I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - C.2391 - : Praise My True Name, Reincarnation, Divine Priest, Equal Life (2)

I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

C.2391 - : Praise My True Name, Reincarnation, Divine Priest, Equal Life (2)

Chapter 2391: Praise My True Name, Reincarnation, Divine Priest, Equal Life (2)

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Didn’t everyone have a smooth journey?

Who didn’t feel that they were geniuses who could fight across realms?

Who didn’t think that if they fought, the Holy Emperor would be like their enemies in the past and kneel under their blades and swords?

Beibei held onto the Supreme Emperor Sword with all her might, and the blood in her body flowed down her arms.

She had not given up yet.

She could still put up a struggle.

It was akin to the God of Killing Wei Feng; he still felt that he had not utilized his full strength and had not put himself in utmost danger and escaped death!

“Emperor Sword, Supreme…”

“The Way of the Heavens is sealed.”

Feng Yujin stared at the God-Slaying Token while his saint’s will focused on how the Saint fought against the Black Water Stream in the sky above the high cliff. He readied his hand seal and smashed into the Way of the Heavens.


The lid of the Godhood-Sealing Coffin closed.

The voice inside stopped abruptly.

From the outside, Jin Ren could see with his Perception a petrified Beibei inside. Other than that, his spiritual senses could not detect any signs of life.

“Holy Emperor…”

Wasn’t this the true arrogance?

Feng Yujin did not even take this quasi Sword Deity seriously, even though she wielded the Supreme Emperor Sword.

After just one move, he won…

“This is too terrifying!” Feng Yujin hurriedly grabbed the God-Slaying Token and reached out to summon the Godhood-Sealing Coffin.

“This is scary?” Jin Ren stared dazedly at the coffin.

“The God-Slaying Token absorbed 70% of the power of my Godhood- Sealing Coffin and almost couldn’t seal that broken sword. Isn’t that terrifying?” Only then did Jin Ren realize that he had been mistaken.

The Holy Emperor only had eyes for the ones at the Holy Emperor level and above.

Feng Yujin was only afraid of the god slayer Ran Ming, even if the other party was just a remnant thought that could rival the thought of the Tenth Ancestor!

“Keep this safe.” Feng Yujin threw the God-Sealing Coffin to Xu Xiaoshou and specially warned him, “This person can’t be killed… I sealed her aura to prevent any information from leaking out, but it’s probably useless. She has a protective talisman on her.”

“Protective talisman?”

“Yes, but maybe you’re not afraid. After all, you’ve killed one before.” Feng

Yujin looked at Xu Xiaoshou meaningfully. “I’m different. I’m scared to death.” Beibei, Bei…

Was it the protective talisman of the Holy Emperor aristocratic family, just like Rao Yaoyao’s?

Jin Ren laughed. He carried the Godhood-Sealing Coffin on his back and the God of Killing Wei Feng on his shoulder. He felt as if he had come to the Four Symbols Secret Realm to purchase goods.

A Holy Emperor level fighter was really useful!

He estimated the weight on his body and suddenly thought of something. “If you don’t kill her now and she rebelled later, won’t Beibei have to be killed?”

“If you want to kill, then go ahead. I don’t dare to.” Feng Yujin glared at him in annoyance as he goaded him. All he wanted to do was to leave this d*mn place as soon as possible. He urged, “Hurry up and teleport!”


The Space Dao Disc spun.

Jin Ren was anchored to the space node outside the Four Symbols Secret Realm, the location where he had come from.

This time, he wanted to leave the secret realm directly, and had also obtained the approval of his main body for this.

However, all of a sudden, Jin Ren’s movements paused, and his face became solemn.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Yujin’s heart sank. As if he had expected something, he asked. “Did something happen?”

Jin Ren looked back seriously.

“All the space nodes in the outside world have shattered!”


On the Antelope Peak, Yue Gongli spent a lot of effort to stop the God-Slaying Token’s vibrations and prevented it from coming out.

He could not understand why the command token in his hand had suddenly moved in such a strange manner.

However, a power that even a demi-saint could not contain was something that only a Holy Emperor, the remnant will of the god slayer of the Ran Ming ruins, could do?.

Yue Gongli wanted to leave Gong Yang Mountain.

The best way to resist the power of guidance was to rebel and stay away.

His decision was very straightforward. He even planned to return to the Saint mountain directly, climb the Stairway to Heaven and go to the secret realm of the cold palace.

The best way to resist the god slayer Ran Ming’s will was to use the power of the Holy Emperor’s secret realm.

However, as a member of the Heavenly Group, he had to report his actions that were far away from the battlefield. Otherwise, if Dao Qiongcang could not find him when he wanted to use him in the future, it would be a big problem!

“How troublesome…”

Yue Gongli respected Dao Qiongcang’s brain.

He wanted to report his location in the Heavenly Group’s battle channel, but all he heard was a ‘beep’.

He waited for a while, but this thing was still not fixed.

He wanted to use the communication bead to contact Dao Qiongcang, but he suddenly remembered that he had crushed the communication bead.

Yue Gongli broke out in cold sweat.

“Something’s wrong! ”

“Something is very wrong!”

Was it a coincidence that something like this happened?

However, all of a sudden, all of his thoughts could not be achieved.

The guidance of the God-Slaying Token had become so obvious after its invisibility. It clearly gave off the impression that it put up a final struggle after being discovered.

It was not difficult to see that there was a force that interfered with it!

“It’s not just interfering with me!”

Yue Gongli realized that the power of guidance had affected him, but the process was very roundabout.

It actually went through Dao Qiongcang, who was far away on the Saint Mountain, and stayed hidden behind the blind zone in his mind. This made him less vigilant from the first moment.

Dao Qiongcang…

Who didn’t trust him!

Playing and fooling around, this guy was really a monster. Yue Gongli felt ashamed.

And now, he suspected that even Dao Qiongcang was subject to the Guidance!

The Heavenly Group’s combat channel was cut off due to the world taboo and the communication bead shattered due to his suspicions… Yue Gongli stood on the Antelope Peak as cold sweat trickled down his back and his saint’s will bloomed.

A demi-saint’s thread could lead to a change in everything.

Suddenly, the surrounding world turned into a hazy moonlight.

Yue Gongli’s aura became extremely cold, as if he had merged with the crescent moon in the sky..