A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears - C.12: Give me your ID number


Lin Jianzhi had a crush on Zhu Liheng, but could not get into University A. This seemed like an insurmountable gap to her.

However, after Zhu Liheng's series of analyses, she worked backwards to narrow down Lin Jianzhi's strengths, abilities, and options.

Finally, she settled on University B, the one closest to University A!

Heavens! Lin Jianzhi was suddenly enlightened! Indeed, University A was completely unsuitable for her. It was a science and technology school.

University B was different. It was a comprehensive university, so she didn't need to longingly look at the 670 cutoff score for the physics exam.

To get into the language programs at University B, she only needed 635 points!

Most importantly, the two universities were separated by just one road.

She could be very close to Zhu Liheng, study her own specialty, and even choose her preferred career.

She could be by Zhu Liheng's side and be herself.

Thinking of this, Lin Jianzhi shook with excitement!

Zhu Liheng glanced at her out of the corner of her eye, a smile at the corner of her lips: "What's your ID number?"

Lin Jianzhi was shocked, not understanding why Zhu Liheng was asking her this.

Zhu Liheng: "To apply for the language programs at University B, similar to translation or foreign affairs, you need to take the provincial foreign language oral exam. Registration closes May 24th, and the exam is June 11th."

Lin Jianzhi stood there dumbly, somewhat fearful.

An oral exam?

She had no issues with spoken language, but oral exams were really not her forte!

Zhu Liheng stared at her: "You're afraid?"

Lin Jianzhi honestly nodded: "I tear up when I get nervous."

Zhu Liheng: "But the oral exam is a must. Otherwise, your choice of majors will be limited. Overcome the exam first, then after entering university, avoid majors with direct communication according to your situation and choose something more backend."

Lin Jianzhi nodded: "Okay."

Zhu Liheng: "Give me your ID number first and I'll help you sign up for the oral exam."

Lin Jianzhi mechanically recited her ID number, completely oblivious that her information had just fallen into Zhu Liheng's hands.

At midnight, the tutoring session ended.

Lin Jianzhi hugged her schoolbag and left Zhu Liheng's home, excitedly hopping around like a fawn at her own front door.

She felt as if the two of them had closed a huge gap in distance.

They'd become especially intimate!


Lin Jianzhi looked down at her left wrist, which Zhu Liheng had grabbed earlier.

Late at night.

After showering, Zhu Liheng logged into Weibo and clicked on the only user she secretly followed.

[@ZhuJianZhiForever: [Image]]

It was a photo, capturing a slender left wrist, with no caption.

Restrained admiration, Lin Jianzhi quietly recorded.

No third person in this world understood what this meant.

Zhu Liheng's gaze lingered on the wrist in the photo, her thoughts returning to a few hours ago.

The girl's fair and delicate wrist, slender, seeming as if it would shatter with just a slight squeeze.

Too soft, and too delicate.


The next day, Lin Jianzhi was brimming with energy!

The back-to-back tutoring sessions were like riding a rocket!

She suddenly discovered that she could now attempt many problems she previously couldn't solve. Questions she previously couldn't even comprehend the meaning of, she could now instantly identify an approach for, even accurately applying the right formulas.

Today's math exam, her pen flew swiftly across the paper. She powered through the questions one by one with the momentum to ace the test.

She even finished early!

Her homeroom teacher Hu Tan looked at her several times, wanting to scold her.

But he was silenced by Lin Jianzhi's confident expression. Hu Tan swallowed his scolding words and put on his glasses to grade her test on the spot.

Let's see why you finished so quickly!

In the end, her score was 105!

Lin Jianzhi was shocked, as was Hu Tan.

She'd shattered her personal record for highest math score!

All this in just a few days?

The effect was astounding!

Hu Tan excitedly pulled Lin Jianzhi into the hallway and asked, "Has Zhu Liheng been tutoring you?"

Lin Jianzhi nodded furiously: "Yes! Every day!"

Hu Tan looked at the countdown on the blackboard then solemnly patted her shoulder: "Good kid, last twenty some days, keep at it!"

Lin Jianzhi: "Keep at it!"

The science god Zhu Liheng really was too amazing!

One-on-one tutoring from the high school entrance exam top scorer led to her grades skyrocketing incredibly.

Still, inevitable rumors spread in her class after the math test ended. Lin Jianzhi was peppered with questions from classmates until her scalp tingled.

After yesterday's milk tea incident, no matter how she explained things, her classmates simply wouldn't believe her.

You're definitely dating Zhu Liheng!

Especially their class president Lang Shu. He excitedly plastered a photo right at the classroom entrance.

Taken yesterday, showing Lin Jianzhi sitting in Zhu Liheng's passenger seat, milk tea in hand.

It was just a crappy sneak shot, too blurry to even make out that the people were Lin Jianzhi and Zhu Liheng.

But Lang Shu didn't care!

This was a rare "intimate moment" he'd managed to capture, the highlight for Class 2 of Senior Year 3 at Jingyi No.1 Middle School!

Zhu Liheng was their boyfriend. Did their class have one?

No! Jealous much?

The other students felt the photo was too blurry and would get them laughed at if shared, persistently urging the president to retake it today.

Lang Shu: "Retakes are a must! This will do for now!"

In the past few days, rumors had spread throughout the entire school. Now not only students from their grade came to gawk, but underclassmen from grades 1 and 2 loitered around their classroom door daily too.

Just to see what Zhu Liheng's girlfriend looked like!

Lin Jianzhi felt truly helpless, only able to move her desk to the furthest corner to ostrich.

She really wasn't Zhu Liheng's girlfriend!

The two didn't even have each other's WeChat!

After school, Lin Jianzhi was in no rush to leave. Instead, she went to buy milk tea.

Yesterday, Zhu Liheng had bought her milk tea, so she wanted to return the favor.

Amusingly, class president Lang Shu led a group to tail her the whole way, phone held high constantly on standby to snap pics.

His phone was nearly dead!

Lin Jianzhi kept explaining, "He's not coming today," while walking towards the bus stop.

Mu Yin immediately retorted, "Bullshit! You bought two milk teas! Zhu Liheng is definitely coming to pick you up!"

Lin Jianzhi sighed, "I was planning to treat him to milk tea, but I'm taking the bus home today."

Her mom had just messaged inviting Zhu Liheng over for dinner at their home.

Zhu Liheng had said yesterday that coming for dinner meant no need to buy groceries, so he wouldn't be coming to pick her up.

This bunch was destined to get excited for nothing!

Lin Jianzhi held two milk teas happily walking out of the shop, a trail of people behind her raising phones to record.

She kept explaining while walking towards the bus stop.

Unexpectedly at that moment—

Beep beep!

Two honks sounded from a car beside them.

An Audi A6 pulled up next to her, window rolled down.

Zhu Liheng rested her hand on the steering wheel, silently watching her.