This Game Is Too Realistic - C.97.2Feb 21, 2023

This Game Is Too Realistic

C.97.2Feb 21, 2023

"... How unfortunate."

Chu Guang shook his head and decided to file this diary and the diary with a bloody handprint together.

In addition to a silver revolver, Chu Guang found a lot of good things here, such as a box of 10mm caliber revolver ammunition.

There were more than 30 bullets in the ammunition box. Each bullet was as long as an index finger and had no traces of oxidation on the surface. They looked brand new.

‘Those bullets look quite big, and it feels like they are more powerful than rifle ammunition. I wonder if I can kill a creeper in one shot with them.’

‘Anyway, it is definitely enough to kill a Cruncher in one shot.’

Chu Guang noticed that there was a silver python printed on the packaging of the ammunition box, exactly the same as the symbol on the brown handle of the silver revolver.

Looking at the revolver in his hand, Chu Guang thought for a moment, muttering to himself.

"I will just call you 'Silver Snake'."

In addition to "Silver Snake", Chu Guang also found a baton under the folding table. When looking for something else in the storage compartment under the bed, he found a new surprise.

"A red dot sight scope?"

The width of the buckle was retractable, so it could fit on the barrel of "Silver Snake". What surprised Chu Guang was that this little gadget still had electricity!

"Twice the magnification and the adjustable density… this thing is great."

Of course, Chu Guang didn't plan to use it on the revolver. It would be a waste to equip such short-rifled melee weapons with sights.

It just so happened that he had a newly repaired assault rifle that could use this thing on. With the red dot sight installed, it could be considered a half-complete loadout.


After leaving the room, Chu Guang crossed the end of the circular corridor in Zone B connecting Zone A.

This was a functional area on the second basement floor, with separate toilets and public bathrooms for men and women and a public dining hall that could accommodate up to 100 people at the same time.

It could be seen that the living space here was still very compact. Not only would people have to go to the toilet and take a shower at different times, but they would also have to line up for meals.

But one thing that was good was that the quality of life here was not bad.

The shower was a 360° panoramic water self-cleaning system, so people did not even need to move when taking a shower. The same was true for the toilet—people just needed to take a dump, then the water and ultrasonic vibration could remove nanoscale filth; even paper was no longer needed.

With this, Chu Guang would no longer need to worry about stepping onto something strange around the outpost.

Chu Guang tried the faucet and was surprised to find that the water was still running, and that he could even use hot water.

"I thought this shelter was just an empty shell..."

But now it seems that only floor B1 was empty.

Little Seven interrupted and said, "How could it be an empty shell? You saw it too, didn’t you? People used to live here."

Chu Guang: "Where are those people now?"

Little Seven: "Hmm, I don't know. "

An expected answer.

But Chu Guang didn't mind. Anyway, one day, he would figure out all the secrets of this shelter.

After reviewing these facilities, Chu Guang's initial idea was to move all the 100 culture chambers on floor B1 to floor B2.

The culture chambers were equipped with a wireless power supply anyways, which could be connected to any corner of the shelter.

There were 200 vacant rooms available in Zone B on floor B2. Although the area was a little narrow, the players should be very happy to be able to change from a quadruple room to an independent standard room.

After all, for them, this was just a saving point.

As for the beds and bedding, he could put them in the empty room on floor B1, where they would always be useful in the future.

There was no need to worry about commuting.

The shelter only had one elevator to and from the surface, but there were 8 elevators internally.

These included two freight elevators for transporting materials and six elevators for commuting, which were more than enough for the players to commute between floors in the shelter.

The elevator outside the shelter could be modified in the future.

If there was really no way to modify it, the nursing home could be demolished and a bigger hole could be dug. He could also let the players rebuild a more spacious house for themselves.

This was not a problem at all.

Chu Guang turned the faucet on and off, and suddenly asked.

"By the way, is there a limit to the amount of water available here?"

Chu Guang had had enough of using activated carbon to filter lake water and rainwater. No matter how it was filtered, the water still tasted a little strange.

Little Seven tilted the camera. "No, I guess? According to the data, the shelter's water resources seem to be replenished by rainwater. In theory, it will always be supplied as long as there is electricity, but it is better not to transfer the water out. It’s fine if you use it normally in the shelter. Sewage water will also enter the inner circulation system of the shelter and be reused after being completely filtered. A small amount of loss is fine, but if a large amount of water is transferred out, it may cause a certain load on the water circulation system of the shelter."

Chu Guang nodded. "Where will the filtered filth go?"

Little Seven: "Probably to the fermentation room for additional processing? The final fertilizer may be sent to a certain floor’s greenhouse. Or it could be removed through the vent after vaporization? Anyway, as long as there is electricity, this shelter will be able to run forever. Little Seven is also looking forward to seeing other floors."

Chu Guang: "..."

This doesn’t answer my questions at all.

Damn it!

After inspecting the sanitary facilities and canteens in Zone A, Chu Guang followed Little Seven through the corridor and quickly arrived at the deepest part of Zone A.

The place seemed to be a warehouse.

It was quite large, almost as big as two basketball courts.

More than thirty plastic boxes were piled in the corner of the warehouse, with medical supply labels affixed to the outside.

Chu Guang stepped forward and opened one of the boxes, only to find that it contained watches with displays rather than medicine.

It was estimated that there were at least thousands of them here.

Chu Guang, slightly stunned, inquired after a while.

"These are..."

Little Seven, who stood next to him, had a look at it and quickly responded.

"They're VMs."

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