My Chubby Consort

My Chubby Consort


She was a top-tier miracle doctor, as well as a special agent in the 21st century. But, she transmigrated to become the Third Lady of Dingguo Mansion, an infamous fat and ugly trash? The moment she opened her cold eyes, thousands of beasts submitted to her. She trampled all over the wicked women and scumbags who came after her and became a top summoner! Nothing could stop her from doing what she wanted! With thoughts of losing weight and beating up scumbags in her mind, she never imagined she would catch the attention of a two-faced prince regent. “My consort is as beautiful as an angel. Make sure you keep a close eye on her for me. Kill all those who try to hit on her without any mercy!” “Help! Can I apply for a refund for this stunning yet blind and clingy husband?!”

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