My Boyfriend Is A Vampire

My Boyfriend Is A Vampire
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    내 남친은 뱀파이어 (Korean) ; Bạn trai tôi là ma cà rồng ; Kjæresten min er en vampyr (Norway) ; Mi novio es un vampiro ( Español ) ; Meu Namorado é um Vampiro (Português) ; My Boyfriend Is A Vampire ; Iubitul meu este un vampir (Romanian) ; Poikaystäväni on vampyyri (Finnish) ; Min pojkvän är en vampyr (Swedish) ; Mój chłopak jest wampirem (Polish) ; Ang Aking Nobyo ay Isang Vampira, ; Erkek arkadaşım bir vampir (Turkish) ; Můj přítel je upír (Czech) ; Min kæreste er en vampyr (Danish) ; Mon Petit Ami
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Being beautiful is never easy, especially if you're an eighteen year old boy like Yoon Da In who is constantly mistaken for a girl because of his delicate good looks. Da In is, in fact, anything but delicate. He is the ringleader of a group of tough kids in an all boy's school, and he's quick to beat the living daylights out of anyone who even hints that he resembles a girl.If that wasn't hard enough for a regular teenage guy to cope with, his life is about to take a shocking turn for the worse. When Da In stumbles upon strange happenings in the forest, he gets sucked into a world of vampire intrigue and sinister romance that he never knew existed. And he learns that there are worse things than being turned into a vampire: being turned into a girl?!

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