A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears - C.11: This is what I taught you about contrarian thinking

A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears

C.11: This is what I taught you about contrarian thinking

Naturally, Lin Jianzhi couldn't concentrate on the following questions and got them completely wrong.

Lin Jianzhi simply couldn't focus. Her mind was full of Zhu Liheng.

They were too close, really too close!

So close that she could even feel Zhu Liheng's breath.

That face she had fallen for was right next to her, watching her.

It was so near!

Her hands were shaking so much that she couldn't even hold the pen properly.

The diagrams she drew were crooked, like chicken scratch.

Zhu Liheng frowned, wanting to remind her to be more serious, but when his gaze touched Lin Jianzhi's flushed red cheeks and ears, he silently moved a bit further away.

Sure enough, Lin Jianzhi heaved a huge sigh of relief!

Zhu Liheng was helpless but amused. He rested his hands on the keyboard, typing while occasionally glancing over.

Today Lin Jianzhi was not wearing her school uniform, but rather a pink tee and white casual shorts on the bottom.

With those pink slippers on her feet, her bare toes peeking out, soft and delicate.

Extremely cute!

After noticing his own thoughts, Zhu Liheng froze for a moment.

Since when did he start paying attention to what girls wore?

He took another look.

Lin Jianzhi's hairstyle had changed too. It wasn't the usual high ponytail she wore at school. Instead, her hair was loose over her shoulders, a cute barrette pinned next to her ear.

And it looked like she had deliberately curled the ends?

Zhu Liheng froze again, somewhat uneasy as he turned his face away.

With the safe distance between them, Lin Jianzhi was finally able to relax and focus on the problems.

Today's questions were a little difficult, so she worked rather slowly.

After an hour, she put down her pen and lifted her head, about to tell Zhu Liheng she had finished.

But when she raised her eyes, they met Zhu Liheng's!

Lin Jianzhi: "!!!"

He'd been watching her the whole time? Why was he looking at her?

When did he start? How long had he been looking?


Lin Jianzhi blushed again.

Zhu Liheng blinked and took her test paper to start grading it.

And so the two of them remained there, one grading and the other with her head lowered and red cheeks.

The room was deathly quiet. Silent company makes it easiest to let imaginations run wild.

Lin Jianzhi really couldn't stand this kind of atmosphere anymore. She wanted to get up and walk around.

But just as she started to stand...

Zhu Liheng suddenly reached out and pulled her over!

Lin Jianzhi: "!!!"

Zhu Liheng had a nonchalant look on his face. His right hand circled around her left wrist: "You got this question wrong."

Lin Jianzhi: "......"

Zhu Liheng still had a hold of her: "And this one too."

By now Lin Jianzhi's face was as red as pigment.

Zhu Liheng's grip on her wrist tightened a little: "You got two wrong in a row and you still want to run away? Afraid I'll scold you?"

Lin Jianzhi didn't dare lift her eyes: "I need to use the bathroom."

Finally Zhu Liheng let her go: "Oh."

Lin Jianzhi practically fled like her life depended on it. She rushed into the bathroom, closed the door behind her, and breathed heavily.

She was going crazy!

Really going crazy!!!

How could Zhu Liheng pull her like that?


In the room.

Zhu Liheng used his hand to measure the size of what he had just grabbed. Sure enough, a girl's wrist was so slender that his one hand could encircle it with room left over.

He bowed his head and continued grading.

Ten minutes later, Lin Jianzhi emerged from the bathroom, having calmed herself before returning to the room and sitting down.

Zhu Liheng spread open the test paper and started explaining the questions to her.

He graded fast and explained fast too.

But Lin Jianzhi didn't absorb it as quickly. As she listened, she got confused.

So Zhu Liheng would explain for a bit, then stop to chat with her for a while, to help relax her mind.

Lin Jianzhi had been listening and thinking hard, but as soon as they started chatting she got all tongue-tied and nervous again.

