My Master Only Breaks Through on the Edge of Death - C.338: 311: The Green Dragon Egg


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Two streams of spiritual Qi coursed into the Python-head Giant Tortoise, stabilizing the life origin that was being drained by the dragon egg within its body.

“That’s pretty ruthless,” Xu Fan commented while looking at the Python-head Giant Tortoise.

“If the spiritual sources were not available as a supplement today, the tortoise would probably have perished by the time the dragon egg was ready to hatch,” Xu Fan sighed.

At that moment, six beams of light from the sky enveloped the Python-head Giant Tortoise.

True spirits manifest themselves, accompanied by unusual phenomena.

“Pu Tao, fully seal off the Hundred-Thousand-Li Giant Lake. Demon Suppression Star, Heavenly Patrol Satellite, activate full attack mode,” ordered Xu Fan.

“By your command.”

Immediately, mist rose from the entire Hundred-Thousand-Li Giant Lake, stretching to the horizon.

At this moment, Ning Dao, who was flying over the Hundred-Thousand-Li Giant Lake, looked back towards the direction of the Hidden Spirit Island.

“Is it about to hatch? It wasn’t easy.”

At the Spirit Liquid Lake, the once calm Python-head Giant Tortoise began to roar again.

“Thank goodness I was prepared.”

A medicinal gourd appeared in Xu Fan’s hand and, once uncapped, nine grandmaster-level Life Elixirs flew out and went directly into the tortoise’s mouth.


The Python-head Giant Tortoise let out a long howl, and the first dragon egg appeared in the Spirit Liquid Lake. Soon after, the second and third eggs were also born.

Then, it began to have trouble again.

Xu Fan waved his hand and ten droplets of Wood Origin Essence appeared above the Spirit Liquid Lake. They then turned into a mist and merged with the entire body of the Python-head Giant Tortoise.

“You are considered the first guardian spiritual beast of my Hidden Spirit Island. I won’t let you get into trouble,” Xu Fan said. The dragon egg was already formed and could be forcefully extracted at any time.

The remaining three dragon eggs were subsequently born. After the Python-head Giant Tortoise finished birthing, it fell into a coma.

“Master, are these dragon eggs?” Xu Gang asked curiously.

“Yes, but I don’t know what rank the green-shelled dragon egg is,” said Xu Fan, looking at the dragon eggs floating on the Spirit Liquid Lake.

The dragon egg obtained from the Demon Spirit World last time was golden, so it should be higher than the green one.

Just as Xu Fan was about to collect the dragon eggs, he found that the sleepiness of the entire Spirit Liquid Lake was decreasing.

At this moment, the waterfall above the Spirit Liquid Lake suddenly increased by more than ten times, instantly hitting the surface of the lake.

“The three dao artifact-level Gathering Spirit Beads are finally showing their usefulness,” sighed Xu Fan. Over these years, the amount of spirit liquid absorbed by the six dragon eggs was enough to flood the entire Hidden Spirit Sect.

Originally, the rapidly increasing spiritual liquid was somehow able to balance the absorption speed of the dragon eggs.

Watching the six large whirlpools on the Spirit Liquid Lake, Xu Fan felt his tough days had only just begun.

“Everyone, disperse. It won’t hatch for a while,” Xu Fan waved his hands to dismiss the crowd.

In Xu Fan’s courtyard, Xu Gang was listening to Xu Fan’s arrangements.

“Ninety thousand miles north of the Hundred-Thousand-Li Giant Lake is the Dream Armor Country, Xiyun County. There, a natural channel connected to the Demon Spirit World and our world has appeared,” Xu Fan began.

“Although the Elders Association has guards there, our sect should also send some people to guard.”

“You’ll lead the team this time. Take the Void Refining Stage puppet, a thousand God Transformation Stage Heavy Armored puppets, and two hundred thousand Nascent Soul puppets.”

“One Demon Suppression Star and a thousand Sky-Based Weapon satellites are at your disposal.”

