My Idol Came To My House!

My Idol Came To My House!
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    Kore wa Fumona Koi,Kore wa Fumou na Koi,Oshi ga wagaya ni yattekita!,This Barren Love,これは不毛な恋,推しが我が家にやってきた,推しが我が家にやってきた!
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"Please go out with me with the intent of marriage!" What happens to Sumire when she gets proposed to by long-time actor Sakkyun...!? "I do like you and you're my idol, but what're you saying!?" The every day lives of Sumire, frantically trying not to cross the line of fan rules, and Sakkyun, her idol who comes to her with no hesitation. My idol x me!? A love comedy, pushed by her idol!

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