The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System - C.28: School Sports Day 05


【How could you snatch Shen Qiuyi's script!】

【Who told me to be a helpful good girl?】


Shen Qiuyi could clearly feel Yan Xi's strain on her back.

Yan Xi's body was not short at all, standing at 5'6", and Shen Qiuyi was not short either, at about the same height.

The two had similar body types. For Yan Xi, especially for her weak body, it was a very large burden.

She's so skinny.

Shen Qiuyi could feel the bones on Yan Xi's back through the layer of clothing.

She looked like she hadn't been eating well.

Yan Xi carried the girl all the way, jogging a stretch.

The girl's breathing grew increasingly heavy, sweat sliding down the back of her neck, her vision somewhat blocked by her disheveled hair.

With every step, her feet shook.

"Yan Xi, put me down," Shen Qiuyi said weakly, resting her pale face on Yan Xi's shoulder.

Shen Qiuyi felt the pain in her feet grow sharper, the wound chafing against the fabric, almost unbearably painful.

She unconsciously grabbed a handful of Yan Xi's clothes.

"...Don't...don't talk..." Yan Xi took a deep breath. She could feel the deteriorating condition of the person on her back.

"Shen Qiuyi, endure it a little longer, we'll be there soon."

In her pained daze, Shen Qiuyi heard these words. She suddenly, inexplicably, felt like crying.

She hadn't cried when she lost the race just now, when Zhu Yayi left her behind alone after she fell on the track, unable to get up with no one around.

She didn't know where this feeling came from.

The girl ran swiftly, even as every inch of muscle in her legs screamed in pain.

Yan Xi ran for who knows how long before finally arriving at the infirmary.

"Yan Xi?" Ji Yao, wearing a white doctor's coat, looked at the two people who rushed in with some surprise.

Yan Xi was too out of breath to speak. She felt like her lungs would give out at any moment. Her hands holding Shen Qiuyi were numb, her legs lightly trembling.

"Please...take good care of her...her legs are injured. I still have a competition to get to...I'll get going first." She had no interest in finding out why Ji Yao was here either.

Yan Xi placed the now deathly pale Shen Qiuyi, who looked like she would faint at any second, onto the hospital bed.

"Take good care of her." Having said this, Yan Xi walked out the door.

【Pandora, maximize my agility.】

【Are...are you sure?】 Pandora was frightened.

【Your legs are already at their limit. You want to max it out! You'll cripple your legs!】

The extreme value adjustments in the system didn't just require an extreme price. There were also consequences. Last time when Yan Xi increased her strength to press down Zhao Fangdian, the price was that her hands hurt for a whole night afterwards.

It was the kind of pain reaching into the flesh, tendons and bones.

That was still a short period of use. If used for longer, her hands may have become completely crippled.

【There's no time.】

Yan Xi really didn't want to play another set.

There was still the 400m race she could compete in to win an individual medal.

Although there was still the 4x100m relay, even if she won a medal it would be for the team competition.

There were too many uncontrollable factors for that medal.

And after competing for two days now, although she had conserved some strength, her legs were still injured.

Why did she choose the 400m to make her breakthrough, you ask? Because the preliminaries and finals for the other sprint events, including shot put, required calling upon the system twice. That would drain her extreme values in one go, plus she'd have to endure the pain twice!

The 400m and 800m only had one race. It didn't take a genius to figure out which to pick. She just didn't expect the accident today.

【Lu Manman, are you crazy?】

【Stop talking. I can take it. If my body gets to its limit, just help me dial it back.】 A trace of ruthlessness flashed through Yan Xi's eyes. It wasn't directed at anyone else, but at herself.

【...Okay then.】 Pandora didn't bother arguing and immediately adjusted Yan Xi's physical data.

The girl steeled herself and raced at top speed to the check-in area.

"...Sorry...Can I still...check in now?" Yan Xi said with difficulty, struggling to steady her breathing.

