Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.627 - 626 -one defeat after another

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.627 - 626 -one defeat after another

Chapter 627: Chapter 626 -one defeat after another

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“Take my real attack!” Yu Qingyang held the Golden spear with both hands.

His wrist flicked rapidly.

The Golden spear continued to shake, and more than ten spear shadows flickered.

The most terrifying thing was that the spear shadow was not destroyed. It was as if it had materialized and covered an area of thirty meters!

“Dragon-killing Overlord spear!”


Yu Qingyang also displayed his astonishing movement technique!

A thousand feet per step!

That was a movement technique at the level of a major star.

Everyone only felt a blur before their eyes, and a golden wall pressed down on Xia qingchen.

The eight Dragons roared and attacked together.

What made people’s scalps numb was …

The eight Dragons were crushed into pieces by the Golden wall.

The giant dragon at the back turned to escape, but it was pulled back by the swallowing force from the Golden wall.

Then, it was forcefully crushed!

The giant dragon that had been threatening everyone just now was crushed!

The Golden wall’s momentum didn’t decrease, and it continued to charge toward Xia qingchen, who was in the center of the shattered rocks.

Even a Dragon as hard as it was was ground to pieces, what more a body of flesh and blood?

Xia qingchen’s movement technique was disrupted by the devouring force from the countless spear shadows, making it impossible for him to escape.

“Die!” Yu Qingyang growled.

It pushed the countless golden Spears forward, sending Xia qingchen to his death.

Xia qingchen’s expression was calm. He finally pulled out the broken Sword.

“Sword heart heaven vault!”


The broken Sword appeared out of thin air, drawing a sharp trajectory and heading straight for the center of the Golden wall.


A muffled sound rang out!

The Golden wall suddenly disappeared.

Yu Qingyang’s hand was covered in blood as he held onto the Golden spear that was still trembling.

His full-power attack was actually forcefully interrupted!

“Where did you get your strength from?” Yu Qingyang asked in disbelief. He had received all kinds of resources from his father, Yu Hualong, to be where he was today.

What right did Xia qingchen have?


Xia qingchen held his sword and closed his eyes, looking at Yu Qingyang. “Is this your most powerful ability? To be honest, I’m quite disappointed.”

He had thought that Yu Qingyang would be very powerful.

It turned out that it was nothing more than this!

“Xia! Light! Dust!” “I’m not done yet!” Yu Qingyang finally became serious.

A deafening roar.

The silver armor on Yu Qingyang’s body was completely shattered.

A shocking scene appeared!

After the silver armor shattered, his cultivation level actually soared to the ninth transformation of the middle star level!

“He has been hiding his cultivation!” “Heavens! So the silver armor is meant to suppress one’s cultivation base!”

“Unbelievable! This is his true strength!”

One cultivation base represented one level.

There was a world of difference between the ninth transformation and the eighth transformation of the middle star level!

Xia qingchen, you didn’t expect this, right? ” Yu Qingyang burst out laughing.

He had originally thought that suppressing his cultivation would never be of any use. But he didn’t expect that Xia qingchen’s strength was so extraordinary.

Xia qingchen furrowed his brows.

He still had a hidden cultivation level?

He was currently at the sixth transformation of the middle star level, and the peak he could deal with was the eighth transformation of the middle star level.

Unless …

“You’re still not dead?” “Azure dragon’s finishing touch!” Yu Qingyang pointed his spear forward.

After revealing his true cultivation, the power of his moves had more than doubled.

“Sword heart heaven vault!”


The broken Sword flew toward Yu Qingyang’s heart.

“Get lost!” With a sweep of the Golden spear, the broken Sword was swept back! The incomparably huge force caused the melted Broken Sword to crack again.

It was about to shatter!

Those who witnessed it all felt regretful.

He was really finished.

Xia qingchen had already displayed an astonishing talent and was once on equal footing with Yu Qingyang.

However, he still lost in the end.

“This ends here!” die! Yu Qingyang shouted in anger. His long spear spat out a golden air current as it pierced towards the heart.

Xia qingchen took in a deep breath and held the broken Sword with both hands. “Man and sword as one!”

A loud roar!

The broken Sword turned into a ten-foot sword shadow and slashed down in a straight posture.


The huge sword shadow seemed to split the sky and earth, cutting everything in the world!

Yu Qingyang was shocked.

Wasn’t this the move that the ‘moon’ from the sky moon Ridge was famous for? The only difference was …

When Xia qingchen unleashed it, the might would be ten times stronger than his opponent!

As the sword shadow pressed down, Yu Qingyang’s heart was beating wildly. He could feel the great danger.

So it turned out that Xia qingchen had been hiding his strength all along!

It was a critical moment!

He raised the Golden spear and placed it above his head!


A deafening Sound of Metal clashing against metal exploded!

All the experts in the stands covered their ears.

At the same time.

The sound of the explosion caused the airflow to explode, forming a huge explosion!

The center of the ring caved in by ten feet!

They looked over in horror.

Yu Qingyang’s legs sank into the arena, all the way up to his knees!

His clothes were torn to shreds by the air current.

His long hair was extremely messy.

His forehead was bleeding!


At this moment.

A crisp sound was heard.

The Golden spear that Yu Qingyang was holding above his head was broken into two.


An ice-cold Broken Sword was pressed against Yu Qingyang’s throat.

Xia qingchen was untainted by even a speck of dust. He held an ancient sword in his hand and stood before him, calmly saying, “”You’ve lost!”

These three words.

It announced the end of a twenty-year-long life-and-death agreement.

It also announced that a Great War that had stunned the world for several generations had finally come to an end.

Countless years later.

There would be countless people who would read about it in history books.

November of the seventh year.

Xia qingchen and Yu Qingyang were fighting at the broken cliff fall.

Three moves, Xia qingchen won!

Today was destined to be an unerasable stroke in the history of martial arts in the sky moon Ridge!

At the peak of the mountain.

It was deathly silent!

They were all shocked by the earth-shattering man and sword as one.

One sword to decide the outcome!

One sword, life and death!

One sword, opening the future!

After a long while, the Nebula sacred Lord finally shouted in excitement, “”Xia qingchen has won! We’ve won!”

With that, the crowd finally boiled over!

They couldn’t believe the result of this shocking battle.

Xia qingchen had defeated the number one expert of the skymoon Ridge, Yu Qingyang!

Ascendant, the Supreme youth!

Sacred Lord sword cliff sighed.

He didn’t expect that Yu Qingyang would be defeated by an impossible person!

The world was really unpredictable!

No one would have thought that a life and death agreement would end up like this!

“No! I didn’t lose!” Yu Qingyang’s hair was disheveled as he raised his head and roared.

The stage that had trapped his legs was shattered!

A painting fell out of his arms!

In the painting, there was a beautiful fairy with her colorful clothes fluttering.

His expression was indifferent.

The most amazing thing was that the fairy in the painting was actually alive!

No one knew what the painting was.

With the exception of Xia qingchen!

He suddenly opened his eyes and thrust his sword out without thinking, piercing through Yu Qingyang’s throat!


The painting seemed to have come alive as it stood in front of Yu Qingyang.

Ding- –

The seemingly soft picture scroll had actually blocked the broken Sword!

At the same time, the celestial maiden inside raised her head and looked at Xia qingchen.

She had a gentle and beautiful face, but she revealed a fierce expression.

It was as though he was warning Xia qingchen not to spoil his own matters!

Clouds of pink mist gushed out from the painting and were inhaled by Yu Qingyang.

His cultivation base had actually skyrocketed again!

Xia qingchen’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t hesitate to unleash another attack..

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