My High School Life Is Physically Isolated @comic

My High School Life Is Physically Isolated @comic


Hagure Narihira is your average hopeless romantic sophomore in a magical high school for power users. He has no friends and has a crappy ability called the "drain" that absorbs human energy within a radius of 1 meter, unconsciously with his ability. Because of this "special ability", no one wanted to be his friend much less his girlfriend."Isn't it strange that power users with abilities creepier than mine can make friends? This world is unfair!"It was at that moment when his gloom was on the verge of exploding that Takawashi Enju, the girl with the poisonous tongue who everyone in school knew as the "ice princess," spoke out to him. When Narihira discovers her secret by chance, she suggests that they form an alliance with the purpose of making friends. The unexpected proposal causes his heart to dance, however, he had forgotten one important thing... birds of a feather flock together.

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