The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.887 - : The Last Disciple


Chapter 887: The Last Disciple

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Su Binglan became wide-eyed, asking, “Skin changing method? You mean a disguise?”

Luo Jin’an elaborated, “No, it was something much more advanced than just a disguise. It’s like a human skin stuck to another’s face, making it hard to discern whether or not it’s a disguise. I would’ve noticed the spy long ago if they used a basic disguise.”

Su Binglan’s gaze sank. “Who is this person? How can they possess such an ability?”

Luo Jin’an paled, and his expression turned cold. Nieanwhile, Su Binglan realized things were not as simple as they seemed. Someone had explicitly targeted the Wei family, Luo Jin’an, and Lan Ruozhu.

“It was my sister-in-law.” Luo Jin’an sighed. He was unwilling to speak about this in the past because he did not want to involve his wife. Now that everyone knew she was his wife, he could only tell her what really happened.

“What?! It was your sister-in-law?” Su Binglan was in disbelief.

Ordinary people did not have much of an impression of the Wei family’s former young mistress. That was because she was a commoner from a humble family.

Luo Jin’an’s older brother was a talented man. He had established many military merits at a young age, and many women in the capital admired him. However, no one expected Luo Jin’an’s brother to marry a commoner.

Su Binglan remembered seeing the young mistress from afar once. The latter was gentle and nonconfrontational. She did not fight for anything, as if she did not care about the mortal world.

The young mistress also avoided drawing attention, causing Su Binglan to wonder if the young mistress would scheme against the Wei family. Su Binglan frowned, asking, “Do you know her well?”

“Not really, no.” Luo Jin’an shook his head. “Big Brother knew our family’s situation back then. We knew the emperor feared us, so my brother wanted to protect us by not marrying a woman with status or power.

“That’s why my brother made a compromise and married a woman with no background. He seemed to respect his wife, but I don’t know what happened between them behind closed doors.’

Before this, Luo Jin’an only focused on training soldiers, fighting, and constantly learning. Moreover, he could not interfere in his elder brother’s personal life.

Su Binglan was puzzled after hearing all that. She asked, “Then, did you also choose a commoner as your wife?”

Luo Jin’an was dumbfounded, not expecting his wife to ask such a question. He went silent for a while.

Su Binglan snorted. “Is that what you think?”

Luo Jin’an sighed and grabbed Su Binglan’s hand. “Of course not.”

Although he only focused on protecting the country back then, the only girl he was willing to get close to and care for was Lan Ruobing.

Su Binglan had purposely questioned him just now. She realized that he would have married a commoner back then for his family’s sake. That was if he had not been familiar with Lan Ruobing back then.

Still, Luo Jin’an got engaged to Lan Ruobing and got tied to the Deceased Royal’s Mansion for her. Additionally, no one had high hopes for the Deceased Royal’s Mansion.

Everyone believed Lan Ruozhu and Lan Ruobing would die young. They also knew the Wei family and the Deceased Royal’s Mansion shared the same fate because they were thorns on the emperor’s side. Even so, the Wei family and Wei Jin’an did everything to protect Lan Ruobing.

After thinking everything through, Su Binglan’s heart raced. It would be a lie to say she did not feel warm inside.

Although Luo Jin’an was not good at expressing himself, he would silently support and protect his wife with his actions.

Su Binglan asked, “So, what happened with your brother and sister-in-law?” “They died,” Luo Jin’an answered in a heavy tone.

Su Binglan’s heart ached when she heard that. She hugged Luo Jin’an because she knew investigating this clue would be challenging. She asked again, “Do you know what faction is behind this?”

“It has something to do with the forces in the martial world,” Luo Jin’an said,

“I’ve yet to discover what they actually are.”

As if he thought of something, he continued, “Oh, I went out earlier to investigate the Black Shadow Pavilion. I learned that the Black Shadow

Pavilion’s master had taken in a secret disciple more than twenty years ago. The master even adopted that boy.

“However, an internal strife occurred among them, and the master’s adopted son disappeared. Someone said the boy died. Your father said something that matches the boy’s description. I have a portrait of him.”

As Luo Jin’an spoke, he entered his study and showed Su Binglan a portrait. She was stunned when she looked at it. She could tell at a glance that the person in the picture was her father. Su Fengmao and the boy looked identical.

“Th-that’s my father.” Su Binglan knew she was not mistaken.

Su Fengmao was a handsome kid. In the portrait, he wore a black suit and held a sword. His expression was tense and cold.

“My father looked like this when he was young. My grandma said my mother was a beauty when she was young. Perhaps that’s why my brothers are so handsome.’

Luo Jin’an nodded. “Yeah, according to the clues we’ve gathered, your father is related to the Black Shadow Pavilion.’

Su Binglan asked, “Is the master of the Black Shadow Pavilion still around?”

Luo Jin’an explained, “Although there was an internal conflict in the Black Shadow Pavilion, no one had ever found the master’s token. If that’s the case, he should still be alive somewhere.

“Still, the internal strife and disappearance of your father caused the master to go insane. Someone then took control of his mind.”

Su Binglan said, “So there are two factions within the Black Shadow Pavilion now.”

“The master seemed to have treated your father well, Binglan. However, your father went to Flower County for a mission he had received from the Black Shadow Pavilion. Your father never expected to meet your mother there.”

Su Binglan furrowed her brows, asking, “Why’d my father go to Flower County?”

“He must’ve been looking for something,” Luo Jin’an speculated, “I haven’t found out what it is, though.”

Before leaving Su Teng Village, Luo Jin’an had told Su Binglan that he had something to do. He had gone to investigate the Black Shadow Pavilion to help his wife understand this.

However, he had to return to help Lan Ruozhu during the recent war.

Su Binglan pointed at the table, saying, “I must meet the master of the Black Shadow Pavilion. He should know something, right? Perhaps my father will regain some of his memories once he reunites with his master.”

“Wait, you want your father to remember his past?

“I asked him about it before, and he wants this. I respect his decision. I feel obligated to save and heal the master of his insanity because he treated my father well.” Su Binglan was confident in her medical skills.

“Don’t worry,” Luo Jin’an said, “I’ll make some arrangements.”

The couple had to make ample preparations but could not alarm the Black Shadow Pavilion. Otherwise, it might even put Su Fengmao in danger..

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