This Game Is Too Realistic - C.80.2Feb 21, 2023

This Game Is Too Realistic

C.80.2Feb 21, 2023

Having been a marauder in the northern suburbs of Qingquan City for so many years, it was the first time he saw such a terrifying and absurd scene.

Those blue coats who were supposed to be shivering in the bunker crawled out of the trenches one by one as if they had completely forgotten the fear of death at the moment the whistle sounded.

Some of them held guns, some held bows and arrows, crossbows or javelins, short knives, battle axes, and some didn’t even have serious weapons, carrying only a shovel, bricks, or even a bench in their hands. They excitedly yelled in their mouths and charged at them.

Everyone was very hyped, and everyone was yelling. After all, they would feel that there was something missing if they did not yell something.


"For the horde!"


The offensive and defensive positions were instantly reversed.

The retreating marauders were caught off guard. They couldn’t stop to fight them, nor could they run away and leave their backs to them. The scene was very chaotic.

There was only enough time to fire a few shots at a distance of fifty meters. After a few rounds of fire between the two sides in the running, a hand-to-hand conflict broke out.

The opposite side seemed to not want to waste bullets at all. They just wanted to hit them with the weapons in their hands, and when they got close, they would single them out or fight them in groups.

Cha had never seen such savage, blue-coated people, and had never seen such a savage style of battle. For a moment, his brain froze, and he forgot that they were supposed to be the attacker.

"Damn it! Are these people crazy!"

"Get out of my way! Ah!"

"What the hell is that?! Why did I see a lizard?! And it is staying with people?!"


"Retreat! Retreat! Don't stop and fight them! Everyone, retreat to the assembly point!"

It must be said that these marauders were indeed experienced. When they saw that the situation was not right, they immediately turned around and ran without looking back.

The peripheral brothers who were caught in hand-to-hand combat were directly abandoned.

Although he was the last one to run, Cha soon ran to the forefront.

Battle was no longer important to him.

What he had to do now was to report the situation here to the leader. The strength of this group of people in the blue coat has far exceeded their expectations.

This hidden danger must be solved once and for all before they develop into a bigger force!

The people behind were gradually getting farther and farther away, Cha secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

However, before he could finish his breath, he suddenly found a figure standing in front of him.

He didn't know what the man was wearing. It looked like a piece of randomly assembled armor. He was holding a big bizarre hammer in his hand, and the hammer was pointed straight at his side.

'What is this stupid guy thinking?' Cha sneered in his heart. Then without saying anything, he pulled out the scorpion submachine gun from his waist and pulled the trigger.

"Fuck off!"

Da da da--

When the trigger was pulled all the way to the end, twenty 5mm bullets poured out instantly. Not to mention people, even if a bear was what stood there, it would have been riddled with holes.

However, in the next second, his sneer expression completely turned into despair.

The bullets shot out were like fakes, let alone riddling the person in front of him with holes, it didn't even cause a sparkle on his hammer.

"What the hell?!"

"Alas, it's really a waste." Chu Guang felt sorry for him.

The high-speed jet blew away the surrounding dead leaves.

Before Cha could understand what the person said, he saw the hammer rushing towards him at an incredible speed.

'Is this human speed?'

There was no time to think about this problem. The fighting instinct made him throw away the submachine gun with an emptied magazine and drew the short knife tied to his shoulder.

However, the speed of the hammer was too fast.

Even before his arms hanging in the air were straightened out, the huge air current blew towards his face.

"B mode--"

The wind stopped in an instant.

Cha felt that the tip of his nose had hit a wall, but before he felt the pain, the roaring airflow blew away his consciousness.

An instant burst of recoil caused Chu Guang's arm holding the hammer handle to pause. Staring at the marauder who no longer had a head in front of him, he was slightly stunned.

"Damn… this is... so powerful."

Originally, he was planning to try the power of the new weapon, but he didn't expect the hammer to directly blast the head of the marauder.

The overheated high-pressure air even scorched the gaping wound, and the blood that should have been ejected was directly held back.

Chu Guang retracted the hammer and looked at the fallen corpse, his eyes widened.

'Holy shit this is powerful, it can even be called Anti-Tank Hammer!'

The players next to the administrator were also stunned.

They originally thought that the hammer in the hands of the administrator was just a hammer, but they didn't expect to have such awesome hidden skills.

"Fuck?! What happened just now?"

"Shield! Explosion! I saw these two skills."

"The administrator is awesome!!"

Seeing the terrible death of their boss, the remaining marauders were frightened. They threw away their weapons and gave up resistance.

The shouts of killing in the distance gathered.

The players following Chu Guang also reacted at this moment, and rushed forward to tie down the captives.

According to post-battle statistics, sixty-seven players participated in the battle, with five minor injuries and zero deaths.

There were twenty-one marauders, fourteen of them died and seven people surrendered.

They obtained twelve firearms, twenty-one pieces of long and short cold weapons, twenty-one pieces of leather protective gear and clothing, in addition to twenty-seven white chips, and some personal belongings.

It was a great victory!