Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.626 - 625 -mediocre (1)

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.626 - 625 -mediocre (1)

Chapter 626: Chapter 625 -mediocre (1)

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At the peak of the mountain.

Everyone’s ears were deafened!

The four words resounded in his mind!

They held their breath and looked at the stairs without blinking.


The rain was getting heavier.

The waves were getting higher and higher.

The mountain was shaking more and more!


A hundred Zhang tall wave of Snow White waves pounced onto the mountain peak.

A figure in white walked up the stairs in the rain!

All the raindrops were floating three feet away from him, not a drop touching his body.

A clear face was reflected in everyone’s eyes.

He slowly walked to the center of the platform.

He looked up at the sky and said, ‘”‘1 don’t like to kill people in the rain.”

He gently waved his sleeve.

The rain that fell on the earth went against the flow of the air and shot up into the sky!

There was not a single drop of rain in the sky above the mountain peak!

Xia qingchen stepped on the puddles of water, causing his shadow in the water to shatter and shake.

He arrived at the center of the arena.

He finally stood still.

He raised his eyes and looked at Yu Qingyang in the silver armor. He slowly closed his eyes.”Do you have any last words?”

Yu Qingyang’s cold eyes emitted a bone-chilling glint.

With a clench of his hand, he held the Golden spear in his palm and pointed it at Xia qingchen from afar. “That’s something only I can say! You, shut up!” In his eyes, Xia qingchen was nothing more than a lowly, spineless, and lowly character.

If there was no life and death agreement.

The two of them should not have any interaction.

“That means there’s no one else!” “Let’s begin!” Xia qingchen said calmly.

A life and death agreement.

It was time to practice!

The crowd in the stands sat down again and watched the two closely.

the strongest battle of geniuses in a hundred years!

unfortunately, it’s too tragic. One of them is destined to die! To be exact, it’s Xia qingchen who’s going to die young, right? ‘

Sighing, lamenting, and helplessly continued.

Xia qingchen was born in the wrong era! The four sacred Lords felt extremely regretful. given Xia qingchen’s talent, he would be a King of geniuses no matter what era he was in.

“It’s a pity that he was born in the same era as Yu Qingyang!” No one was optimistic about Xia qingchen’s chances.

Even the purple Star sacred Lord!

He silently sighed as he looked at Xia qingchen. He then glanced at Xia Yuan,

Xia Jie, grudgy, and Lian Xing, thinking in his heart, “”Qingchen, do your best! The star cloud sacred land will do whatever it takes to send your family, insects, and maids out of the sky moon Ridge!”

Three days ago, he had already secretly arranged for the Deputy Palace master to prepare a way out for them.

When Xia qingchen died, it would be the time for his family and friends to retreat.

Everything was ready!

Yuwen Taiji stood in the rain and looked at the scene before him quietly.

He felt extremely complicated in his heart, ‘Xia qingchen, Oh Xia qingchen. Why are you the one who has a life-and-death battle with Yu Qingyang? We might be able to become friends.”

He was well aware of Yu Qingyang’s strength.

Today, the one who would be beheaded would be Xia qingchen.

The shrine master was indifferent. He stood up and pressed his palms together, signaling for the crowd to be quiet. as a witness to the life-and-death agreement between Yu Qingyang and Xia qingchen, this Hall master has to remind everyone of two things!

“First place! The two sides have made a life and death agreement. Unless one side dies, the battle will not end!”

“Second! No one here is allowed to interfere. If you disobey, this Hall master will severely punish you!”

When he mentioned the second point, he looked at the star cloud sacred land.

The warning was extremely intense.

It was obvious.

He was warning the people related to Xia qingchen not to make a move when Xia qingchen was in danger.

“If there are no objections, the life and death battle may begin!” The shrine master said in a daze.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the center of the ring.

No one had any objections.

Yu Qingyang’s golden spear light pointed out and his killing intent exploded like a mountain flood. He roared, “”Golden Crow pierces the sun!”

The spear in his hand shot out a dazzling golden air current.

Before the spear arrived, the Qi flow had already moved three Zhang away.

Sacred Lord sword cliff nodded his head, one move is enough to decide the outcome!

Many elders closed their eyes, unable to bear to watch.

“Al! He used his strongest attack right from the start. Yu Qingyang is determined to kill Xia qingchen.”

Yu Qingyang defeated the 50th ranked universal board expert with this move right? ‘

The power of this move had already reached the peak of the eighth transformation of the middle star level.

What cultivation base did Xia qingchen have? only death awaited him!

I heard that Xia qingchen’s wife, the White Lotus saintess, made a special trip to the skymoon Hall and researched this move before, helping Xia qingchen to resist it!

it’s a pity that the difference in strength between the two sides is too great. One is heaven and the other is earth. No matter how much we study it, it’s all in vain.

“It’s a pity …”

Yue Mingzhu and the White Lotus saintess couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Would the information they handed over to Xia qingchen be of use?

Would he be able to dodge this attack?

The Golden light pierced through the air like a sharp arrow and locked onto its target, constantly changing its trajectory.

Until the target was penetrated and killed.

But what was incomprehensible was …

Xia qingchen’s eyes were still closed, showing no signs of dodging. Until the Golden air current reached a distance of ten Zhang.



A shocking scene appeared!

There were eight Dragons carved on the ground of the ring.

At this moment.

In the eyes of one of the dragons, the eyeballs suddenly turned!

“Ah! That floating Dragon painting!”

“Heavens! It’s Alive!”

“No, look at the other floating Dragon portraits!”

In the audience, many people stood up and stared at the floating diagram on the ground in shock.

The eight Dragons either rolled their eyes or waved their claws.

All of them were resurrected!

Xia qingchen slapped his palms toward the ground and shouted, ‘ “Dragon soars to the ninth heaven!”



The giant Dragons in the floating diagram roared in unison.

What was even more creepy was that .

All the giant Dragons were resurrected and rushed out of the floating picture!


Eight giant Dragons soared into the sky.

Xia qingchen had his hands behind his back as he stood upright on the head of the giant dragon in the middle. As the head of the Dragon rose up rapidly, he was like a king controlling a Dragon.

He led the eight giant Dragons and crushed the Golden Qi flow with a roar!


The eight Dragons ‘huge bodies swept across the arena, flattening the ground.

The entire arena was shortened by a foot!

When the shocking smoke and dust dispersed.

The arena was already beyond recognition!

Even Yu Qingyang was pushed back to a corner, let alone the Golden air current.

His eyes were fixed on the eight giant Dragons.

“Earth Qi secret technique!” The shrine master’s eyes narrowed.

Before this, with a wave of his sleeve, the torrential rain returned to the sky.

With a single kick, the eight earth Dragons were revived.

They were all earth Qi martial skills!

However, the shrine master had never seen anyone who could use earth Qi to such a terrifying extent in his life.

Even the Liang King, who was known as the number one person in the realm of cool, had not reached such a level.

Everyone was shocked.

Yu Qingyang’s strongest attack was actually so easily suppressed by Xia qingchen?

However, sacred Lord sword cliff was only surprised for a moment before he became expressionless.

He clenched the green sun golden spear, his eyes calm.”The ant from back then was able to take an attack with thirty percent of my strength. What a surprise.”


Everyone present felt their hearts beating rapidly.

On the universal board, the strength that Yu Qingyang displayed was only thirty percent of his strength? How was this possible?

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