my head, too.

“Really. I will not die.”

“…… Was that the condition?”


“Ah, I won’t make any sacrifices anyway. It’s a bit sad that the taboo can’t be lifted.”

“Don’t be sad.”

“Yes, I have no regrets at all.”

Aedis’ expression softened slightly when I reaffirmed again.

My husband cares so much about me, and I don’t know why he said he was a bad influence.

The clouds lifted and a ray of light descended upon the earth.

I was about to say that we should go back to Cyclamen Castle, but Aedis muttered.

“It would be nice if time didn’t pass like this with the wife.”

“It’s romantic.”

I replied with a smile. However, Aedis was still vigilant as if he did not yet believe in my promise not to make sacrifices.

“In that case, at least I wouldn’t be worried that the wife would get hurt somewhere out of my sight.”

“Even if time does not stop, I will always be within Aedis’ reach.”

Still, Aedis didn’t seem to relax. The beast who gave his blood to me, but hurt my husband, was really mean.

How can he make my husband suffer like this? Of course, I unintentionally added a little to it, but……. My husband said that he was a bad influence on me. He was very gentle. I mean, I’m just starting to laugh.

“Aren’t you reassured by this?”


I grabbed Aedis’ hand and held it to my cheek. And nuzzled it.

“Like this?”

“Are you cold? Shall we go back?”

Suddenly, worry appeared in Aedis’ eyes. Without realizing it, the shape of my mouth changed.

“…… No, I didn’t mean to make you feel my cold skin. If you still don’t trust me, would you like to touch somewhere else?”

“I believe you.”

But now the shape of my eyes changed instead.

“Excuse me, I’m glad you didn’t let go hands like before, but you’re suddenly giving it a lot of strength.”

* * *

Far away from the quarry, more rain was falling. His breath was drowned out by lightning and torrential rain.

Kadan could not admit that he felt afraid of his brother.


It was as if the blue eyes still stared at him.

He even wondered if it was his brother, who had been locked up like a beast in a cage in the past.

Why was he here now?

It had never happened before.

What the heck has changed? Noble status? Mountains of wealth and loyal servants?

But if Kadan wanted, he could get whatever he wanted. The reason for the change must have been something else.

But Kadan did not think carefully.

What was important was that he was instinctively afraid.

‘It was really a coincidence. It must have happened by chance.’

Kadan wiped his face, trying to calm his emotions. It had been a long time since he felt such a stirring like this. Therefore, it was difficult for him to accept the fatal mistake of rushing away from the place, and the fact that the person who made him do that was none other than his younger brother.

He was strangled by a toy he had broken.

The fact was so funny that Kadan burst into laughter.

Kadan had been proud that he knew his brother better than anyone.

It was still the same when the woman appeared.

His blood-related brother was his toy before he was his own self.

It was not much different from when he was that helpless and obedient human being. So he was always cute and showed mercy. He was also willing to take revenge in anger at the loss of their parents.

Although he later attained immortality, he only looked from afar upon how his brother was doing.

Because there was still something to be gained by coaxing his brother. It was just that.

“…… Yes, it’s a coincidence. My brother cannot be stronger than me.”

After denying the anxiety inside his mouth, his reason seemed to return a little.

Kadan’s brother spent his brief childhood in a sick bed. Even after the full-scale experimentation was carried out, he did not even suspect it until Kadan, who had tired of the love of his parents and brothers, explained himself.

His brother mistook poison for medicine, took it hard and ate it, and said he was sorry for being sick, and looked at him with a face full of guilt. He was such a naive younger brother.

…… But looking back, there was at least one strange part.

‘What if he had the same qualities as me?’

Kadan shook his head.

‘No. I definitely checked.’

Kadan had thoroughly inspected his own family before making them a subject. But Kadan’s relief did not last long. Measuring his ability was only possible when the subject was weaker than the measurer. Just like his parents, who were nothing more than ordinary human beings.

Kadan considered himself special because his parents were so incompetent. Therefore, he was convinced that this kind of ‘coincidence’ would never happen again.

But if it wasn’t a coincidence? Maybe there was something latent in that innocent younger brother he had treated as a toy. Perhaps his potential was so great that he ‘accidentally’ invoked the success of his experiment.

‘So if it’s something I didn’t notice.’

Amusement flashed in the red eyes. Kadan murmured, as he had succeeded in capturing the commotion completely.

“I can’t help it. I have to deal with it.”

It was a no-nonsense decision. No matter how much it was a toy he cherished, he would cut it if it didn’t benefit him. Besides, there were substitutes.

Kadan’s fingertips touched his lips. Not everything she said was a lie. Eleonora protected the woman, even at the cost of his own life.

So the woman would be able to provide the answer to immortality, which he had been searching for all his long life.

Kadan pulled the thread that connected Regen.

He felt a faint resistance.

Kadan made a sad expression.

“Ah, why do you do that? Now it doesn’t matter if things in your head are messed up.”

“Like my brother,” he murmured and laughed.