Demon Lord's Reincarnation - C.684 Death of an Old GodDec 02, 2023

Demon Lord's Reincarnation

C.684 Death of an Old GodDec 02, 2023

The Old God's body started to enlarge itself until he grew to the size that towered over everyone, but it didn't stop there the Old God continued to grow until he had already surpassed the height of a planet.

Erste could not even see the face of the Old God anymore. The Old God's body was now at full height which was the height of several planets.

"You damn humans be happy, that you have the privilege to see my true form. Now feel honored to hear my glorious name, I am Veseus one of the Old Gods of War!" Vesues's declaration was like a roar as it echoed throughout the entire dimension.

Seeing the size and power of Veseus the barely conscious Gratz had finally fainted, on the other hand, Erste was looking at the planet-sized Old God with that vicious smile on his face. The beating of his heart because of his excitement was unlike any before.

Erste who was holding onto a sword-like object he created using his very soul and the chaotic energy in the void was in a bizarre state. The energy of chaos and the mana within him were trying to merge, as this was happening Erste could feel more power flowing through him.

"This is amazing! Come on then God of War show me what you got!"

Despite seeing his true visage, Erste remained in high spirits which made Veseus even more irritated. Anger rising Veseus summoned his weapon a halberd that looked like it was the night sky. Veseus lifted up his halberd and brought it down towards Erste.

Seeing the halberd that was larger than even a planet was coming Erste started laughing in excitement. It was at that moment Erste turned his head and saw the unconscious Gratz.

'Really...' The scene of Gratz protecting Erste flashed in his mind. 'I guess it's my turn to protect you.'

Erste knew that if the blade of that planet-sized halberd were to hit them, the ground they were standing on would be sliced in half. Even if the halberd doesn't reach them the air pressure alone, would probably destroy the ground where Gratz's unconscious body lay.

'Then there's only one thing to do.'

Erste jumped upwards as he was going to intercept the halberd's blade. In front of such a huge halberd, Erste was even smaller than an ant. Erste swung the sword created from his soul upwards.

"Even with the energy of chaos from the void, you won't be able to defeat me!" Veseus shouted as he used even more strength to slash downward.

Veseus and Erste's weapons were not even touching as the collision of their energy was already distorting not only the space around them but even time. Except for the two of them time within the dimensions they were in had stopped flowing forward. Veseus who had always looked down on humanity was surprised to see what was happening before him.

Veseus always believed that humans were inferior beings that were meant to be the playthings of Gods, yet the human before him was not only able to control the energy of chaos in the void but he was also able to match his full-powered strike, an attack capable of slicing through galaxies.

No... Not only was Erste able to match him, but Veseus felt that he was actually being pushed back a little. Right now Veseus was adding as much power as possible in his attack, but despite doing that Erste was still able to hold on and even go beyond.

'This isn't happening! This can't be happening!'

Veseus was now panicking as he tried to use other means to defeat Erste, but no matter what kind of spell he used the energy of chaos destroyed it.


Veseus once again roared but even his divine body was no longer able to bring forth any more power. Erste was finally able to push back Veseus's halberd making Veseus stumble backward.

"Since you're attack has failed it's now my turn to attack! Come on then Old God show me that you can block this one. I call this a move GOD SLAYER!"

Erste gripped the sword created by his own soul with two hands and it turned into a sword that grew larger until it was as tall as the Old God before him, it was then Erste slashed downward. The speed of the slash was not slow nor fast, and the Old God should be able to easily avoid such an attack, but for some reason in the eyes of the Old God, this strike was unavoidable.

The Old God Veseus was now feeling unprecedented fear as he saw the sword coming towards him. This was a sword that was filled with the energy of chaos, this was a sword capable of truly wiping out his existence. The Old God Veseus wanted to flee from the spot but the surrounding space was locked by that attack, so he decided to flee through time, yet even fleeing to the past or the future that sword slash seemed to be following him.

Veseus knew now that it was impossible to flee, so his only option left was to block the incoming attack and hope that he could survive. As long as he was able to survive this single attack, the surrounding space should open up so that he could teleport and flee. As all these thoughts came to his mind, the Old War God Veseus's anger grew not at the enemy but at himself.

'The f*ck did I just think?! I actually wanted to flee from a human. I who calls himself a God of War was scared?!'

"I will never retreat!!!"

Veseus raised his halberd to block the incoming attack and even created several hundreds of mana shields. Erste's powerful sword slash, sliced through all the mana shields created by an Old God like they were butter. Erste's sword then clashed with Veseus's halberd but even that was sliced apart and the sword filled with the energy of chaos sliced through the Old God Veseus, who showed a shocked face but then smiled.

"So is this a human?..." Those were Veseus's last words as the energy of chaos obliterated his divine body.

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