There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.574 - : Flesh and Blood


Chapter 574: Flesh and Blood

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He also wanted to turn into light…

Unfortunately, he did not succeed.

Similar situations were happening all over Great Xia.

Other than the children who believed in the Armored Warrior, the ghosts in the Ten Thousand Soul Banner were also summoned, and almost all of them came out.

After all, the Ten Thousand Soul Banner was created by Ji Ruo. Even though the blueprint had been handed over and Great Xia could make it themselves, the ghosts still remembered Ji Ruo’s kindness.

Then, there were the families of the Heroic Souls…As a result, the number of people who fused this time was unprecedentedly large.

The unprecedented fusion of 300 million people had stacked the basic qualities of Jiruo, or rather, the giant of light, to an abnormally terrifying level.

At this moment, even if it was just based on his basic qualities, Ji Ruo already possessed strength comparable to the peak of the Celestial Realm. That was the Five Realms of Martial Arts!

Of course, it was only the basic qualities and did not possess the characteristics of a Heaven Tier martial artist.

But it was enough to beat Charles.

At this moment, the giant of light finished its transformation and punched Charles to the ground. Then, it inexplicably stood on the spot, bathed in endless divine light, and was not angry.

“Boss! Boss! Long time no see, we’re here to help you!”

Inside the giant of light, Hu Wang and his friends excitedly went to find Ji Ruo. [Fusion Transformation] was essentially a human pyramid, but with so many children, even the children at the bottom, or even the chest of the giant of light, could not withstand such weight.

Therefore, Ji Ruo discussed with the Heavenly Creation Wood and asked it to join the fusion just like the last time in the Eight Treasures Stronghold. It would become the ‘skeleton’ of the light giant and support the entire light giant.

Hu Wang followed the stairs and brought his friends to Ji Ruo to reminisce about the past, but before Ji Ruo could reply-

“Teacher Ji! Do you still remember us? We’re here too!”

Niu Li, Er Ya, and the others from Eight Treasures Stronghold also rushed up, their expressions abnormally excited.

Ashu and Nancy were naturally there as well.

More and more children followed the ‘corridors’ and ‘passages’ that the Heavenly Creation Wood had constructed with its tree demon body to the top level.

After all, this was a chance to meet his idol! They didn’t expect that they could really turn into light, but if they did, they would definitely have to get close to the main character, Ji Ruo.

Among them, Hu Wang and the other children who had long been related to Ji Ruo led the way, followed by a large group of children from all over Great Xia.

They gathered on the upper half of the giant’s body, surrounding Ji Ruo tightly.

Ji Ruo kept calling out to the children and was extremely busy.

“I was too careless. I didn’t expect this to happen…” Ji Ruo held his forehead and smiled bitterly. He had thought that there would definitely be many people participating in the fusion this time, but he did not expect that there would be too many people. There was no way to command them well.

Even Divine Sense Voice Transmission couldn’t cover everyone. After all, the giant of light’s body was simply too big.

About 270 million children turned their flashlights into light because they were too excited.

There were also millions of ghosts and their families.

The remaining tens of millions were the natives of Mother Earth Continent.

The productivity of the Mother Earth Continent wasn’t very high, and the medical and technological level was almost non-existent. When they fell sick, they would pray to the gods, rely on prayers or useless witchcraft to heal themselves…

If he recovered, it would be the grace of the gods. If he didn’t recover, it would be bad luck. This was his fate… Very few people would want to study medicine.

Even if there were, as long as they achieved some results, they would easily be worshipped by the people around them. Then, they might ignite the divine fire and become gods.

As for the gods, they couldn’t be bothered to care about the lives of mortals at all. All they could think about was how to perform miracles and obtain faith.

In terms of science and technology, the most outstanding ‘scientist’ in the history of the Mother Earth Continent was Charles. In a sense, the things that the Alchemy Church he founded could also be called science. Unfortunately, this guy did not have the idea of benefiting the people of the continent. And so, the medical and technological development of the Earth Mother Continent entered an endless cycle.

