This Game Is Too Realistic - C.105: Brother Pakka Wants to FarmJun 15, 2023

This Game Is Too Realistic

C.105: Brother Pakka Wants to FarmJun 15, 2023

Chapter 105 Brother Pakka Wants to Farm

After the Alpha 0.5 version went online for a while, everyone finally became familiar with the new version of the gameplay after a few days of research.

There have also been many hot posts on the official website.

There were professional strategy analyses and stupid shitposts.

Quit_your_bullshit: "This winter is too cold. To catch a fish, my hands almost froze. Last time, a group of idiots even stole one of my fish. What the hell? QAQ"

Little_book_worm: "Anyone saw Brother Garbage? I haven't seen him for a few days."

Elf_Fugui_Wang: "I saw him! He wanted to go out several times, but the weather was too cold for him. He passed out several times on the way and was dragged back to the shelter again. He was even dragged by the administrator himself once. This guy is now thinking about putting a portable heater inside his clothes, hahaha."

WC_really_has_mosquitoes: "I designed a set of heating linings for him, which should work with cotton clothes. But now there are two problems that have not been solved: one is that there is no battery, and the other is that it is easy to set the cotton on fire."

Irene:" Why not try to replace the electric heating with a kerosene stove? (? ° ?? ? °) "

WC_really_has_mosquitoes: "Damn! Why didn't I think of that? Now there's only one problem left. (Grin)"

Garbage_pickup_level_99:" Do you all want to kill me?! (Terrified)"

Winter was indeed really not very friendly to this Brother Garbage. This weather was when the lizard should hibernate, going out may be a wrong choice itself.

But Brother Garbage not only had nothing to do in the shelter, but he also had to spend money to buy food to eat every day. Moreover, he hadn’t paid off the money he owed Brother Mosquito. So Brother Garbage was very desperate.

Fortunately, the friends of the Bull and Horse were all helping him with stupid ideas. At the moment, it seemed that the most feasible thing was to get a set of armor with a heating function.

As long as it could heat more than 60% of the body, maintaining body temperature should not be a big problem.

At worst, he could still carry a steam pot on his back while charging. At the critical moment, he could even spray boiling water on the enemy's face. Moreover, his teammates could even make a cup of tea with his hot water when they were thirsty.

The_Escaping_Mole: "Say, there are several blue coats in the new rooms on the B2 floor, hahaha, Ya Ya doesn't have to worry about not having clothes to wear after respawning anymore!"

Ya Ya: "Punch you in the nose! ψ(*`ー' ) ψ"

Gale: "It is recommended that you change your hunting outfit when you travel far. Those blue coats aren't that many. Moreover, if it has a hole, the thermal performance will drop a lot."

Construction_site_boy_and_bricks: "There is no need to save too many clothes. It’s just for wearing, not for worshipping. After unlocking the B3 floor, there might be a bunch of them. But then again, the boots in Teng Teng's cabin are also great. After putting them on, I feel like I have become a dog."

Teng_teng: "...I will treat it as if you are complimenting me."


After reading the posts in the general chat sub-forum, Chu Guang looked at the strategy sub-forum again. Generally, if there were professional analysis posts on the general chat sub-forum, Little Seven would move them to the strategy sub-forum and label them as mod-recommended posts.

The OPs' IDs in this sub-forum were always familiar to everyone.

For example, [The_Escaping_Mole]. Google search f𝙧ee𝔀𝑒𝚋𝐧૦ѵ𝑒Ɩ. 𝑐𝘰𝒎

This guy wrote a special post, researching the NPCs in the brick factory, and even listed the "texts" of the dialogue in a tree diagram.

He was very hardworking, but it was a bit unnecessary.

"Hello everyone, I'm your big-nosed mole. According to my research in the last three days, I have basically studied the NPCs in the Bull and Horse Brick Factory!"

"As always, let's talk about the findings first. These NPCs are not as smart as the Weapon Shop Proprietress Xia Yan and the warehouse manager Luca!"

"For example, the two foremen. They probably have the most lines. I have recorded more than 20 sentences that are not repetitive. But the other brick workers are rather dull. They would only say 'Thank you', 'Yes', 'Okay', and 'Brick Workers'. I guess that either the texts of these NPCs have not been completed yet, or they are not the key plot characters in the first place, so there are no similar language functions."

"However, the strange thing is that, according to my observations, although these NPCs are unable to communicate with players, they are not dumb and can even be described as smart, and they can communicate with each other. Perhaps there's something similar to machine learning in their program kernels? For example, the main artificial intelligence program will observe the players' behaviors, and the sub-artificial intelligence program will simulate them. And eventually, more and more NPCs will be able to communicate normally. It's quite interesting to just think about it!"

“I don’t understand this subject well. So I'll leave it to the people who are knowledgeable in cryptography and linguistics to study it. It’s not clear whether the game company has created a language similar to Hilichurl Language, or if it is just some random phonetic symbols generated by artificial intelligence technology. But in either case, I'm still very impressed by it!"

"At present, it is certain that only the NPC with the VM can communicate with the player smoothly, and can give out tasks. However, each NPC can only give one task per day, and the reward is only 5 copper coins, which is simply too little! It is strongly recommended that the developers increase the task reward, or increase the number of tasks. It should be 5 tasks per person. Only this will be more reasonable.”

The quality of Old Brother Mole’s posts has always been very good, and the number of replies to the post was also more than 100.

Chu Guang glanced at the post briefly. He didn't expect this player to have so much free time, and actually recorded all the text he designed.

"Of course, the rewards are small. The two foremen are not the key NPCs in the first place. They are just the easter eggs that enrich the game content."

