What to Do When Someone Steals Your Destiny? I'll Just Kill Her - C.72: Each has his own Pet Peeve


The salesperson acknowledged and informed the responsible and elegant colleague Miss Ren about the situation.

After being informed of the situation, that salesperson went in front of Ren Suya, bent down, and softly asked, “Mrs. Ren, a friend wants to see you.”


“Ms. Ruan Fengru.”

Upon suddenly hearing this name, mother and daughter glanced at each other.

“You go out first.”


The salesperson left the room.

“Ranran, why does she suddenly want to see me?” Ren Suya instinctively asked her daughter.

“Mom, no matter what she wants to do, just act like you two are meeting for the first time. Ruan Fengru is not simple, a woman's mind is more subtle than a man's, so later just pretend it's the first reunion of good friends.”

“Okay.” Ren Suya kept nodding, but was afraid of giving something away, “Or, let's just forget it?”

Ren Ran shook her head, “Mom, if you refuse now, it will make her suspicious. You were close in college, and haven't contacted each other for many years, if you suddenly meet and you don't see her, it will seem suspicious.”

She had one more thing she didn't say, she felt that Ruan Fengru was even more difficult to deal with than her father.

“Seeing each other once, we don't need to stay too long, I will take you away at the right time.”


At the same time, Ruan Fengru and her daughter also dismissed the salesperson, leaving only the mother and daughter together.

“Mom, why do you suddenly want to see them?”

Seeing that her daughter didn't understand her intentions, Ruan Fengru was a little frustrated by her low IQ, and patiently said, “You were on the wrong path before.”

“Huh?” Kong Lian was puzzled.

“Becoming good friends with Ren Ran, getting close to her, only then will you have more opportunities to make your move, understand?”

Kong Lian nodded.

“This time you must seize the opportunity and try to strangle her in one go.”

First send the daughter to her side, then make arrangements and take action.

After they discussed it, they received news from the salesperson side. The salesperson directly led them into the VVIP room.

As soon as they stepped into the VVIP room, the mother and daughter felt the luxury here, much more extravagant than their VIP room.

Ruan Fengru's expression was normal, but the jealousy that flashed across Kong Lian's face was so clear, although it was only for a moment, it was still noticed by Ren Suya and her daughter.

After all, Kong Lian was still young, she couldn't compare with her mother's craftiness.

“Fengru, it really is you! When I heard the salesperson say it earlier, I thought I had misheard. I'm so happy to see you.” Ren Suya eagerly went forward and embraced Ruan Fengru.

Seeing her mother's appearance, Ren Ran was both angry and amused.

She had just been worried that her mother wouldn't be able to handle it, she didn't expect such a pleasant surprise from her.

She worried for nothing!

Ruan Fengru enthusiastically responded, “I also just heard that you were here, what a coincidence! We haven't seen each other for many years, right?”

“That's right, ever since graduating from college, you went abroad, and we never met again. When did you return to China?” Ren Suya very naturally pulled her to sit down.

“I just returned to China recently, took care of some things domestically, finished up my busy schedule lately, and came to accompany my daughter.” Speaking of this, Ruan Fengru called Kong Lian over.

“Suya, this is my daughter, Lian Lian. Lian Lian, call Auntie Ren.”

“Auntie Ren.” Kong Lian obediently called out.

Ren Suya looked at Kong Lian with a smile in her eyes, sizing her up and down, this was the first time she had observed her husband's illegitimate daughter at such a close distance.

She suppressed the disgust in her heart, smiled and said, “So pretty. Fengru, I didn't expect your daughter has grown up too. Ranran, come over.”

Ren Ran walked over with a smile, her gaze falling on Ruan Fengru, the hatred hidden in her body kept churning, but she was desperately controlling it.