At its peak, the largest population was only around 200 million. This was because humans reproduced quickly, and Mother Earth was large in size and rich in resources.

Currently, because of the Calamity that Charles had caused, the population of the Mother Earth Continent had decreased drastically. Thus, the people who had fused with Ji Ruo were almost the entire population of the Mother Earth Continent.

It was equivalent to him bringing the entire Mother Earth Continent to fight against Charles.

300 million people combined into one, making the giant of light’s flesh as fertile as a field. It had a huge body that was 3,000 miles tall!

It was really strong, but the side effects were also really big.

The people from the Mother Earth Continent were fine, but the children from Great Xia were too excited and did not listen to orders. Ji Ruo could not do anything. The main reason was that his voice could not be heard by all the children, causing chaos to appear in the body of the giant of light. Even Ji Ruo could not control it. That was why he stopped on the spot after only one punch, unable to move.

“Ah Wang, Niu Li, and seniors, do me a favor.”Ji Ruo had no choice but to outsource this part of the ‘work’.

“Boss, tell me, I will definitely help!” A translucent ghost floated behind Hu Wang. At this moment, the ghost was still in disbelief.

That was Hu Wang’s father. Even though he was no longer alive, he could not understand the current situation.

“Teacher Ji, go ahead. We’ll listen to you!”There was also a ghost floating behind Niu Li. In fact, many children had ghosts behind them.

These ghosts were not necessarily related to the children, but they ignored the collision of unit sizes. They also wanted to see Ji Ruo, the magical youth who had created the Ten Thousand Soul Banner and pulled them back from death.


Before Ji Ruo could finish speaking, everyone staggered.


Some of the children cried out in pain.

Charles, who was outside, had already regained his senses. His huge and ugly body climbed up again and angrily activated the Super Magic, Meteor Fall.

The giant of light was unable to move as a large number of huge meteorites smashed into its body.

The 5-Star Heavenly Creation Wood as a bone not only made the body of the giant of light look like a skyscraper, but it also greatly increased the defense of the giant of light. In theory, any damage suffered after the fusion would be shared by everyone involved in the fusion.

But now, before all the damage was distributed, part of it would be blocked by the ‘skin’ of the giant of light, which was the armor strengthened by countless faith. Then, part of it would be absorbed by the Heavenly Creation Wood, and the rest would be shared by the 300 million people.

In addition, it wasn’t like Ji Ruo didn’t know how to resist, so no matter how Charles attacked, the remaining damage couldn’t hurt anyone.

But it still hurt.

‘ Everyone,” Ji Ruo said quickly,” please help to maintain the order in the giant of light. I know everyone is very excited, but the most important thing now is to defeat the enemy!” If we don’t maintain order, the giant of light won’t be able to move, and we can only be beaten passively!”

“Armored Warrior, we will listen to you!”

The children were still sensible and knew what they were here for.

Specters passed through the giant of light’s body, passing on Ji Ruo’s words to the children who were crowding around.

With the Spiced Spicy Dumpling’s people wandering around and giving orders, the giant of light soon moved again.

“Very good. Everyone, listen to my command. Let’s end this quickly!”

Ji Ruo shouted, his words passed through countless ghosts and members of the Spiced Spicy Dumpling, as well as adults who knew the severity of the situation, to let everyone know.

The people of Mother Earth Continent could not understand, but they could learn.

With so many children here, Ji Ruo had to be responsible for them. Therefore, this battle definitely could not last too long. It had to end as soon as possible so that the children could go back as soon as possible.

Moreover, a huge battle involving 300 million people would consume a terrifying amount of energy.

The children of Great Xia had good physical fitness, but most of them were not even Martial Apprentices yet. They could not persist for too long.

“Get into position!”

Ji Ruo’s legs moved slightly, her wrist raised and lowered slightly.”Taiji, Rising Momentum- ”

Countless children followed suit and responded cheerfully, “Rise

Facing the countless meteorites falling from the sky, the giant of light moved!

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