The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.899 - : Relatives of the Royal Family


Chapter 899: Relatives of the Royal Family

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Miao Zhizhi watched her diet because she cared a lot about her unborn child. She looked forward to raising her child with her husband. Therefore, she disciplined herself and did not eat what she was not supposed to.

Still, she was content because she had tasted many delicacies before. She knew she could eat more after giving birth.

Shen Qiuhua liked Miao Zhizhi’s personality, and they had an excellent relationship. The former said, “Binglan will make more when you give birth and are out of confinement. You can eat whatever you want then.”

Old Madam Su asked curiously, “Did Binglan make anything else this time?”

Shen Qiuhua said smilingly, “Binglan mentioned something about crayfish and crabs in her letter. I barely understood it, but she said those things were delicious.

“Wenwu sent her those ingredients from the south. Binglan cooked them for the people at the Wei Manor. She might make them for us when she returns.”

Although Shen Qiuhua had never eaten crayfish and crab before, she knew they would be delicious.

“Of course,” Old Madam Su said, “Binglan’s cooking is always the best.”

She knew the other old ladies envied her for having Su Binglan as a granddaughter. Her precious granddaughter knew many things and could even cook countless dishes.

Su Binglan had also brought fame and fortune to the surrounding towns. Since she had become the princess, she made the Su family royalty.

Old Madam Su never expected to eat so many unique dishes in her life. The old woman was full of expectations for life, looking forward to her family living and eating well.

After chatting for a while, Shen Qiuhua went to Su Fengzhang and Ding Wan’s house.

Su Fengzhang and Su Wenxian were still in charge of the winery, but the duo had a manager to help. Previously, Su Binglan had emphasized that everyone had to rest at noon.

Since the duo would rest for two hours before working in the afternoon, they were at home that afternoon. Su Fengzhang, his wife, and his son were sitting under the shade in their courtyard at that moment.

Many households had trees in their courtyard. After all, trees could shade them from the summer sun. Ding Wan’s house was at the back of the village, and the wind from the mountain blew over, cooling the family down.

The family even had a bottle of fruit juice beside them as they sat in the courtyard. They had just taken the bottle out of the ice cellar, so it was even more refreshing.

The villagers would do the same when they bought fruit juice for themselves. They would soak the bottles in the well water and drink them whenever they cooled down. That way, the juice could relieve the heat from their bodies.

Su Fengzhang and his wife stood up when they heard the footsteps nearby.

Ding Wan smiled when she saw Shen Qiuhua, addressing her, “Hello there, Qiuhua.”

“It looks like you’re enjoying the shade there, Sister-in-law,” Shen Qiuhua replied.

“Yeah, it was too hot just now, and 1 couldn’t sleep. Since that’s the case, 1 came outside to enjoy the breeze. Thanks again for the fruit juice. It soothed me when I drank it.’

Fruit juice had become everyone’s favorite drink, young and old. Whenever they entertained guests in the past, only the men would drink wine, and the women would drink water.

However, young and old men and women began enjoying fruit juice together since Su Binglan introduced it to everyone. Although people could not simply buy fruit juice because the demand was too high, the Su family could.

That was the benefit of being a member of the Su family. Everyone was envious because of that.

Ding Wan could not stop smiling since settling her son’s marriage. Shen Qiuhua smiled, saying, “I brought you guys something new. These are the popsicles Binglan made. Here, try them to relieve the heat.”

Su Fengzhang and Ding were amazed when she revealed the popsicles. They felt those things would be better than fruit juice. The older couple could not stop praising the popsicles.

Shen Qiuhua said, “Binglan will send us more next time. I’ll suggest that she opens a popsicle factory. Still, I’ll have to discuss the details with her.”

Ding Wan replied, “The delicacies your daughter develops are always consistently tasty. I sent some of Binglan’s delicacies to Sushui and her family.

They were delighted.”

Teng Sushui was Su Wenxian’s fiancee, and their wedding would occur in the autumn. Ding Wan continued, “They even liked our braised sausages, juices, and instant noodles.

“l prepared quite a few dishes for them. When they visited us, 1 brought them to the food street to eat. I plan to give Wenxian and Sushui a new house after their wedding. They can even live with me and my husband if they want. “They can choose whichever they want. After all, they’ll still be in the village anyway.”

The new house Ding Wan spoke of was in the residential area Su Binglan had built. The latter had left several houses for her family to use. Ding Wan and her husband had discussed giving a new house to their son and daughter-in-law. The house was expansive. Even Teng Sushui’s parents could live there.

Su Fengzhang said, “Wenxian said he’s already discussed it with Sushui. He’s coming to have dinner with us later. Even if he sleeps in his new home after work, he’ll visit and stay here on his days off.”

“That’s great!” Ding Wan said smilingly. As parents, the older couple liked having their son around as much as possible. Although they were happy to be busy for a while, they had to think more about their son.

Su Wenxian and Teng Sushui would feel more comfortable if they had their space. Still, it was good that he planned to visit his parents during his days off.

Shen Qiuhua happily said, “That means Sushui is sensible.”

Ding Wan nodded in satisfaction. “Sushui is lively and has a good heart. Her parents are reasonable, and their living conditions are respectable. They don’t care about how much betrothal gifts we give. They’re easy-going and easy to get along with.”

“That’s wonderful news.” Shen Qiuhua was genuinely happy for Ding Wan.

“When they have a child, you can help care for them.”

Ding Wan smiled when she thought about it. “You’re right. Things at the winery are right on track now, so Wenxian and Fengzhang aren’t as busy as before. Fengzhang and I can help take care of the children so our son and daughter-in-law can relax a little.”

Shen Qiuhua said, “By the way, the pearl you gave me last time was gorgeous.”

Ding Wan nodded. “Sushui says her parents have plenty of new and exciting things on their island. Let’s go inside. I’ll show you what we got from them.”

She pulled Shen Qiuhua into the house as she spoke. She then showed Shen Qiuhua the things Teng Sushui and her family had sent. “We received these things over the past few days. I placed them all on the table because I think they look good as decorations.”

Shen Qiuhua looked at the items with bright eyes, saying, “They’re beautiful! They’re different from the decorations we have here.”

Ding Wan said expectantly, “Their island has shells and pearls. Wenxian said he’ll bring me and Fengzhang to Sushui’s family’s island when it’s not so hot. I haven’t lived on the island before, so I wonder what it’s like.’

“It’s good that you get to travel,” Shen Qiuhua said, “You can also broaden your horizons..