I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - C.2387 - : Emperor Sword Suppresses Black Water (1)

I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

C.2387 - : Emperor Sword Suppresses Black Water (1)

Chapter 2387: Emperor Sword Suppresses Black Water (1)

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“Something is wrong…”

“Something is very wrong!”

At the entrance of the tunnel to the Ran Ming ruins, Feng Yujin suddenly stopped what he was doing and felt a sense of shock and bewilderment.

He had suppressed the God of Killing, Wei Feng, and said that he would leave his corpse intact so that Wei Feng would not resist anymore.

For some reason, his Holy Emperor aura was dispersed.

Even the Gray Fog Hand that had shaken the world and captured the Four

Symbols Secret Realm, had been destroyed by him with a wave of his hand.

Wei Feng still roared away on the ground, but he was suddenly reborn. He could not help but be stunned.

What was this?

A new form of humiliation?

In the path of slaughter, one could only survive after death. To him, this battle was only the beginning and not the end.

Wei Feng propped himself up with the Yama’s Banquet and jumped up.

But he hadn’t even lifted his blade, the God of Killing Domain also hadn’t bloomed once again, when Feng Yujin stretched out his hand and looked over solemnly:

“Don’t make any moves first. Let’s pause for a while before we fight!”


Wei Feng was instantly stunned. He held the Yama’s Banquet and was uncertain if he should still draw his sword.

A scheme?

How did it come to this?

He was a Holy Emperor, there was no need for that!

“What’s wrong?”

Jin Ren also asked.

Feng Yujin had the upper hand. He could have killed Wei Feng, but he chose to let Wei Feng go. There was something strange about this.

Feng Yujin didn’t explain. His expression was solemn as he took out the God -Slaying Token that was half the height of a person.

The three of them saw that the God-Slaying Token bowed slightly in the direction of the tunnel and vibrated non-stop.

The frequency of its vibration was extremely obvious. It was many times higher than before.

“The power of guidance!”

Feng Yujin looked back at the interior of the Ran Ming ruins in shock. He glanced a few more times at the gap that Wei Feng had made with his sword and the giant mural that had been destroyed..

“This power is very strong, very strong… Hey, you’re not a Holy Emperor!”

Feng Yujin looked annoyed as he spoke. It was obvious that he wanted to explain but was afraid of wasting time.

He didn’t say much about the power of guidance. He just grabbed the God -Slaying Token that seemed about to fly into the Ran Ming ruins and stared at Xu Xiaoshou. “Retreat immediately!”

Boom! Boom!

Outside the Black Water Stream, a loud noise could be heard.

A battle seemed to have broken out in the outside world. Demi-saints fighting in the Four Symbols Secret Realm? The sound was so loud that it traveled through the Black Water Stream and could be heard at this place?

Feng Yujin’s attitude suddenly changed…

The Saint war that had suddenly erupted in the outside world…

It gave Jin Ren a bad feeling.

However, he glanced at Wei Feng. This person had not been dealt with yet. How could they retreat?

Jin Ren had received the command from his original body and any thought of life and death had been set aside.

He didn’t promptly self-destruct because he was worried that MO Mo’s restrictions would prevent Feng Yujin from defeating Wei Feng.

But now…

“You retreat, I will stay!”

Jin Ren made an instant decision.

No matter what reason Feng Yujin had to ‘retreat’, he believed in the Holy Emperor’s judgment. This was respect for his strength.

Feng Yujin shook his head and shouted.

“Let’s go together, that includes you!”

The last sentence was aimed at the God of Killing Wei Feng.

Wei Feng only felt a sense of doubt and almost followed him.

But soon, he was baffled.

What the hell was this!

His mission was to guard the entrance to the Ran Ming ruins. Why did this Holy Emperor Fengtian suddenly want to run?

Was this his fighting style?

He wanted to say, “You want to run? Not a single one of you will be able to escape”. However, Wei Feng knew that this Holy Emperor’s power wasn’t something he could contend with on his own.

He quickly sent out a ‘request for backup’ signal in the Heavenly Group’s combat channel, but there was no reply.

He looked at the nervous and confused duo in front of him and hesitated for a moment. He said in an uncertain tone.

“Then, are you guys leaving?”

Before the mission, Dao Qiongcang did not mention that his opponent would be a Holy Emperor. He only said that he could defend the entrance of the tunnel.

Out of absolute trust, Wei Feng thought that it was part of Dao Qiongcang’s prediction when he encountered the Holy Emperor Fengtian.

The Holy Emperor Fengtian must have some restrictions that prevented him from fighting demi-saints. Being in a woman’s body was the best proof.

Hence, without even a second thought, Wei Feng charged forward. In the end, he was subdued in one move.

Therefore, there was only one thought in his mind:

Dao Qiongcang asked me to guard this place and not let anyone in. He didn’t ask me to stop Xu Xiaoshou and the others from leaving, right?

Scaring people away seemed to be one of the methods to protect the tunnel entrance?

When Feng Yujin heard that, he let out a long sigh of relief and smiled and his posture became extremely relaxed.

Wei Feng’s scalp went numb, and he raised his saber in anticipation.

“Six Paths, Celestial Dragon Seal!”

Feng Yujin really attacked.

A Holy Emperor really chose to ambush a demi-saint with a covert attack.

With a swish, he bypassed the Yama’s Banquet and flashed behind Wei Feng.

However, Wei Feng’s battle consciousness was too strong. He twisted the Yama’s Banquet in his hand and struck out at the back of his head.

Feng Yujin was extremely fast.

His palm was originally aimed at the back of Wei Feng’s head, but he did not expect that he could predict his move.

Thus, he adapted to the situation and changed tactics. He turned into a gray mist like a snake and passed through Wei Feng’s crotch. Then, he struck Wei Feng’s abdomen with his palm.

The gray sealing mist turned into a sky-covering dragon and charged into Wei Feng’s energy reserve.


Wei Feng found it difficult to speak.

He only felt his vision darken, he could not hear anything and his sense of touch was sealed…

His six senses were all gone.

Even his soul and mind felt like they were placed into a pool of stagnant water that was deadly still with no ripples.

He had calculated numerous times and never thought that he would guess his fate so correctly!

The Holy Emperor Fengtian actually chose to use a trick. The Holy Emperor against a demi-saint. He actually cast aside his dignity and chose to launch a sneak attack!

This time, Wei Feng was careless and did not dodge..