My Two Boyfriends -18-Year-Old Eisuke And 28-Year-Old Eisuke-

My Two Boyfriends -18-Year-Old Eisuke And 28-Year-Old Eisuke-


"A love triangle between me, my boyfriend Eisuke, and his future self!? Future-Eisuke tells us that we need to break up right away and kisses me... What's going on here!?" On the day of her high school graduation, Chisaki agrees to marry her 18-year-old boyfriend Eisuke, and the two start living together. Just when the happy couple is about to start their new life, a 28-year-old Eisuke from 10 years in the future suddenly appears! The only thing future-Eisuke can remember is that he needs to make the couple break up... So, he kisses Chisaki and snuggles up to her, using his mature charm to seduce her. Could this 28-year-old sweet-talker and Chisaki's straight-laced 18-year-old boyfriend really be the same person!?

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