I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - C.2390 - : Praise My True Name, Reincarnation, Divine Priest, Equal Life (1)

I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

C.2390 - : Praise My True Name, Reincarnation, Divine Priest, Equal Life (1)

Chapter 2390: Praise My True Name, Reincarnation, Divine Priest, Equal Life (1)

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Who could afford to wait for a day? 𝘧𝑟𝓮𝓮𝓌𝑒𝘣𝘯ℴ𝑣𝘦𝓵.𝒸ℴ𝑚

This was not the time to talk about rules, be polite, and fight for fame.

The God-Slaying Token in his hand trembled crazily, and it even started to absorb the Holy Power in his body.

Feng Yujin felt the urgency of the situation. Without a word, he threw the sealed Wei Feng to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Leave this little girl to me.”

“Wait a moment.”

So be it if the strong bullied the weak!

Anyway, he had already defeated a demi-saint. He didn’t care about another kid who was only a Sword Deity.

Yes, in Feng Yujin’s eyes, whether Beibei pulled out her sword or not, she was just an ant with an extra weapon.

It didn’t matter how strong the weapon was.

Perhaps the moment it appeared, it could indeed exert a little pressure on people.

However, the era of the ancient swordsman was in the previous era.

The only ancient swordsman that Feng Yujin acknowledged in the present world would always be that one person.

He was still in his complete ghost-beast morph forms and he could even subdue Wei Feng. Wouldn’t it be easy for him to defeat this little kid?

“The holy realm…”

Feng Yujin merely shifted his feet.

The wind blew, and the hem of his dress fluttered. He pressed down with both hands.

The Black Water Stream was instantly filled with grayish-white mist.

The sealing mist that filled the sky was dense, and even the black fog that was present all year round was suppressed.

Beibei’s form started to blur as even the sword power of the Supreme Emperor Sword that surrounded her was suppressed by the Holy Emperor’s power.

“Demi-saint and above?”

As she held the Supreme Emperor Sword, Beibei’s eyes flashed with surprise.

This woman who didn’t look much older than her…

Holy Emperor?

When she saw the boundless sealing mist, a gap seemed to open up in her sealed memories.

Holy Emperor Fengtian, Feng Yujin!

Beibei had read a lot of information about this Saint Servant. It was her duty, and she had noted down every detail about this person.

She had committed this seriously to memory and also noted that this woman called Momo was suspected to be a ghost beast host body.


She had forgotten everything!

She only recalled it now!

Below the demi-saint level, anything about the Holy Emperor would be forgotten very quickly, even if the other party did not deliberately provide guidance.

This was something that one could not escape from even when one held the Supreme Emperor Sword.

Beibei was glad that she had drawn the Supreme Emperor Sword the moment she met the other party. Otherwise, she would not have been able to withstand the next blow.

“Heart Sword Technique, Present Gods and Buddhas!”

She didn’t dare to delay and took action first. She raised her hands that held the sword in front of her chest and the Emperor Sword flew up.

The dazzling golden light merged with her body, and she became one with the sword. Beibei’s eyes shone with a golden light as she raised her eyebrows.


The moment Feng Yujin’s eyes made contact, the holy realm trembled.

In her mind, the image of a tall and boundless empress suddenly appeared.

Her face was blurry, graceful and elegant, and it was impossible to see who she resembled. However, she was at the Sovereign Stage, her head could support the sky, and her aura could swallow the ages.

She raised the giant golden sword in her hand that could pierce through the clouds and slashed down.


In Feng Yujin’s field of vision, mountains and rivers shattered, and the world swayed.

The entire Four Symbols Secret Realm instantly collapsed. Even countless cracks gaped open in the Qilin realm. Heaven and Earth reversed, and the Yin and Yang were out of balance.

At this moment, Feng Yujin’s energy reserve was in chaos.

However, the chaos was not due to Beibei’s Heart Sword Technique.

Although this sword was extremely powerful, the difference in cultivation level would always be there. Feng Yujin was a Holy Emperor, so he had no Gods or Buddhas in his heart and was not too affected.

The God-Slaying Token went chaotic!

Feng Yujin was only slightly affected by the Heart Sword Technique and his energy reserve lost its balance for a moment.

The God -Slaying Token seized this opportunity and turned into a hungry black hole, that suddenly devoured more than half of the Holy Power from Feng Yujin’s energy reserve.

“What the hell…”

The God -Slaying Token, that was well equipped, shook and almost exploded in Feng Yujin’s palm. Feng Yujin was dumbfounded.

Fortunately, he had always been on his guard against the power of the God -Slaying Token. He was even more vigilant than he was against Beibei’s sword and Xu Xiaoshou’s madness, so he grabbed the command token in time.

“Which sick enemy dares to attack me?”

“Get lost!”

Feng Yujin shouted angrily as he vented his anger on the restless God-Slaying Token.

In an instant, the Holy Emperor Fengtian raised his head.

The imagery of Beibei’s Heart Sword Technique disintegrated and turned into a sealing mist that erupted from Beibei’s body.

“Chi Chi… Sizzle…”

This quasi Sword Deity was instantly covered in wounds and bled profusely.

“One failed strike and you suffered a backlash instead?”

Jin Ren who watched from the side was shocked.

As expected, bringing MO MO along for this trip to the Four Symbols Secret Realm was a wise decision.

If not for that, Wei Feng at the entrance of the tunnel and Bei Bei at the Black

Water Stream would definitely be enough to make his second true body suffer!

Feng Yujin was too fast.

The moment Beibei’s Heart Sword Technique broke, the battle was in his favor.

He threw the God -Slaying Token, and the sealing mist that filled the sky turned into chains of the Great Path and bound her in midair.

“Go back to where you came from!”

Feng Yujin’s eyes were cold as he crossed his fingers in front of his chest.

“Godhood – Sealing Coffin! ”

With this shout, the sealing mist in the area covered by the holy realm was swept away. Beibei, who held the sword, turned into a grayish-white vertical coffin.

Beibei’s sword broke, she spat out blood and was awakened.

The moment she opened her eyes, she realized that she had been sucked into the bottom of the vertical coffin. She was only one step away from being sealed… the only thing missing was the coffin lid!

This Black Water Stream was beside a mountain and river. It was the best location for a burial ground!

Beibei’s eyes were filled with panic, and even the empress aura brought by the Supreme Emperor Sword could not hide it. It was as if she was Wei Feng..