"I'm a 10th grade contestant for the girls' 400m. My name is Yan Xi."

"Check-ins for the 400m finished a long time ago..." The boy who had been handling check-ins all day said impatiently, about to reprimand her.

The boy had just raised his head and caught sight of an exquisitely beautiful face. The impact was incredibly strong, especially with a beauty looking at you like this.

"Please, can you check me in?" Yan Xi started begging, speaking extremely quickly!


As if spellbound, although the boy knew it was against the rules, a more terrifying allure drove him to agree.

"Thank you!"

"Classmate..." The boy called out. He still wanted to ask for her contact details...

But Yan Xi immediately turned and left, racing towards the track.

"On your marks...set...go!"

Almost as soon as Yan Xi reached the track, the whistle blew to start the race in less than a minute!

With her breathing still unsteady, she started running straight away. Even an ox wouldn't be able to bear this, let alone a human!

Also, she had already used the heightened agility for a not insignificant period of time, at least 15 minutes from the infirmary until now. She could already imagine the unpleasant consequences when she got back later.

So as soon as the race started, Yan Xi was a beat slower, falling behind several others. But afterwards, relying on her enhanced physical abilities, she steadily overtook opponent after opponent.

There were still three people ahead...

Endure...she had to endure...

On the first bend, Yan Xi overtook one person, rising to third place.

The intense sprinting drained Yan Xi's stamina rapidly, but thanks to the system's adjustments, she felt no discomfort at all.

With 100m to go, Yan Xi drew level with the runner-up, about to overtake her in the next moment.

【Warning! Warning! System detects Merchant's physical functions are rapidly deteriorating under extreme conditions!】

The instant the system warning sounded in Yan Xi's mind, her legs turned soft and weak, as if she was carrying 8 pounds of firewood. Pain exploded in her lungs. Every breath felt like knives flaying her lungs.

Agonizing soreness flooded her body, freezing her movements for a beat. Yan Xi instinctively psyched herself up.


Yan Xi bit down hard on her lower lip, tasting a hint of blood. Paying no heed, she continued to push herself.

She overtook the runner-up. With 10m to go she was right on the heels of first place.

She couldn't lose!

【Open it again! Pandora! Do it!】

Having been yelled at by her for the first time, Pandora reflexively activated it for her again.

Yan Xi was breathing with all her might. Her mind contained only a moment of terrifying determination—she must, absolutely, win!

Closer and closer!

Just a little more!


The sound marking the finish line rang out as the race ended.

She lost.

She lost...

What a useless trash she was!

Yan Xi dug her nails deep into her palm again until blood seeped out, her gaze somewhat blank.

It's fine...

It was over. She didn't have to win per se...


Yan Xi suddenly shuddered all over, unable to stop trembling. She desperately suppressed these abnormal signs.

After who knew how long, she suddenly heard Zhou Zhou's mocking voice from overhead.

It seemed Zhou Zhou had also just run over from the broadcasting room, with Yan Xi's class still trailing far behind to find her.

"Yo, if it isn't our transfer student..." Zhou Zhou had won the shuttlecock kicking competition and was more than happy to see Yan Xi discomforted.

Letting her make him lose face until it reached the Pacific Ocean, he couldn't not mock her a bit in return.

"I admit defeat. You won." Yan Xi cut him off, walking straight past him.

The pain made her thoughts almost incoherent. Sweat slid down her face, yet Yan Xi maintained a nonchalant appearance.

Seeing Yan Xi's expressionless face, Zhou Zhou felt somewhat irritated.

"Transfer student!" Zhou Zhou's voice grew urgent and impatient, even he did not know why.

"Wait for the striptease dance."

His words were malicious again.

Upon hearing this, Yan Xi hesitated, suppressing the trembling weakness in her legs. She did not respond to him, and continued walking without turning back.

If maintaining contact required only malice, she had always been quite unconcerned.