Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.589 - : Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (3)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.589 - : Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (3)

Chapter 589: Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (3)

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In recent years, the new residential areas in A City that were built for people with slightly higher consumption levels were basically multi-storey buildings. They were very beautiful, but Anhao stood outside the door. On one hand, she felt a little guilty about the matter at Hua Ting Private Park, and on the other hand, she really didn’t think it was necessary for her to go in.

She stood outside the door for a while. When Zuo Hancheng came out, he had a towel in his hand. Seeing that Anhao was still standing there, he glanced at her with his dark eyes.”You can dry your clothes just by standing there in a daze? Come in.’

It was a commanding tone.

Anhao looked at him calmly.” I can go home by myself. Why did you bring me to your house?””

When he said ” my house “, she said ” your house the relationship was already clear. Anhao took the opportunity to take the towel from his hand.”l’ll take the towel. After wiping it clean, I’ll take a taxi back when the rain subsides.’

Zuo Hancheng stood in front of the door. After she took the towel from him, he put one hand in his trouser pocket and calmly watched her dry her hair.

His voice was low and clear.”Go in and take a shower so you don’t catch a cold. Are you afraid that I’ll eat you up?”

Anhao wiped her hair and rolled her eyes at him.””The great Zuo Hancheng shouldn’t be so inhumane.’

Although she was indeed unable to resist Zuo Hancheng when he was really a hooligan in the past.

Do you know? Why don’t you go in?” Zuo Hanchengs eyebrows twitched slightly.” I’m going to take a shower. I brought you back so that you can clean up your mess first. At the same time, we can talk about the company’s reconstruction project.””

Seeing that he was about to talk about serious matters, Anhao hesitated for a moment before putting down the towel.” I’ve only just started working at the political department, and Mobai has introduced me to another design job. 1 don’t think I have time to study the renovation plan of Shengling Group in the next few months. The last time you mentioned this was in T City. At that time,

I really thought you were just helping me out of my predicament.”

Zuo Hancheng looked at her indifferently, turned around and walked into the room. At the same time, he said,”” Don’t think about past relationships relationships. Just from the perspective of the nature of your current job, you must be clear about one thing, and I’ve emphasized this last time. My time and patience are definitely not as much as you think.”

Anhao knew that he was going to talk business with her today. He was warning her not to let her imagination run wild.

She didn’t want to stand outside the door and not even enter.

Anhao squeezed the towel in her hand and glanced at the pouring rain outside the window. She turned around and walked straight into the door. She did not look at the decoration style of Zuo Hanchengs room, nor did she look at the other rooms and the various equipment in the room. When she saw Zuo Hancheng signal for her to take a shower, she held the towel and wanted to say that she would not take a shower and just stand here and talk.

She could see the look in Zuo Hanchengs eyes. If it was really just work, and he was an unfamiliar person in charge of a company, she would not have used such a rude method to discuss business with others.

Although he felt awkward, he still nodded and looked around.”ls there a bathroom on the second floor?”

Zuo Hancheng glanced at her and smiled mysteriously.””You really have a soft spot for the second floor.”

Anhao’s lips twitched.” I just think that the bathroom on the second floor is usually smaller. I’ll just take a shower. It’ll be easier to clean up after.”” ” There’s one on the second floor. Find it yourself.”

Seeing Zuo Hanchengs indifferent attitude, Anhao remembered what happened at Huangge Hotel and did not cross any boundaries. She put on the slippers that he had brought for her and ran to the second floor.

The space on the second floor was larger than she had expected. On a closer look, Zuo Hanchengs study seemed to be on the second floor. However, the study was placed together with the family work room, which made it look spacious. However, it seemed like he had not been back for a while. Some of the documents on the table were scattered on the side. It was obvious that he had been working at home overnight since he rarely came back to stay for a

She thought of his insomnia again.

Anhao stopped in her tracks for a moment before coming back to her senses. She continued walking forward and found the bathroom in front of her. After entering, she locked the door inside and changed out of her wet and sticky clothes. She turned on the shower and took a good shower with warm water. After washing away the cold air from her body, she took a towel and wrapped it around her body.

Then, an important question arose.

She had no new clothes to change into.

This was really…The most melodramatic experience in his life!

She looked down at the wet clothes on the ground and heard that there was no movement outside. It was obvious that Zuo Hancheng had not come up.

Anhao quietly opened the bathroom door and looked around. Finally, she realized that the innermost room on the second floor seemed to be a cloakroom. She hurriedly walked in and opened the closet inside. What she saw was rows of suits, trousers, shirts, and ties that Zuo Hancheng usually wore at work.

He really used this so-called family property as a workplace.

There were no other types of clothes in the cloakroom on the second floor.

Anhao casually picked at the clothes and finally took out a white shirt. She paused for a moment as she held it in her hand. She remembered that Zuo Hancheng seemed to have said that she could wear his white shirt at home often in the future.

She recalled the time when she had tied him to the bed on purpose. She looked at the white shirt in front of her again and shivered from the bottom of her heart. For some reason, she had a vague feeling that Zuo Hancheng was still brooding over that incident. After all, all four neckties were destroyed in an instant. Just those four neckties were equivalent to losing nearly a million yuan in an instant…

She put the white shirt back into the cabinet and took out another dark blue shirt that looked a little longer. After putting it on, she went back to the bathroom and picked up the thin belt from her professional suit on the floor.

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at it. The shirt was a little too big. After she put it on, it almost covered her knees. With the belt on, it looked a little like a loose dress. It was actually very good.

The dark blue shirt accentuated her already fair skin. Because she had just taken a hot bath, her face was still fair with a hint of redness. Anhao casually picked up a piece of silk and temporarily braided her wet hair into a loose braid. At the same time, she heard the phone in her bag ring. She turned around and picked up her bag, answering the phone as she walked downstairs.


“Sister Anhao, are you home yet? The rain was too heavy just now. I wanted to drive back to pick you up, but I found that you were already gone.”lt was a call from Zi Ran.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Anhao smiled.”

On the other end of the phone, Zi Ran heard that Anhao didn’t seem to hear the rain anymore. It was very quiet, so she guessed that she had already reached home. Thus, she was relieved and chatted with her about the things in the office for a while before hanging up.

Anhao put the phone in her bag and walked down the stairs. She saw Zuo Hancheng placing a document on the coffee table..

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