The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System - C.36: Like Your Paintings


"You have some problems with this solution," Yan Xi optimized the formula a little. Tu Qingluan had a good foundation, he just needed a little reminder to understand.

They were originally going to go to the library, but Tu Qingluan suddenly said he was not feeling well, so they went directly to his house instead.

The girl patiently summarized for him, overturning all the key points and consolidation parts from her previous notebook, and wrote new key points specially for him.

The girl's voice was clear, unraveling questions thread by thread as she spoke.

Her thick, luxuriant hair swayed along with her slight movements as she explained the questions, and the unique tangerine scent of a young girl also dispersed around Tu Qingluan’s nose.

Tu Qingluan was a little distracted, watching the girl earnestly and attentively explain the questions to him. Her eyelashes cast a shadow over the pale area around her eyes.

He pushed his back teeth with his tongue. He really hadn't met this kind before.

"Any other questions?" Yan Xi finished explaining one knowledge point and asked.

"...No, not for now. Xi Xi, would you like some water?" Tu Qingluan looked at Yan Xi's nearly flawless profile and asked.

"No need, give me your math homework notebook, let me see how your knowledge system is structured," Yan Xi said.

"Okay." Tu Qingluan smiled and handed his homework notebook to her, not noticing that the feel was somewhat different.

Yan Xi opened his homework notebook and saw the contents inside.

The girl's mouth opened slightly, as if she had picked up a hot potato. Her face blushed.

Only then did Tu Qingluan realize something was wrong. He snatched back the "homework notebook".

He had grabbed the wrong one. This wasn't a homework notebook at all, it was his sketchbook.

Although Tu Qingluan reacted quickly, Yan Xi still saw a few pages with nude drawings of men and women in rather revealing poses.

Damn, his image was ruined. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

Tu Qingluan's face was a little ugly.

"Did you draw them?"

"...Yes, sorry, I grabbed the wrong one. Xi Xi...."

"Are they figure drawings? They look very nice. I didn't expect you could paint too, very impressive." Yan Xi interrupted his explanation.

The girl seemed only momentarily surprised. She seemed attracted by this accidental glimpse at another side of Tu Qingluan, with curiosity on her face.

"Can I see some more?" The girl requested, Tu Qingluan seemed to see his own reflection in her dark pupils.

The pretty face suddenly came closer, and Tu Qingluan felt his breath catch.

".....Let's look at other paintings instead. I have other works," Tu Qingluan blurted out in a daze.

He shouldn't have brought her here, nor should he have agreed to her request.

When chasing girls before, he never brought them home.

He thought he was making an exception already.

Yet Tu Qingluan still led the girl into his art gallery.

He looked at the impossibly gorgeous prey walking step by step into his private space. He felt a secret thrill.

This was a first for him, he had never been so patient with anyone before Yan Xi.

Yan Xi looked around the art gallery on the top floor of his house. It contained at least thousands of paintings, mostly oils but with some other types too.

The nudes were only a small part.

"You can paint so many different types, really impressive," the girl quickly viewed them.

Suddenly, the girl stopped in front of that painting with distorted beast outlines.

"Do you like these beautiful sunflowers, Xi Xi?"

Next to the abstract beast painting was a painting of beautiful sunflowers.

"You can take it back with you."

No, she didn't like them.

She preferred the beast one.

"No need, this is your art gallery, your paintings. I won't take them," she said.

His paintings?

Then what about her?

"Would you like to be my model?" Tu Qingluan asked suddenly.

"Really? You want to paint my portrait?" The girl looked somewhat surprised but more expectant.

Yan Xi smiled charmingly. Her striking looks and the black dress she wore tonight complemented each other perfectly. At this moment, she undoubtedly fulfilled all men's fantasies.

Tu Qingluan's fingers trembled. It was as if he saw the Muse.

His own Muse.

"Of course, Xi Xi."

"Xi Xi, have something to eat and some tea first. It will take a long time to paint."

Tu Qingluan handed her exquisite snacks and tea.

"Sugar-free, won't make you fat, Xi Xi."


Yan Xi took the delicate snacks, casually ate a few bites and drank some tea, then let Tu Qingluan start painting.

Tu Qingluan had her sit upright on the sofa and hold a pose without moving.

Tu Qingluan picked up the paintbrush with his slender, articulate fingers and started painting seriously.

"Do you like painting a lot, Tu Qingluan?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Because your hands are so nice-looking. Artists who like to paint have beautiful hands. Also, you have so many paintings. It's hard to have so many nice works without a love for painting."

Tu Qingluan's hands were indeed beautiful. Even with paint stains, the lines remained elegant.

"If my hands are really so nice, why have you never liked me after all this time chasing you?" Tu Qingluan suddenly laughed. When painting, he had an air unlike his usual casual swagger.

"Is love all your brain can think about?" The girl looked a little speechless.

"No, just you fill up my brain now." Tu Qingluan's brush stroked paused as he suddenly spoke.

He gazed at the beauty before him, his emotions clearly written across his face.

"Not bad with the cheesy words!" Yan Xi stared blankly for a moment hearing this, then threw a pillow over.

"Xi Xi, I almost had to redo it." Tu Qingluan hurriedly caught the pillow that nearly hit the painting, looking somewhat aggrieved.

"Serves you right for being silly!"


After some unknown amount of time, Tu Qingluan softly called out again.

"Xi Xi?"

Unknowingly, the girl had fallen asleep curled up on the sofa, exposing her fragile neck. The vulnerable arch of her curled back seemed it could break with just a light push.

Yet on the painting canvas was a long-haired beauty sitting upright, her ruddy lips seeming they would bleed if pressed, holding a maddening allure.

But Tu Qingluan felt it didn't match the real person even one-tenth. He was very dissatisfied and wanted to burn it to paint again.

At this moment an abrupt ringtone sounded. Tu Qingluan raised his phone to his ear.

"Yo, Young Master Tu? Got the girl already?"

It seemed he wouldn't have time to repaint after all.