My Tearful Landlord, Mikuru

My Tearful Landlord, Mikuru


"I want to live in a town with a view of the sea."In order to make this dream a reality, 28-year-old Aoba left everything up to the real estate agent and gets saddled with a shabby apartment without even inspecting it. Aoba is baffled by the apartment, as it is different from what he'd been told, but the landlord, Mikuru, who has a short hairline and bottle-bottomed glasses, desperately tries to convince Aoba to stay. Aoba eventually decides to stay because of the beautiful view of the ocean from his room, but when he goes to tell him about his decision, he is shocked by the adorable sight of Mikuru, who takes off his glasses and weeps with relief. Aoba finds himself charmed by Mikuru's dedication in running the apartment, and Mikuru begins to contemplate a way he can be useful to Aoba.

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