My Master Only Breaks Through on the Edge of Death - C.339: 312: The Adult is Not at Home

My Master Only Breaks Through on the Edge of Death

C.339: 312: The Adult is Not at Home

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Ninety thousand miles north of the Hundred-Thousand-Li Giant Lake is the Dream Armor Country, which is now occupied by Elder Council Cultivators. All the common people and nobles have evacuated, only desolate cities remain.

At this time, Ning Dao respectfully stood behind a heavily armored middle-aged man.

“I didn’t expect they would send you here.” Ning Dao said with surprise and delight.

“Our immortal tools patrolling the Central Continent aren’t for show, of course they wouldn’t send just any Elder for the two top-level Demon Clans on the other side.” The middle-aged man explained, his eyes focused on the two realms’ natural channel in the distance.

“With you here, this channel has nothing to fear.”

In front of this Venerable One, Ning Dao couldn’t help but shudder thinking about his battle records. This man used to be a Butcher who specialized in cleansing the Venerable Ones who betrayed the Human Clan. Just for the ones recorded by the Elders Council, he has already killed eleven Venerables.

“Haha, I like your attitude, I’ve been guarding the Headquarters for a few hundred years with nothing to do, now I have a chance to stretch my muscles.” The middle-aged man said, standing up and stepping out, appearing directly in front of the two realms’ natural channel.

“I’m going to give a warning to those little beasts on the other side to keep them quiet, you just wait here.” The middle-aged man said, stepping out again.

Not too long afterward, there were astonishing waves of spiritual power coming from the Demon Spirit World, accompanied by various roars.

Outside the gate of the Human Clan’s Camp in two realms, a large Spiritual Boat Fleet landed.

Xu Gang also appeared next to Ning Dao.

“Greetings to Elder Ning.” Xu Gang saluted and spoke.

“Get up, the lineup you’ve brought this time is quite impressive, you must have brought a lot of good stuff.” Ning Dao said with a chuckle.

“I’ve brought everything that Elder Ning knows about.” Xu Gang replied with a smile.

At this moment, countless Tool Puppets began to assemble the first defense line. A lot of huge cannons and bizarre machinery, which Ning Dao had not seen before, were set up.

At this moment, a roar echoed from the two realms’ channel.

“Blood Refinement Venerable, you are going too far!!” The voice was filled with an overwhelming sense of frustration and helplessness.

“Elder Ning, what’s going on in there?” Xu Gang asked.

“The adults of the Demon Clan on the other side are not at home, so our side’s adults took the opportunity to teach the children a lesson, to avoid causing trouble later.”

Xu Gang nodded somewhat understandingly.

Just then, a streak of bloody light flashed from the channel between the two realms, and a middle-aged man carrying a wolf leg walked out.

“Quite tough.” The middle-aged man spat out a mouthful of blood and spoke.

“Ning Kid, here you are. A wolf leg.”

A wolf leg was thrown down, and the man disappeared.

“Is this Esteemed One who came to guard here the Venerable one?” Xu Gang asked.

“Yes, the one who was beating the kid.”

As soon as Ning Dao finished speaking, he was suddenly smacked on the back of his head, forcing him to take a few steps forward involuntarily.

“Ning Kid, have you been getting conceited lately, daring to joke about me?” A voice floated out of the void.

“I’m sorry, senior, I was too arrogant.” Ning Dao quickly apologized, then received another smack on his head.

In the Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan was sitting by the Spirit Liquid Lake, looking at the six dragon eggs in the lake.

“When exactly are you going to stop absorbing? If you carry on like this, my puppets and production line will have to consume spiritual stones.” Xu Fan looked somewhat concerned.

If it was before, it would have been okay, but now that the energy consumption is high, without the spiritual power provided by the Gathering Spirit array, the consumption of spirit stones really made Xu Fan sore.

Just then, Xu Fan felt six weak consciousnesses probing at him and communicating with each other.

Xu Fan was overjoyed, immediately began to release his Spiritual Sense to communicate with them and pass on his knowledge.

“Are you our father?” A faint consciousness came from a dragon egg nestled next to the Python-head Giant Tortoise.

“No, I’m your godfather. Your father has gone to a distant place, so he entrusted me to take care of you.” Xu Fan kindly expressed his intention through Spiritual Sense.

“What is a distant place?” Another dragon egg questioned.

“It’s a place you can’t reach before you grow up.” Xu Fan explained.

Then Xu Fan spent a long time chatting with the six dragon eggs, just like a kind nanny.

When Xu Fan was leaving, the six dragon eggs even lined up to bid him farewell.

“Godfather, goodbye.”

Xu Fan initially wanted to communicate more with the dragon eggs to build a bond, but now it was time to check on his good brothers’ health and this could not be delayed.

At Wang Yulun’s mountain peak, Wang Xiangchi was assisting his father to Cultivate the latest version of the Five Elements Decision.

“Master, you’re here.” Wang Xiangchi expressed.


Xu Fan rested his hand on Wang Yulun’s shoulder.

“So, when will that power erupt?” Wang Yulun, who was already in the Qi Refining Stage, questioned.

“Right now it’s still stable, although it grows every day, it’s far from explosive.” Xu Fan was a little disappointed in his tone.

It seemed Xu Fan was a bit eager and his celebration was premature.

At this moment, a disciple from the Thousand Spirit Sect delivered dividends, Xu Fan glanced at them and asked, “Pu Tao, how come the Honored One of the Thousand Spirit Sect has been so obedient lately, engaging only in peaceful mining?”

“Recently, the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Elder has also been following the vessels. Therefore, the Honored One from the thousand spirit sect dares not mess around.” Pu Tao responded.

“I see.”

At this moment, the Human Clan’s Camp in the two realms channel was still somewhat relaxed.

Some of the Elder Council Cultivator began chatting with the Hidden Spirit Sect Disciples who were commanding the Puppets on the frontline, eventually turning this place into a marketplace.

“What are these tall towers used for?” A Void Refining Cultivator from the Elder Council asked.

“These are our Sect’s unique defense towers. They can automatically absorb Spiritual Power and unleash powerful attacks.” A Hidden Spirit Sect disciple at the Golden Core Stage replied with a smile.

The Elder Council Void Refining Cultivator examined the hundreds of high towers and continued to ask, “How strong is a powerful attack?”

“It’s hard to say. Now it has the power of a full-force strike by a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Given time, when enough Spiritual Power is stored, it can display the power of a Cultivator at the God Transformation Stage.”

“That’s amazing!” The Void Refining Cultivator exclaimed.

“That’s nothing.” The Hidden Spirit Sect Golden Core Stage Disciple launched his brag after pointing to a huge cannon atop the highest Defense Tower, “When it comes to that Electromagnetic Cannon, if it hits a stupid Void Refining Stage Cultivator head-on, I estimate not even the ashes would remain.”

After the Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple finished speaking, he handed over a page specifying the prices and power of each type of defense tower.

“Senior, why don’t you buy a few and place them in front of your Cave Mansion? You can carry them with you when you go out as well.”

“When you sleep outside, they can also transform into a Traveling Palace.” The Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple instantly became a salesperson.

Before the Elder Council Void Refining Cultivator could reply, the Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple continued, “Senior, don’t refuse yet. Wait until you see its power then you make a decision.”

At this moment, many cultivators from Elder Council have seen such sales pitch before.

Over the years, the tower defense disciples who went out for Cultivation became incredibly rich. Because they sold Defense Towers of the Sect, many disciples achieved financial independence.