There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.577 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System

C.577 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

Chapter 577: That day, we became light!(Final Chapter of Volume)

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He couldn’t understand the language of the children and the ghosts at all. He could only understand Ji Ruo’s voice, but Ji Ruo’s voice couldn’t reach here.

Therefore, whether it was the Taiji Fist from before or the Thunder Palm now, he could not keep up with the rhythm.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one. Almost all the natives of the Mother Earth Continent were in the same situation.

Among them, there were nobles, farmers, slaves with low status, newly registered adventurers, and even heroes who had just been promoted because of people’s beliefs.

They had one thing in common, and that was that they had never learned Taiji Fist, and they did not understand the Chinese language of Great Xia.

In addition, the fusion happened so suddenly that many people still did not understand the situation.

As a result, the giant of light’s movements were actually a little uncoordinated when he was practicing Taiji Fist earlier. Fortunately, it was not a big deal.

However, if they were left alone, the natives of the Mother Earth Continent might very well come into conflict with these children from Great Xia…

They indeed did not understand Great Xia’s Chinese, but they could understand their expressions and tone.

It was fine for the others, but if the original nobles were to be scolded like this by a little girl, even if they didn’t understand, they would definitely be angry.


Fortunately, at this moment, a gentle voice sounded in the ears of all the natives of Mother Earth Continent.

“Hello, I am the Goddess of Life. “Now, our homeland is facing an unprecedented disaster. Everyone and God may die in this disaster.

And these children came from another world. They traveled thousands of miles and penetrated the barrier of the world, bringing kindness and hope to the Mother Earth Continent.

They are here to help us, so please listen to our instructions and don’t get into conflict with these cute children.

Charles has gone mad. Facing a madman with absolute strength, we can only unite as one to overcome the current difficulties… Puff!”

As the Goddess of Life, even if she only had half of her divinity left, Emily still had the ability to talk to all the native creatures on the Mother Earth Continent.

Of course, Tim’s help was also indispensable.

But even so, Emily couldn’t finish her sentence. She seemed to be doing something at the same time, and it was already very tiring for her. Now that she was talking to the creatures on the continent, she couldn’t hold on any longer and spat out a mouthful of divine blood.

However, the natives of the Mother Earth Continent inside the giant of light did not see this scene, nor did they hear anything unusual.

When a new hero heard this, he could not help but say, “”But, Goddess, we don’t know what they’re doing! We can’t understand what they’re saying. How are we supposed to listen to their commands?”

This disaster had already broken the barrier between humans and gods. It was not that the hero did not respect the Goddess of Life, but he subconsciously placed himself on an equal footing to speak to her.

“Then hand over the control of your body!”

Another voice sounded with anger,””Emily, is the Life Divinity poisonous? Why do you have to carry everything yourself! You only have half of your divinity left. If you continue to resist, you will die!”

It was Hera’s voice.

“Because I am the Goddess of Life. This is what I should do.’

“Bullsh * t!” Hera said angrily.

‘ I’m an elf, fart…

The natives of the Mother Earth Continent were stunned when they heard the argument between the two new goddesses. One of the heroes couldn’t help but say,”This…”

” I’m the Death Goddess!”

“Ahem, Lady Death Goddess, you said that the Goddess of Life only has half of her Godhood left. What’s going on?”

“Charles started with the Goddess of Life!

At that time, if Charles hadn’t bound himself to the earth vein and used the lives of all of you as a bet, how could that silly Goddess of Life take the initiative to hand over her divinity? If Ji Ruo hadn’t fought so hard to get half of it back, the Goddess of Life would have died!”

Sheerah did not hide anything and told everyone the truth.

“Ji Ruo………………………………………………………………………………. Who is it?”

“Ji Ruo is the white-haired youth who is leading all of you to fight Charles! He was also the one who brought reinforcements from the Otherworld. He was also the one who created the Adventurer’s Guild. Even the divine crystal cards and divine crystal belts you use now were created by Ji Ruo!”

” Is He the God of Adventurers?!””

“That’s right!”

The natives were silent.

Emily whispered,” Alright, Sheerah, stop talking. I can handle it alone…” I can’t watch everyone die like this.”

“Goddess, what are you carrying?”someone asked subconsciously.

Time was running out, so Hera did not continue explaining. Instead, she used the incomplete divinity she inherited from the Goddess of Death to explain everything that Emily was doing at the moment.

The natives fell silent again.

“Is there anything we can help with?”

“Send a portion of your consciousness and souls to the Adventurer’s Guild. Come and help Emily share some of the pressure!’”‘ I’ll hand over the control of my body to Jiruo,” Sheerah said straightforwardly.” He’s the only one who can defeat Charles now!”

You don’t know his martial arts, so don’t stay and cause trouble. Just give him your strength! ”

‘A portion of my consciousness and soul has left, but I still have to keep my body alive…How was this possible? Even if you are the Death Goddess, you..

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