The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System - C.44: The Face


“You just danced beautifully, Yan Xi,” said Ji Yao with an indescribable expression on her face.

“Did you have professional training?”

“It was decent. I just practice occasionally when I have time,” said Yan Xi, still catching her breath. The dance just now burned up quite a bit of energy.

The popularity of the livestream room kept rising to new heights, as countless people flooded in. Footage of Yan Xi's dance had just been clipped and was already spreading. Those enraptured by Yan Xi's looks and dance moves were going wild, madly sending gifts.

Ji Yao gazed at that bewitchingly pretty face, somewhat spellbound.

She really is very beautiful.

"Sis, are you in high school? I'm in high school too! Why don't I look half as good as you? Your face would beat all the school belles hands down!" [Sends 10 rocket rewards]

"First time seeing someone dance locking to this song! Gotta say this young lady has great bodily coordination. Not professional, but close to a pro dancer's level."

"Stunned! A high school girl dancing for me! Hit the jackpot! Holy crap!" [Sends 20 piercing-cloud arrow rewards]

Yan Xi sat down.

"Minors, stop sending rewards. Focus on studying," said Yan Xi after spotting a message from a minor.

"Have you finished your homework?"

"What'd you get on your last test?"

Yan Xi fired off two lethal questions in a row.

Part of the bullet screen instantly filled with tragic cries.

The atmosphere had been great, but as always, some idiots had to ruin it.

Cow dung and flowers: Still in high school? As if. Obviously the streamer hired an actress. What high school girl dances like that? If that was my daughter, I'd break her legs!

1.8 meters tall: Not exactly proper, but I like it!

Disgusting gold digger: Knowing how to twist like that, who knows how many she's slept with. Claims to be in high school, but we all know escorts love calling themselves high schoolers. That face clearly isn't a student's. Might be a social escort! Don't fall for it, you morons!

I cried out "Jackpot!": F***faces above, did you leave home without brushing your teeth? Spewing crap without using your brain? Does shit exit your mouth directly from your ass?

Barala energy: Gutted this early in the morning. What kind of brain damaged nonsense is this? Only filth appears filthy to warped minds! What specimen of creature is this?!


The bullet screen devolved into chaos.

Yan Xi silently observed a few despicable IDs periodically spurting vitriol, without comment.

She had no need to explain herself. Whether others believed her was their business. The best way to deal with slander wasn't self-defense, but to flush the trash.

Ji Yao also spotted those stupid clownish SOBs spewing toxic garbage, and instantly banned them from her stream while reporting them through official channels.

"All cleaned up. Everyone please be friendly," said Ji Yao sweetly to the audience after handling things.

Order returned to the bullet screen. Though the occasional piece of trash still slipped out, things were drastically better than the dogpile before.

"Yan Xi, could you get me a cup of water from outside? You must be thirsty too after dancing. There are some sports drinks in the lobby you can take too." Ji Yao smiled at her.

Would she go?

Yan Xi somehow felt something was off.

Ji Yao's smile right then was as sweet as when she had invited Yan Xi to sit.

Yan Xi didn't budge, fixing her pretty fox eyes on Ji Yao who was actively engaging the audience.

"I'm a bit tired. Could you go grab it?" said Yan Xi.

"Hm?" Ji Yao's expression changed slightly at the rejection.

"Alright... I'll go grab it. Chat with the audience," she assented.

Ji Yao soon returned with a large bottle of sports drink, a large bottle of mineral water, and two cups for the drinks.

"What would you like? Water or sports drink?" Ji Yao asked.


Ji Yao swiftly poured her a cup and held it out high. She stood while Yan Xi sat, vaguely evoking a sense of powerful malice to Yan Xi.

To take the cup, Yan Xi would have to stand up.

The instant Yan Xi began to rise, she felt the skirt's weight drag her back down!

Glue had been applied to the chair she was just sitting on!

[Holy crap, there's glue on your chair!] Pandora also noticed in a flash.

This was still a livestream!

The camera was aimed almost entirely at the two. Yan Xi's skirt wasn't very thick. Pandora could easily imagine what a disaster it would be if it ripped open now!

But it was too late. Yan Xi seemed to catch the smug satisfaction flash across Ji Yao's face the moment her clothes tore loudly.

"That's more like it," echoed out again. No mistake this time. Ji Yao's heart thudded.

Yet the girl didn't fully stand, stumbling a little as if her leg gave out. The glued clothes didn't tear free, instead yanking Yan Xi right back into her seat!

The ripping sounds cut off sharply. Ji Yao next felt her own top get seized as the girl before her clutched in panic at losing balance, unintentionally grabbing her clothes rather than on purpose.


A shriek, and both tumbled forward by the computer.

The livestream audience was struck dumb!

What was happening?!

The water Ji Yao spilled mostly drenched Yan Xi, soaking her top. Some splashed directly onto Ji Yao's face, leaving it covered in wet marks.

At this moment Ji Yao was flattened onto Yan Xi, their faces pressed very near, some hair intertwining. From the camera angle it resembled the two locked in a kiss - exceptionally suggestive.

The bullet screen blew up!

Barala energy: Holy f**k! What the hell just happened?! So homo?! Did they kiss?!

R18 girl: No way... It was just an accident, right? My two goddesses, leave me one at least! The hot ones all turn lesbian now?! Day ruined!!!

Tomatoes aren't tomatoes: BL fans rejoice! Beauties unattainable to us losers here! Frankly all of us miss out!


Some were already screen recording. With so many explosive moments this stream, who knew how insanely these would spread later!

The two stars of this incident were still processing things.

After some disorientation Ji Yao finally reacted. At this time Yan Xi's seductive face magnified before her.

"Strawberry bobby pin."

Yan Xi's voice exploded by Ji Yao's ear, the malice exceeding all limits.

Hearing this, Ji Yao's pupils constricted, heart clenching, but her smile-lined face revealed no ripples as usual.

"What are you saying? I don't understand. Could you let me get up first?"

Unable to find purchase, Ji Yao's full weight still pinned Yan Xi. Yet widening the distance even slightly could conceal her internal panic.

"Still pretending?"

"What do you mean?" Ji Yao persisted in feigning ignorance.

"Want me to just announce it to the livestream audience?"

Yan Xi's final question held an almost playful edge now, as if she'd discovered something entertaining.

"Then I'll play along."

"That strawberry hair clip is you and..." Yan Xi's voice suddenly went shrill.


Ji Yao sharply jerked a leg, pulling the plug of the power strip nearest the computer. The computer instantly shut off.

Ji Yao's face finally lost its calm.