This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.177: I Will Accompany You


After dinner, Chi Yan went to the hospital. Chu Yang stayed at home and continued reading, exercising occasionally, or checking if any clients needed her services, keeping herself simple but fulfilled.

Around 10 or 11 p.m., Chu Yang had just taken a shower and lain down when Chi Yan returned.

"You're back?" Chu Yang sat up groggily after hearing the sound.

Chi Yan bent down and kissed her. "Go back to sleep, I'll take a shower."

"Mmhmm." Chu Yang lay back down as Chi Yan quietly took his clothes and went to wash up.

About ten minutes later, Chi Yan returned, crawled into bed, kissed the person in his embrace, and slowly fell asleep.


The next morning, Chu Yang woke up with Chi Yan. She went to prepare breakfast for him while he got dressed.

Breakfast was simple: fried eggs, milk, and bread.

After Chu Yang prepared the meal, Chi Yan beckoned her over. "Yang Yang, come help me with something."

Chu Yang walked over, and Chi Yan handed her a tie. "Help me with this."

Chu Yang obediently tied his tie for him. Chi Yan lowered his head and gazed at her tenderly, his long eyelashes, a rosy tint on his face from sleep, his hair casually tied back with the occasional stray strand falling forward.

Chi Yan brushed back the stray strand of hair, then pulled Chu Yang into a long, gentle embrace after she finished tying his tie, planting a lingering, tender kiss on her lips.

Desire flashed in Chi Yan's eyes, but he held back. "Let's eat breakfast first."

Not long after breakfast, Chi Yan grabbed his bag and headed to work, stealing one more kiss at the front door before reluctantly leaving.

At the company, Chi Yan became busy with meetings, meetings, and more meetings... During the occasional free time, he would text Chu Yang.

"Yang Yang, I've arrived at the company."

"Yang Yang, I have a meeting now."

"Yang Yang, I miss you."

"Yang Yang, another meeting."

"Yang Yang, during the meeting, one of the managers kept spraying spit while talking. I feel sorry for the people sitting in front."

"Yang Yang, it's lunchtime. I'm eating at the cafeteria [picture]."

"Yang Yang, just a few more hours until I'm off work. Wait for me."

"...Yang Yang, sorry, I have to work overtime. You can eat first."

"Yang Yang, I'm off work!!! Wait for me to come home!"

Chu Yang: My boyfriend is truly the epitome of manliness!

Around 8 p.m., Chi Yan arrived, and Chu Yang had prepared the meal, as she had told him she would wait for him.

After eating, the two snuggled on the couch, with Chu Yang massaging Chi Yan's head. "Was it a busy day?" Chi Yan had kept mentioning having meetings in his texts, so she didn't know how many he had attended.

Chi Yan closed his eyes, relishing Chu Yang's massage. "Yeah, it was quite busy, but it's fine. Grandpa's health isn't good, and I might inherit the company in the future, so it's only right that I'm busy now."

After saying this, Chi Yan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Chu Yang with a lack of confidence. "Do you think I can do it?"

Chu Yang gave him an encouraging, trusting look. "You definitely can. You're Chi Yan; you excelled in all aspects at school, so even at work, you'll undoubtedly succeed. A man can't say he can't do it!"

Chi Yan smiled. "You're right, I'll work hard."

"Mmhmm, I'll be with you."

Chi Yan sat up, caressing her face. "I love you so much. Even without our previous memories, I feel like I love you more and more." He then leaned in...

Chu Yang closed her eyes as well...

The items on the bedside table remained unopened, as the timing wasn't right.

The next day, Chi Yan was able to leave work on time, so he asked Chu Yang to pick him up. "Yang Yang, I can leave on time today. Can you come pick me up?"

"Sure, wait for me."


Chu Yang got ready, tying her hair into two small braids and wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, carrying a bag as she left. About half an hour later, she arrived at the Chi Corporation building. Checking the time, Chu Yang saw that Chi Yan wouldn't be off for another ten minutes, so she went to the cake shop across the street and bought some small cakes and two milk teas.

After the purchases, it was almost time.

Chi Yan asked if she had arrived.

Chu Yang replied, "I'm downstairs."

"Okay, wait for me. I'll be down soon."


Chi Yan soon bid farewell to his colleagues and left work, exuding a joyful aura.

Those in the same elevator with him exchanged glances. "Why does Vice President Chi seem so happy?"

"I don't know."


Chi Yan quickly made his way to the parking lot, drove out, and parked in front of the Chi Corporation's main entrance, texting Chu Yang.

Chu Yang had already spotted his car and hurried over, opening the door and getting in.

"I bought small cakes and milk tea. Here, have a sip first." Chi Yan took a sip from the drink Chu Yang held out for him. "Thanks, baby Yang Yang."

After drinking, Chi Yan drove off. Some colleagues leaving work recognized Chi Yan's car and saw a girl getting in, with the window open. They also witnessed Chi Yan drinking from the girl's hand and smiling as he talked to her.

"That must be the young master's girlfriend."

"She looks quite pretty."

"The young master is a wealthy and handsome guy, so of course he'd have a beautiful and rich girlfriend. Maybe not rich, but at least beautiful."

"Not necessarily, it depends on whether he likes her."

"No wonder Vice President Chi seemed so happy when leaving work - his girlfriend came to pick him up!"



Meanwhile, after driving off, Chi Yan asked, "Should we go out for dinner first?"

Chu Yang didn't mind. "We can walk around after eating."

"Okay, whatever you want."

They went to a restaurant first. After eating, they strolled hand-in-hand, with Chi Yan's suit jacket draped over one arm and the other hand holding Chu Yang's.

As they walked, a microphone suddenly came towards them, causing them to step back.

The interviewer was surprised by their good looks but professionally and politely asked, "Hello, could you spare some time for an interview? We're from the 'Couple Matters' program."

Chi Yan looked at Chu Yang, who nodded after a moment. "Okay."

The host was delighted. "Great, thank you. I'd like to ask, are you two a couple? How long have you known each other?"

Chu Yang thought for a moment, recalling they had known each other since freshman year and were now juniors. "Yes, we're a couple. We've known each other for two years."

The host: "Could you share how you met?"

Chi Yan looked at Chu Yang, and Chi Yan answered, "We're alumni from neighboring schools. We met through a school event." That should be more or less accurate.

The host said, "Oh, from the way you look, have you already started working?"

Chi Yan shook his head, "No, I'm just interning at a company. I'm a junior in college."

The host said, "Okay, here's the last question. Please tell us three things you like most about each other, and if possible, explain why."

Chi Yan thought for a moment, smiled, and embraced Chu Yang, "She has more than just three good qualities. I like everything about her. I like every aspect of her as a whole person."

Chu Yang nodded as well, "He has quite a lot of good qualities too, and I like them all."

The host: ...ate a mouthful of grain.

"Alright, thank you both."