By 10 pm, Zhu Liheng took out another test paper for her to work on.

Lin Jianzhi hurriedly lowered her head to start writing. She suddenly realized that doing test questions could alleviate the awkwardness. She'd rather keep doing problems the whole time.

After watching her for a while, Zhu Liheng suddenly asked, "Have you decided on schools and majors yet?"

Lin Jianzhi paused briefly before answering dejectedly: "If my total score is only 600..."

Zhu Liheng's gaze was calm. "630 and up."

Lin Jianzhi jerked her head up to look at him.

Zhu Liheng smiled a little. "Don't believe me?"

Lin Jianzhi: "I believe you."

Zhu Liheng turned to look at his own computer screen, rapidly typing: "Do you want to attend Yanjing University?"

Lin Jianzhi's face grew red again, but she gave a definite answer: "I do!"

Zhu Liheng: "A University isn't suitable for you."

Lin Jianzhi: "Oh?"

Zhu Liheng glanced at her and said, "Let's analyze this. Do you have any majors you like?"

Lin Jianzhi: "I..."

I like you!

Zhu Liheng: "Since you don't have anything specific you like, consider going by your strengths. What are you good at?"

Lin Jianzhi: "Foreign languages."

Zhu Liheng: "Be more specific."

Lin Jianzhi: "My English is decent, speaking isn't bad either, it's just I get nervous easily. I self-studied some basic Japanese, enough for daily conversation. And I've watched some Russian shows and dramas, picked up a little Russian too through self-study."

After saying all this, she lowered her head again. She felt like she was showing off in front of the boy she liked.

Like a peacock, fanning its tail feathers.

But Zhu Liheng just laughed. "You call that just knowing a little? Being able to self-teach to this degree means you have an innate gift with languages."

The corners of Lin Jianzhi's mouth ticked up slightly. "Mm-hmm."

Zhu Liheng kept rapidly typing on the computer while asking, "So your strength is decided. Based on that direction, look for related careers. What kind of language-related job do you want in the future?"

Lin Jianzhi: "Ah? I've never thought about it."

Zhu Liheng knew she hadn't considered it. He went on, "Common language-related careers are diplomacy, translation, teaching, technical writing, dictionary compilation..."

When he finished, he looked at Lin Jianzhi: "Do you have any that you're interested in or like? Pick a few."

Lin Jianzhi's eyes widened. She thought hard for a bit before saying, "Diplomacy, translation, and technical writing."

Zhu Liheng smiled. "Since you're interested, look up more information in these areas whenever you have time. Knowing more than others from the start will give you more opportunities."

Lin Jianzhi's eyes shone brightly. "Mm-hmm!"

Zhu Liheng continued, "Whether it's diplomacy, translation, or technical writing, they are all language-related. The best language programs in the country are at B University."

When he said this, he stared at Lin Jianzhi: "Do you understand what I mean?"

Lin Jianzhi nodded. "I understand, but B University's admission scores..."

Zhu Liheng turned his computer screen to show her. "Last year the minimum score to get into B University in our province was 630. Want to give it a try?"

Lin Jianzhi's heart pounded like thunder!

Zhu Liheng said: "Of course, language majors might need slightly higher, since those are B University's strong programs. Maybe 635-640."

Lin Jianzhi clenched her fists. Try hard? Maybe she really could do it!

More importantly...

It was as if Zhu Liheng knew what she was thinking. He said those words: "Most important is, B University is right next to A University."

Thump thump! Thump thump thump!

Lin Jianzhi's chest was filled with a stampede. 𝐟𝐫eewe𝗯𝐧𝚘ve𝐥.c𝚘𝚖

The corners of Zhu Liheng's lips ticked up. "Remember this reasoning process I just walked you through. This is the reverse thinking method I'm teaching you."

Lin Jianzhi lifted her head abruptly, shocked and admiring as she looked at the person before her eyes.


Zhu Liheng, you're so amazing!