My Perverted Stalker

My Perverted Stalker


The cat's out of the bag! Turns out that girl you thought you were in bed isn't what you thought! Rindo Tachibana is a clerk at a piercing and accessories shop who is too kind for his own good. Unfortunately, he's got bad luck with the ladies, and on top of that...he's being stalked. When Rindo suddenly gets asked out by a girl who is everything he ever wanted, he feels it may be too good to be true. And it is. After getting handcuffed to the bed at a nearby love hotel, Rindo finds out that the girl he thinks is his type actually turns out to be a man...the man who's been stalking him! It feels a bit different hearing "I love you" from the man that ten minutes ago you thought was your ideal girl... Get ready for a Boys' Love manga following a friendly man and his stalker that loves him dearly. What will come of their relationship after they

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