“Once the disciples who are currently journeying outside return, take anyone willing to join you,” instructed Xu Fan.

“By your command,” Xu Gang replied, with an excitement flashing through his eyes. Is he going to have a chance to fight again?.

“Be careful during the fight, when the Mahayana Demon Venerable appears, stick close to the Esteemed One sent by the Elders Association. Don’t stray too far at other times.” Xu Fan reminded.

“Understood.” Xu Gang chuckled, his use of Five Elements Divine Technique was powerful, and his ability to escape was even more top-notch.

At this moment, a light curtain appeared in front of the two of them, displaying the naturally formed channel.

Many unknown little demons ran out from it and were immediately killed by the cultivators of the Elders Association.

“Well, the battle has already started.” Xu Fan thought he still had some peaceful days ahead.

“Master, I’ll leave now then.”

“Alright, always be careful.” Xu Fan advised.

At this moment, the disciples closer to the Hidden Spirit Sect were beginning to return to the sect in succession.

At this moment, Qian Wanbing returned to the sect, filled with fatigue.

Looking at the large sect gate he had been longing for day and night, he felt an urge to cry.

“Oh, isn’t this our Junior Brother Qian who was caught in the Hehuan Holy Land? How did you escape from the Hero Tomb?” Xiong Li said with a laugh.

He never thought that the most cunning kid among the first generation disciples of the sect would be caught in Hehuan Holy Land.

“Senior Brother, stop teasing me, I almost didn’t make it back.” Qian Wanbing said, feeling depressed.

“I know all about what happened to you. Report to your Senior Brother Qiu, rest and recuperate for a few days then join me in defending against the Demon Clan at the channel between two realms.” Xiong Li patted Qian Wanbing on the shoulder and said.

“That’s exactly what I thought, let me rest for a day first.”

Saying that, Qian Wanbing summoned a spirit boat and headed towards the main peak.

Before long, a sword light flew over from the horizon, and Xiang Yun appeared in front of Xiong Li.

“What delayed you?” Xiang Yun, who should have returned earlier, was asked by Xiong Li.

At this moment, a series of Dao Artefact spiritual swords appeared beside Xiang Yun, moving around him like fish.

“I picked up a Spiritual Sword, and just managed to subdue it yesterday.” Said Xiang Yun with a smile.

“Senior Brother, are you going to the channel between the two realms?”

“Of course.”

“Then we’ll fight side by side from now on.”

Subsequently, Lei Ren, Lei Wenxi, Yu Nan, Si Ruoyu and other disciples returned one by one, and the entire sect started to bustle again.

“Master, can I join Senior Brother at the channel between the two realms?” Wang Xiangchi asked.

“You’d better stay in the sect for now. Once your father has passed the Great Tribulation, you can go out and roam.” Xu Fan joked. If you leave, who would accompany your father to feed monkeys and play chess?

Protecting our good brothers is currently the top priority of Hidden Spirit Sect.

“Order obeyed.” Wang Xiangchi’s tone was a bit gloomy. Feeding monkeys every day and watching that brutal pangolin train monkeys was really not interesting.

At this time, Xu Fan arrived at the underground space, looking at the fully operational production line, and said: “Pu Tao, from now on, equip all heavy-armored puppets with a fifth-grade Treasure Artifact Giant Shield.”

“Order obeyed, applying to use heavy gold from Spiritual Mine to forge a fifth-grade Treasure Artifact Giant Shield.”

“Forget about heavy gold, use the heavy alloy developed by Senior Brother Sha. Although it’s a bit inappropriate, it can be solved by adding a combination rune formation on it.” said Xu Fan after thinking.

“Order obeyed, task established.” Pu Tao replied.

In the underground space, thousands of tool puppets began to move.

At this time, in the Hidden Spirit Sect, thousands of large spirit boats were floating in the air. On the spirit boats were combat puppets of various models and some newly returned disciples.

“Go. How can you grow without experiencing big events?” Xu Fan watched the departing spirit boats and sighed.