Demon Lord's Reincarnation - C.683 F*cking human!!!Dec 02, 2023

Demon Lord's Reincarnation

C.683 F*cking human!!!Dec 02, 2023

Erste did not know why, but the moment he saw the powerful Old God he wanted to attack. It took a lot of effort for Erste not to attack while the Old God and Gratz were talking, but then the very moment the Old God had the intention to attack Erste was the first one to move.

As Erste charged forward he suddenly stopped mid-air it felt like something was holding onto him. Erste then used mana emission to shake off whatever was holding him. The Old God was once again shocked as Erste was getting closer, but then before Erste's fist could reach Erste was suddenly slowing down.

"Hmph, you actually tried to charge right at me, I don't know if you're fearless or just stupid. It doesn't really matter no matter what you are since you're about to die."

The Old God could kill a human or any weaker being without even touching them, but this time he wanted to finish off these disrespectful humans with his own hands. As he was about to finish off Erste a burst of powerful fire elemental mana burst out of his body stopping the hand of the Old God.

"Hmph, you really have many tricks for a human!"

The Old God who was stopped by the burst of flames was about to do something else when suddenly he moved aside as something pierced through the air.

"Look at what you may me do foolish boy, you made me do something so inelegant." Gratz stood before Erste standing between him and the Old God.

"Hoh, I thought that you were just going to watch."

"Unfortunately, even if it's inelegant I just can't allow to kill the boy."

"Heh, is that so?... Then are the two of you going to face me together?"

"It was already a blight upon my honor that I attacked you by surprise! I will never attack an enemy by ganging up on them. I Gratz one of the generals of the rebellion challenge you to one on one combat."

"GRATZ Don't you dare, don't you dare but in! I was here first, that guy is my prey!" Erste who had escaped from whatever spell was holding him screamed at Gratz.

"I already issued the challenge, it is you that should step aside, you're too weak. Go back and report wh-"

Gratz was not able to finish what he was going to say as he raised his rapier blocking an incoming attack. The power of the attack surprised Gratz as he slid backward.

"How dare you f*cking humans look down on me like this!!! Challenging me to battle, what a f*cking joke, worse of all that other guy is actually looking at me like I'm prey! Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT! This is the first time I have been so angry!"

The Old God stomped his foot on the ground in anger, the ground seemed to be shaking, no it was the entire dimension they were in that actually shook. While the Old God was screaming and stomping like a child, Gratz was already in a fighting stance gathering every bit of his energy into the tip of his rapier.

Gratz gritted his teeth as the power being displayed by the Old God was beyond what he expected. This was not the first time he had seen an Old God, but back then that Old God didn't show such a powerful aura. It was obvious now that the other party back then was suppressing his strength.

'Even with an enemy such as this, I'm sure that humans will be able to win.'

Gratz then glanced at Erste who seemed to be frozen in shock. Seeing that guy not moving an inch Gratz could only sigh, he could not blame the young man for being frozen like that since it was just recently that he had gained his power, meeting something like an Old God would make even the most hardened veteran shiver in fear.

'I'm sorry, boy I should not have brought you here, but I'll make sure that you can get back alive!'

Gratz steeled himself as he gathered his determination, his conviction, his everything into the top of his blade. The Old God was still raging about, this was Gratz's best chance to attack. Gratz unleashed his attack it was a forward pierce using every single bit of his power.

The speed and power of Gratz's piercing strike was so great that it distorted space in line with the attack. This strike felt like it could pierce everything in this way. The Old God finally noticed the incoming attack but it was too late as it was about to reach him. The moment the attack hit, Gratz already had the image of his rapier's strike piercing the Old God but what he saw was not what he had expected.

The Old God had blocked the attack with the palm of his hand, it pierced the Old God's hand and that was it. The attack Gratz put his everything was only able to do so little damage. It was at that moment Gratz's instinct was sending warning signals but it was too late something had hard hit him in the chest and he was blown away.

"Damn you f*cking human that hurt!" The Old God shouted at the now barely conscious Gratz. As the Old God was about to finish Gratz off, he quickly raised his hand blocking a sudden impact to his left side.

"Seriously you f*cking humans!" The Old God shouted at Erste who had kicked him. "You should've attacked with your friend a while ago. At least it would have been somewhat of a challenge if both of you attacked at the same time, that was your last chance. Now you won't be even able to touch me."

"Is that so? Come on then show me if that's true!"

Erste disappeared from the Old God's sight and reappeared behind him, the Old God didn't even move as something hit Erste blowing him away. Erste quickly stabilized himself and once again charged at the Old God this time with an even faster speed, but the same as a while ago, the moment Erste was about to hit the Old God, something hit him instead.


The Old God who was facing Erste was noticing something weird. The Old God was sure that the attacks he unleashed were of the same strength as he used against the fallen Gratz, but Erste kept on getting back up and attacking. Not only did he continue to attack, but every time he stood back up he was getting faster and stronger. The Old God was actually feeling something from the young human.


The Old God unleashed an attack that affected the area around him making Erste stop his relentless assault. Erste was now bleeding all over, most of his ribs were broken and some of his internal organs were damaged, yet he remained smiling that vicious-looking smile of his.

"HAHAHA! This is incredible! Come on then let's have more fun!"

After Erste shouted those words the Old God saw something beyond his understanding. The human before him took out a portion of his soul and created a weapon from it, and then he was gathering an unknown energy from who knows where. This energy was something that he had never seen before, even his creators the Ancient Gods did not have such an energy.

It was at this very moment every fiber of the Old God's being was screaming at him to run away. The Old God was actually feeling fear, and the source of his fear was the energy the human was using, no... It was the human being himself that was the source of the Old God's fear.

"This is unacceptable! How much more will you humiliate me?! You damn human!!!"

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