Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.588 - : A Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (2)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.588 - : A Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (2)

Chapter 588: A Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (2)

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Anhao was typing a text message for Mr. V on her phone. Before she could finish, Zuo Hanchengs gaze swept across her hand and he ?? heard from Mobai that he helped you take on a private residential interior design project?”

Anhao’s hand that was typing on her phone paused for a moment. She did not expect Mobai to tell Zuo Hancheng about this.

However, on second thought, Mobai was Zuo Hanchengs confidant. Moreover, Mobai was also at the Royal Pavilion Hotel that night. It was not too much to tell him about her recent situation.

“Yes.” She replied simply and continued typing on her phone.

The content of the message was: ” Hello, Mr. V. I am Gu Anhao, the interior designer of your seaside villa. Mobai has already given me the keys to your house today. If there is anything else you need, please let me know in advance. I will find time to go and take measurements in a few days.”

After he finished typing the message, he was about to send it when he suddenly felt the car stop.

She raised her head abruptly and realized that she was in an underground parking lot somewhere.

She had been too focused on typing and editing her text message earlier, so she did not notice where Zuo Hancheng had driven off to.

After the car stopped, Zuo Hancheng did not get out of the car. Instead, he looked at her disheveled appearance from the rain with a clear gaze.

Anhao’s heart trembled when she met his gaze. Just as she was about to lower her head and continue looking at her phone, she heard him say,””Are you short of money recently?”

He could admit that he was short of money in front of others, but not in front of Zuo Hancheng!

“No!” Anhao blurted out and looked up at him.””I just want to make more money with my own ability. Of course, I have to make money. Besides, the interior design job that Rongqian introduced me to is not bad. The salary is also good.”

Zuo Hancheng raised his eyebrows and did not ask any more questions.”Get out of the car.’

“Oh.” Anhao paused.

She actually didn’t know where this place was, but looking at the various high-end cars parked around her, she felt that it was the parking lot of a high-end residence.

Seeing that Zuo Hancheng had already gotten out of the car, she unbuckled her seatbelt and followed him. Seeing that he had no intention of stopping, Anhao shivered again after she got out of the car. She held her bag in one hand and rubbed her arms with the other to warm herself up. She jogged behind Zuo Hancheng and only realized that they really did seem to be in a

private residential area when she followed him into the elevator in the underground parking lot.

However, as the two of them stood in the elevator, Anhao’s body was drenched while Zuo Hanchengs body was as clean as a speck of dust. Anhao felt that the atmosphere was too subtle and she could not stand it, so she took the initiative to ?? the way, I haven’t had the chance to tell you before. As for the fees for my three years of studying in the United States, I’ll pay you back in installments starting next month.”

Zuo Hancheng suddenly turned his head to look at her. Anhao instinctively took a small step back when she met his gaze. This step seemed to be subtle, but it revealed the guilt and embarrassment in her heart.

The lipstick on her lips had already been washed clean by the rain, and the small bite marks on her lips were a little pale because of the rain.

Feeling Zuo Hanchengs gaze on her lips, she subconsciously pursed her lips and looked at him.

When their eyes met, An An saw the tranquility in Zuo Hanchengs eyes. She then looked at the environment in the elevator and asked,””Where is this place?”

Zuo Hancheng put one hand into his pocket and turned his back to look at the elevator door. He said, “My house.”

Anhao looked up at his back in surprise.””Ah?”

This was clearly not the Gilt View Garden…

Did he have another place to stay?

But even if he had other places to stay in the past few years, it didn’t seem to be a big deal. She heard that he had been living in the company for the past three years, but there were also a few places near Shengling Group. This should be the ” home ” that he had been living in other than the company for the past few years.

At home.

When this word was placed between the two of them, it was clearly a warm word, but it seemed to have changed its meaning.

How could a family be without a wife and children? Was Zuo Hancheng deliberately trying to chill her?

“Why did you bring me here?”

Anhao gradually calmed down and felt that Zuo Hancheng had done it on purpose.

After she got into the car, he didn’t ask where she lived, nor did he let her down and take the car himself. He actually brought her directly to his place.

How could his wild ambition be so obvious!

It was not enough to tease her in Huangge Hotel just now, and now he wanted to provoke her again?

However, Zuo Hancheng ignored her question. The elevator was slowly rising, and it was not appropriate for her to call the elevator to go out at the last minute. She only stood behind him and stared at his tall and straight back.

In fact, she really wanted to know what Zuo Hancheng was thinking.

After returning to China, although they had interacted quite a few times, no matter what happened, it was as if they could not enter his heart. It was as if Zuo Hancheng was even more difficult to understand than three years ago.

The distance between them was more than just three years. She couldn’t tell what else was between them.

He was an extremely black-bellied man. If he deliberately kept silent, it would be even more difficult to understand.

However, such a man was so damn charming. A group of young girls talked about President Zuo of Shengling Group all day long. The rumors of the national male god and the national husband were even more widespread than three years ago.

The elevator finally stopped on the twenty-fifth floor. Anhao followed Zuo Hancheng out and turned to look at the notice outside the elevator. She realized that this was the new residential area next to Shengling Group that was built three years ago.

She had almost seen the construction of this residential a_rea with her own eyes. It had been completed before she left, but the greenery in the residential area had not been completely covered.

So this place was a new house that Zuo Hancheng bought later?

She still remembered that she had asked him before if there were any other places to stay in A City. He said that he had not had time to think about these things in the past few years, so he only had a place to rest in Liu Jing Garden.

In the end, she mocked him a few times.

After that, he transferred a few properties under her name, and then…After the divorce…Did he buy many residences in A City?

Buying a house did not seem to be his hobby. Zuo Hancheng was the kind of person who would be satisfied with a quiet place to rest after a busy day. In fact, although he was a bit of a neat freak, he was very casual when it came to such small things.

Seeing that Zuo Hancheng had already entered the house, Anhao stood outside the door without moving. She had not entered yet, so she could not see the situation inside his house. However, judging from the height of the corridor, she could tell that this house was similar to Luxury Court..

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