In other words, it was just to dispel the players’ exuberant curiosity.

A big catfish weighing 20 kilograms could be exchanged for at least 1 silver coin in the NPC warehouse. It could be made into fish soup at the North Gate Market and sold to players. If it was delicious, it could be sold for at least 5 silver coins.

But they could only get 5 copper coins from the rewards? It was almost like charity work.

Of course, there were also many players who speculated below the post that the reason why the mission income was unreasonable may be because some of the rewards were issued in the form of favorability.

As for the purpose of obtaining the favorability of the foreman NPC, it was still a mystery.

However, most players, including Mole himself, also expressed their understanding in the discussion.

It was a true open world after all.

The fun was of course exploring.

Perhaps the phrase "Thank You" was the real reward, and the 5 copper coins were just an accompanying gift. If the players thought it this way, the whole game would instantly become very uplifting.

After closing Old Brother Mole’s post, Chu Guang scrolled his mouse and continued to look down. He soon saw a familiar ID again.

However, this ID was rarely seen in the strategy section. Chu Guang often saw him speaking in the chat section, clamoring for farming.

Makka_Pakka: "Brothers, I can't endure it anymore! I want to farm! How can a farming game not allow players to farm? Tomorrow I will try to make a greenhouse, put a plastic roof on top, set a brazier inside, and burn charcoal to heat up. I don't believe that I can't grow anything!”

Night Ten: “You can do it, Old Brother, I have faith in you! But be careful not to light yourself up.”

Ample Time: "Hahahaha, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. This game is pretty real in strange places. I think Brother Mosquito almost set himself on fire at some point last time."

WC_really_has_mosquitoes: "Do you need Goblin Technology? We not only sell explosion effects but also sell fertilizers for farming. (?° ?? ?°) "

Makka_Pakka: "No money! QAQ"

WC_really_has_mosquitoes: "It's okay, we provide credit and financing services! Only two percent interest a month, which is a bargain! (? ° ?? ?°) ”

Ample Time: “Don’t listen to this guy, you just go to the warehouse to buy a piece of paper, write an application form carefully, and hand it to the administrator. As long as the plan is well written, you may still get money from the shelter."

Night Ten: "Yes, our outpost just happens to be short of food, I think it is feasible!"

Makka_Pakka: "Damn, how did I forget this! Thank you, Brother Ample Time!"

Gale: "Speaking of farming, I suddenly remembered that when I was hunting, I saw a greenhouse ruin that looked like a tower in a residential community. Because we didn't go in at that time, I don't know if there is anything that can be recycled in it. But if you really want to farm, why not go there and find out if there is anything that can be used."

Ample Time: "Indeed, I still have an impression of the big building. But I don't think it will be easy to break that thing apart and move it back."

Gale: "It's just a suggestion."

Makka_Pakka: "Thank you guys! I'll try it now!"



Looking at the discussion in the post, Chu Guang stroked his chin with interest.

In fact, judging from the pre-war map, the application of three-dimensional planting technology in Qingquan City was quite extensive.

However, this was not because of how excellent the concept of three-dimensional planting was, but purely because controllable fusion provided almost unlimited energy to all walks of life.

What is the concept of almost unlimited energy?

This means that all magnificent imaginations have the basis for realization, and the cost of energy can even be directly deducted from every link of social production.

From a screw on an industrial machine to a grain of rice on a supermarket shelf.

This era of extremely wealthy utopias is hard to imagine for people who are still building utopias.

"I really want to go and take a look at the pre-war era."

Unfortunately, the two diaries didn't mention anything about the pre-war world.

Chu Guang sighed in his heart. After reading the more interesting posts in the forum, he got up and went outside the shelter.

The north wind howled.

The snow on the ground has reached knee-deep.

In order to prevent the snow from blocking the road, Chu Guang had to let old Luca release the task of clearing the snow and recruit two strength-type players to clear the snow on the main road.

With one silver coin per hour reward, the two newbies carried shovels, huffing and puffing, shoveling the snow happily.

At this time, a player hurriedly ran from the direction of the warehouse, holding an application form in his hand.

This player was none other than [Makka_Pakka] who was chatting on the forum before.

"Dear administrator! I think our shelter needs more food, and I want to build a greenhouse farm for our outpost! This is my plan. Please allow me to take ten minutes of your time to explain this to you in detail. My plan—"


Interrupting his long talk, Chu Guang took the plan and just glanced at it. He then stuffed the paper worth a copper coin into his pocket.

Looking at Brother Pakka who fell into a daze, mouth wide open, Chu Guang thought for a moment, and continued, "Your land is located in the area along the lake outside the west gate of the outpost. It covers an area of 13,000 square meters. There is fresh water and fertile soil for farming. The only trouble is that it is a piece of uncultivated land, but I believe this will not be a problem for you."

Seeing that Brother Pakka seemed to want to say something, Chu Guang directly gave him a check.

"From now on, your 'Greenhouse Farm' will receive a budget of 2000 silver coins. The task has been updated on your VM device. You can choose whether to accept this budget."

"Wait, wait a minute!" Makka_Pakka finally had a chance to speak, and he hurriedly said.

It was not because the budget was too small.

It was that his plan was written in a hurry, he forgot to name his project, and directly put [Greenhouse Farm] as the title on the top of the document.

However, how would Chu Guang give him a chance to change his farm's name after he finally had a player who came up with a more normal project name?

"Are you going to give up the task?" Chu Guang asked while looking at him.

Brother Pakka swallowed.

After some inner struggle, under the temptation of silver coins, he finally nodded his head with an upset look.

"I'll accept it."