Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father - C.133Feb 21, 2023


Drip, drip, drip, raindrops fell. But the chill didn’t shake Aedis’ hands.

For some reason, Aedis did not let me go even after time passed.

I was moved at first, but gradually I began to worry.

“Aedis? Show me your face.”

“… … .”

No answer returned.

The strength of the arm that embraced me was still there. I muttered as my face was buried in his chest.

“Actually, I was brainwashed by Kadan, too. It doesn’t seem to work for me, but just in case you don’t know, keep your distance until we know for sure…….”

“… … .”

“Aedis, you hugged me so tightly that I’m going to be absorbed.”


“I’m just calling Kadan’s name, don’t you wonder why?”


It was such a firm silence.

Ugh. I couldn’t help it.

As a last resort, I wiggled.

When he thought I felt uncomfortable, Aedis immediately lowered his arm.

Finally, I was able to see Aedis’ face.

His face, wet with rain, was even more decadent. His face paled from how long he had been standing like that. He usually gave the impression that he would have demons as his subordinates, but today the brutality was too much.

I reached out and rubbed the corners of his darkened eyes.

“Why are you feeling so down?”

As Aedis was about to answer. Kadan, who had been walking around in the distance, suddenly began to be visible in my eyes. He waved his hand warmly.

“You are here, Brother! I’ve been looking for you for a while.”

Ugh, there was that uninvited guest.

There was no way I could thank Kadan for Aedis being here. Did Eleonora escape properly?

As I stared at him with cold eyes, Kadan looked sad.

“Sister-in-law, have you changed your mind? You said you wanted to get away from my brother?”


“I hate to admit it, but are you using me?”

Kadan raised the corners of his eyebrows. It was a pitiful appearance like a wounded angel. I wanted to say something, but Aedis blocked Kadan’s trick first.

“I have no intention of letting you go.”


“What if I keep running away and drag her down to where I am?”

Well, was it because of the rumor that I sold my husband?

But the voice was too subdued for acting. The atmosphere was chilly enough to make me shiver to the depths of my chest.

Even I, who was familiar with Aedis, shuddered, so it was understandable that Kadan took two steps back.

Kadan blinked as if surprised by his unconscious behavior.

“Why would I…….”

Kadan pursed his lips. But without completing the sentence, Kadan evaporated before my eyes.


“Aedis, did you make him disappear?”


So did he run away? He had argued that Aedis was weaker than he, did he finally get some sense of reality now?

“You won’t chase after him?”

“I always put you first.”

It was a very friendly voice, different from when he spoke to Kadan. Aedis bent over and looked at my face tenaciously. Beautiful eyes like blue stars captured my image.

I’m, I’m a little shy. I coughed lightly and pretended to be calm.

“Uh, um, I’m glad I have grown a lot in your mind.”

Aedis said abruptly as I unintentionally pulled my wet hair behind my ears as usual.

“Are you hurt?”

“How did you know?!”

I quickly lowered my arms. It was an action that had already been caught and was useless, but Aedis made it all the more futile.

“You’re also poisoned.”

“…… Aedis, I almost felt a little scared of you right now.”

A sigh filled with worry was heard in spite of the playful tone.

Aedis pressed his forehead to mine. He spoke in a very repressed voice, as if he was trying to control something growing inside.

“I don’t want to frighten you, but you have to tell me everything.”

“Hey, you don’t have to come back so quickly.”


“…… I see. I will tell you.”

Aedis listened intently.

The story of how Kadan brainwashed Monica.

I told him that Monica stabbed me with a dagger that probably had poison on it.

The story about falling to death but using the ring, I moved to a snowy field near the Crystal Gate.

Then, the story of meeting Eleonora went smoothly.

I could hear the violent explosions or crashing of structures that had barely been built around me, but I couldn’t see anything because Aedis’ face was in front of me.

He would have put our foreheads together to hide the destruction. He was being very cautious.

…… But did the rain stop on this spot only?

I could hear the sound of rain, but no raindrops were hitting my face.

I shook my head and continued speaking.

“And when I opened my eyes, you were there. Turns out it was Kadan disguised as you.”


“But I quickly found out. Aren’t I great?”

Aedis’ expression was indescribably grim.

Yep, that didn’t seem to be a relief at all.

And since then, the rain has been avoiding me.

Aedis ignored my gaze as if he didn’t want to care about such trivial things.

“If I had been there…….”

“Don’t apologize. Is Raven okay?”

Aedis nodded his head.

It’s Tolyman, I think he’ll be fine.

“My story ends with this. Where were you?”

“The quarry.”


I then looked around properly.

After the living hell, the afterlife, and the extinction of mankind, there were ruins that fit those words.

The sky shimmered in a strange blood color. Raindrops fell silently, avoiding only me, and comforted the messily torn ground.

There were hundreds of craters, but all of them were so black that it was difficult to estimate the depth. Five minutes ago, the scene seemed to be much better than it was now, but I won’t point it out because I am at a loss too.

…… What should I say?

Aedis continued to speak while I was speechless.

“I came here after detecting that the barrier was broken from the inside.”

Aedis and I were busy checking each other’s physical condition.

“Was there another problem with the beast’s tomb? The contract had already been broken, so there is nothing wrong with me. So was it like this when you came?”


Ugh, so no. My husband made it this way.

“That beast…… said wills and prophecies about you.”

“Isn’t he dead?”

“He said he had one last story to tell.”

I saw Aedis’ face frown unpleasantly.

From the beginning Aedis hated the beast for reasons related to my health and safety, so even if he met that being in person, he wouldn’t have changed his mind. But even considering this reason, Aedis’ face was too dark.

“What did he say?”

“…… Before I tell you, I have a favor.”

I leaned on Aedis, hoping to make him feel a little better.

“Am I supposed to listen with my bare mouth?”

Aedis, who meekly supported me, stopped. This part was still the same as usual.

I let out a laugh as the tension was relieved. Maybe it was because Aedis was by my side, so now I wasn’t worried at all.

Aedis also seemed a little grounded and took off his robe and wrapped it around my shoulders.

“Is there anything you want?”

I smiled.

“A reunion kiss?”

“Is that enough?”

“Yes. Don’t say I’m too greedy…….”

I couldn’t finish speaking.

Suddenly, his lips were softly closed.

It was a kiss that tasted wet from the rain. He slightly bit my thick lower lip, swept it gently, and then fell off.

…… What just happened?

Aedis whispered in a voice sweet as honey.

“I missed you, Eve. I really wanted to come back soon.”


Maybe this was all a dream?

When I open my eyes, I would still be in the achromatic house, with Eleonora and Kadan…….

Aedis’ eyes narrowed as I sat blankly, unable to breathe.

“Don’t think about it.”

One beat later, my face heated up.

“…… Aedis, you really can’t read my heart?”

For the first time since my reunion with Aedis, he showed something like a smile.

“Eve, don’t die.”


Did this mean that he wanted me to remain alive for another 500 years? The only way I can listen to it is to die once…….

“Is that a request?”

I asked for confirmation. In a positive way, Aedis’ hand touched my cheek.

It felt like the part that Kadan had touched was purified by his touch.

“It’s okay if you’re not by my side.”

How can I do this?

“It would be meaningless if it weren’t for you.”

What do I do if I live alone for a long time?

If it weren’t for my husband, Paimon, or Shaula, I would probably live longer than the average person, but if I were with them, my blood pressure wouldn’t be perfect.

When I immediately refused, Aedis’ eyes darkened.

“…… What if I say that I am a bad influence on the wife?”