I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - C.2388 - : Emperor Sword Suppresses Black Water (2)

I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

C.2388 - : Emperor Sword Suppresses Black Water (2)

Chapter 2388: Emperor Sword Suppresses Black Water (2)

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However, even when he was completely sealed, Wei Feng still could not understand…

Why had it come to this?

He clearly had the chance to kill me earlier!

Feng Yujin’s covert attack completely sealed Wei Feng.

He picked Wei Feng up like a chick and placed him on his shoulder. However, he did not kill him. Instead, he turned around and glared at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Retreat instantly!”

This command really made Jin Ren stunned.

What was more confusing was actually Feng Yujin’s terrified expression.

This was a Holy Emperor!

What was he afraid of?

When he met Bazhun’an before, Feng Yujin didn’t even show such fear, right?

At this point, Jin Ren realized that things were not as simple as he had imagined. That something had made Feng Yujin lose his composure…

He looked back at the entrance of the tunnel that had been shattered by a few blades. He then thought of the killing intent that had torn the sky apart and cut into the Ran Ming ruins.

Ran Ming ruins?

The power of guidance from the god slayer Ran Ming?

“Let’s go!” Jin Ren shouted and instantly fled; he was even faster than Feng


“Bring me along!” Feng Yujin almost collapsed. No matter how fast he was, he couldn’t outrun the spatial teleportation. “Let’s get out of the Black Water Stream and the Four Symbols Secret Realm!”

“Are you crazy? I have to get out of the Black Water Stream and the Spell

Forbidden Barrier first before I can bring you along!”

“Then let’s get out of the Black Water Stream first.’

Feng Yujin carried the person along as his heart turned cold.

As a Holy Emperor, how could he miscalculate such a small detail?

He had Wei Feng in one hand, and he prayed desperately that this person would not suddenly die. He held the God-Slaying Token tightly in the other hand.

The power of a Holy Emperor was almost unable to suppress the God -Slaying Token.

This command token that was half the height of a person rushed desperately into the Ran Ming ruins as it tried to leave his hand.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Two figures flew out from the entrance of the Ran Ming ruins and broke through the restraints as they entered the Black Water Stream.

Rising, rising, and rising…

It only took a matter of seconds for the duo to cover the distance of 10,000 feet.

During their escape, Jin Ren couldn’t hold it in any longer. He chose to use the speedy telepathic communication.

“Why should we run?”

“The power of guidance was definitely the last legacy of the god slayer. Now, I’ve discovered it!” Feng Yujin’s response seemed a little out of place.

“So, why should we run?” Jin Ren did not dare to ask anything more and only repeated the question.

“The power of guidance that had been discovered will either disappear or become stronger! And if the God-Slaying Token is really recalled, wouldn’t it be the same as if I have entered Abyss Island?” Feng Yujin’s face was filled with the fear of being dominated. It was a nightmare that he could not bear to recall.

“So, why should we run?”

“Rebellion!” Feng Yujin finally got to the point.

“I originally didn’t have the time to explain to you, but the more I don’t want to talk about it, the more I have to explain to you.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, remember, the best way to resist the power of guidance is to rebel.”

Rebellion… “So, you wanted to kill Wei Feng, but you can’t kill him now?” Jin Ren was deep in thought.


“If I want to stay there, I have to do something ‘rebellious’ and then I can choose to leave? And Wei Feng?”


“Then I wanted to self-destruct just now…” Jin Ren suddenly remembered something.

Feng Yujin’s palm that held the small bronze cauldron turned cold when he heard that. He glanced at Xu Xiaoshou as if he was looking at a lunatic.

Are you f*cking crazy?

Why would you want to commit suicide for no reason?

“You can still joke with me at a time like this?”

Feng Yujin almost flung Wei Feng away, but he suppressed his first thought.

He felt an itch on his forehead and wanted to tuck his messy hair behind his ears. However, he suddenly suppressed this impulse and held on tightly to the struggling God -Slaying Token.

“I’m not joking. I really wanted to commit suicide just now. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to defeat…” Jin Ren continued to talk.

Feng Yujin was about to go crazy. He couldn’t understand Xu Xiaoshou’s thoughts at all.

Life was so beautiful!

“No matter what your thoughts are now, don’t do it right away! Kill all your thoughts!” He scolded angrily. “Even the tiniest thought-even the thought of stroking your hair!”

Jin Ren initially didn’t have any thoughts to stroke his hair, but he felt that they might have flown too rapidly. His cheeks were a little itchy, so he reached out to scratch them and stroke his hair.

His hand stopped beside his ear.

Feng Yujin was indeed a Holy Emperor. His self-control was too good. He almost blurted out a series of vulgarities, but he forcefully swallowed them back. He managed to say, “The moon is so beautiful tonight…”

“Right!” Jin Ren suddenly thought of something. “What if our ‘rebellious’ thoughts are also part of the god slayer’s power of guidance?”

Feng Yujin froze on the spot.

The world appeared to have paused too. Feng Yujin’s brain seemed to have slowed down too and a cloud of gray smoke appeared above his head.

After a pause, he could no longer hold it in and roared. “From now on, shut your mouth!”

Above the Black Water Stream, black fog swirled about.

Beibei held her sword case and suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Just as she frowned, she saw the black water below gush open and two figures rushed out. “Xu Xiaoshou?”

“That woman?”

Beibei’s pupils constricted.

What did she see?

The battle had ended so quickly, and Senior Wei Feng was already dead. His corpse had fallen into the hands of that woman?

“Where are you running to?”

She did not think twice about whether she was a match for the man and woman in front of him or that she was on her own.

Beibei patted her sword case and followed the first instinct in her heart..