This Game Is Too Realistic - C.90.2Feb 21, 2023

This Game Is Too Realistic

C.90.2Feb 21, 2023

At this time, the players ambushing to the west of them were eagerly gearing up, waiting for the moment to kill them.

"They’re retreating! They’re retreating! Hahaha, they’re retreating!!"

"Elite monster spotted! Must be their squad leader!"

"Fuck yeah! Squad leader!! Brothers, charge! Let's catch him alive!"

"For the alliance!"

"For the horde!"

"Long live Demacia!"

"For Ya Ya's mushroom soup!"

The players screamed excitedly while they charged out of the bushes one after another. None of their battle cries were the same.

At the same time, the supporting players on the other side of the river also stopped firing arrows. They took out shovels, axes, and sickles, and waded across the ankle-deep river one after another, cooperating with friendly forces to launch a siege on the enemy and joining the carnage.

There were people everywhere!

The sound of gunshots, footsteps, and shouts of killing resounded throughout the battlefield, sweeping through it like a tide under the cover of night. Horse didn't know how many people there were, let alone where they came from.

The marauders, who had just emerged from the fire and rushed into the forest, only knew that they had lost their vision.

Horse pulled the jammed receiver hard, and ejected the jammed cartridge case while shouting loudly at his subordinates. "Retreat! Retreat south!"

A trace of sanity in his heart told Horse that the only way for them to survive now was to rendezvous with the large army in the south.

However, how could other people not think of that?

The line of defense against a large force was on the south side. If he fled through the burning camp to the north, he still had a chance of survival, but if he ran towards the south, it would almost be the equivalent of rushing into the trenches with only his face as a shield!

Just as Horse and his men were hit head-on, the main force of the Bloodhand Clan that was marching towards the outpost also heard the explosions from the northwest.

"What happened?"

"It seems to have come from the brick kilns by the river..."

"Did, did something happen to Horse and his men?!"

"It can't be. That's Horse... I once saw him tear a Cruncher apart before with my own eyes!"

The marauders looked at each other and whispered.

Intuition told them that something wasn't right.

Bear frowned and looked to the northwest, his expression uncertain.

Horse was his confidant, and he knew very well that none of his equipment could make such a noise.

In this case, there was only one possibility!

"Damn it! Everyone, march northwest!" Bear, anxious and angry, kicked the mutant rhino below him and roared again.

"Hurry up!"


The already dead Badger and Cha were not enough to cause him pain, but if Horse died as well, not only would the Bloodhand Clan suffer severe damage, but his prestige in the tribe would also plummet.

At this moment, he no longer cared about the formation. The marauders also didn't have the habit of lining up. So, the whole group ended up loosely scattered after they started running.

The other four squad leaders felt that something was wrong, but at this time, how would they dare make a comment? They had to bite the bullet and ask the people who had fallen behind to keep up.

At a distance of fewer than 600 meters, reinforcement came in only a matter of minutes. Even if the forest terrain was not easy to run on, it was still much better than the obstacles in the city.

As they got closer and closer to the flames ahead, all of them could feel the shocking heat, even as they looked at it from a distance.

"Motherfucker! Didn't you all eat?! Go faster!" Bear was furious, cursing and urging his subordinates to speed up after he discovered the fire instead of Horse.

His subordinates were dissatisfied in their hearts, but they couldn't do anything. Although they hadn't even seen the enemy anywhere, they still sprinted with their weapons in their arms.

Bear lifted the double-barreled shotgun in his hand and rushed to the front.

However, at this moment, in the muddy ground under the light of the fire, he suddenly saw the faces of people who popped out their heads.

Many pairs of eyes seemed to be glowing a green light, which made him panic for a millisecond.


There was a sharp shout.

Although he didn't understand the meaning of the shout, his fighting instincts still made him turn over from the mount, his big body falling behind the roots of the tree as thick as a snake.

The thunder-like gunfire sounded in an instant the moment he fell. The blazing fire seemed to surround them from all sides, and bullets howled as they were shot through the air like lightning.

Bear was terrified in his heart.

For a while, he couldn't tell how many guns there were on the opposite side. He only saw the brothers charging next to him being caught off guard, before falling one after another.

But he didn't know whether they were lying down to dodge the bullets or being shot down by a gun.

"Fuck! We’re being ambushed!"

"I will chop up that Hein when I get back!!!"

"Let, let's find a way to go back first..."

"Fuck! How many guns are there on the opposite side?!"

"Why do I feel like they have at least two machine guns?!"


Bear's heart panicked while listening to the frightened voices of his brothers.

The mount rushing to their opponents’ position had been shot to death by random shots, its body lying motionless by the tree twenty meters away.

Bear didn't dare to check; he didn't dare to use his head to test the enemy's marksmanship.

But when he listened quietly to the whistling sound above his head, he felt that something was wrong.

How to describe it?

Some noises didn't sound like gunshots!

In an instant, he recovered his composure and exclaimed in anger.

"No! This is not a gunshot! This… this is!"

Bear wanted to say something, but couldn't think of what it was called.

In fact, he was right. It was really not gunshots, but just two rolls of firecrackers made of waste paper, gunpowder, and brick powder.

In this era, people didn't even have enough food to eat; who would have time to play with firecrackers? It was normal that he didn't know what it was called.

However, it must be said that in this dark environment, lighting up two rolls of firecrackers to confuse the enemy was indeed a genius idea.

Those marauders had been running out of breath and encountered the enemy's attack before they could even spot them. How would they have time to think whether the gunshots were real or not?

Those who were crawling on the ground only felt that two machine guns had been used to deal with them, especially when the people next to them fell down one after another and it was hard to see who was shot. All of them lowered their heads in fright, not daring to check where the shots came from.

By the time the four marauder teams were completely stunned, the players squatting on both ends of the trench had already left the trench, and under the cover of gunfire, headed to the east and west sides of marauders to surround them.

Seeing the figures moving towards the two wings of his position, Bear let out an angry roar.

"Their people are scattered!"

"Everyone, charge!"

"Get the fuck up, it's not gunshots at all! Everyone, charge with me, rush into their trenches, and smash their heads with the stocks of your guns!"

However, even after shouting for a long time, no one listened to him.

The continuous ambushes have brought the morale of these mobs on the verge of collapse.

There was a sudden burst of despair in Bear's heart.


Leaving the city and entering the opponent's home court was a wrong decision from the beginning.

"But Boss... the firepower on the opposite side is too fierce. To charge is no different from suicide at this time!"

"What fucking firepower! Can't you hear it?! It's fake!" Anger burned in his heart, and Bear almost vomited blood.

But he also knew that no matter how loud his voice was, few people could hear it, and fewer were willing to listen.

Knowing that it was over, he looked to the east and made up his mind. He gave orders to several henchmen beside him.

"We will die if we wait here. Let's break through to the east!"

Several confidants nodded nervously.

However, just as Bear was about to elaborate on his breakout plan, a piercing roar came from the west position.

Bear raised his eyes and saw many flames cut through the darkness, pushing countless firecrackers the size of fists towards them.

There was also a burst of presumptuous laughter in the distance.

Although he didn't understand, he did vaguely hear a man's deep voice.


"Explosion is art!"