My Name Is Face

My Name Is Face


Alexey Brantov alias Face, grown up among an important group of assassin of the shadows, the "Black Crows". But this young ephebe is in reality king of Lucianna, alive people hidden further to the drama arisen within the royal family. He will live with the former member of the "BC", Zephyr until the day where by boredom, Will begin to cross-dressing and humiliate the noble persons coming to the inn. But his meeting with the prince Frantz Rukia will change its fate. Well in spite of him, he will become the new queen of Glasgowi, A quite particular queen because he is not only a man, but also a assassin in the soul and the king of archangels ; a being half-man and half-bird endowed with powers. Ryo will he manage to discover who is really Face ?

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