My Ex-Boyfriend Loves Boys' Love!

My Ex-Boyfriend Loves Boys' Love!
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    BL Lover Ex-Boyfriend ; Motokare ga Fudanshi ni natte orimashite ; Motokare ga Fudanshi ni natteorimashite ; My Ex-Boyfriend Loves Boys' Love! ; 元カレが腐男子になっておりまして。 ; 전 남친이 부남자가 되었습니다
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"I encountered my ex-boyfriend and found out he's a fudanshi (man who like BL)."One day, at a bookstore, Akado Momo ran into man in the BL doujinshi section. She was excited to encounter her first fudanshi, but on closer inspection, realized it was her ex-boyfriend, Katakura Suzuya?! Join this depraved geek duo on their journey in this otaku comedy!

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